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EmYl8BlXYAAiYIq.jpg A Noobs Guide is a guide! It is up to you to learn the secrets it beholds, user.

Hello new player! I hope you liked your first experience of playing A Universal Time! If you haven't, click here to play.


Anyway's, if you have came here if you are struggling to get rare stand or are new, this is the guide for you!

So first we will be going over in game mechanics. So we have a menu button which is on the top left of your screen. If we click on it, we will be presented with a item bank. A item bank is used to store items. Next we have gangs, gangs can be made with 10 million Lire. Lastly, and most importantly we have settings. This is where you will find all of the important things like enabling Trades/VS or Potato Mode. All of these button have a important role to play. Then we have Lire, Lire is a in game currency the player can get. There are many ways to get Lire. The best way is to sell your items to the Black Market. On the topic the Black Market is a NPC that takes your items and takes them but gives you money for them. Lastly, we have Bosses, DIO and Dio Brando. Both of them are very hard if you don't have the right stands. The best stands for them are DIO's The World. Now lets go to how to get a stand

So first we want to find an Arrow, this is a item with a spawn rate of 30 seconds. Once you have found an arrow left click it in your hand. You will get a "stand" by doing this. A stand is an entity psychically generated by its owner.(watch the anime to know more about it. The stands you can get are Gold Experience, King Crimson, Sticky Fingers, Whitesnake, The World, Star Platinum, Anubis, Crazy Diamond, Hierophant Green

If you don't really like your current stand the you have to find a NPC (non player character) called Pucci who will reset your stand for you.

Now once we have a stand we can make it more powerful. We can take a item can use/pierce on our stand. For example Gold Experience and a Requiem Arrow will give us Golden Experience Requiem now 1/10 chance but with true requiem arrow 1/5 chance This stand is much more powerful then its first iteration. This is used everywhere in the game to make our stands more powerful. So we can take most of our arrow stands and make then better. The ones I'd recommend evolving are The World + Whitesnake to obtain The World High Voltage, which is a very good all around stand. Next would be Anubis + Samurai Path = Samurai + Holy Diary = Project Samurai. this stand has very high speed and descent attacking power. newest evolution, Dawn to obtain it get tales of the universe from Stuck boss (Dawn user) it pretty hard so not recommend it has 1/10 drop chance. Lastly, would be Whitesnake + DIO's Diary, = C-Moon + DIO's Diary = Made in Heaven. This stand is very fast and has subpar attack but makes up in how make choices you have to evolve it, you have four options Duality Orb, Bread, Star Gem, and Crystal Gem. I would go with Star Gem. The only issue is that its a bit rare with a every hour you have a 1/8 chance to get it. Get some decent stands and then you are ready for the nest step.

Now once we have some stands we can start evolving for some better stands. You can choose on of the ones down below to do.

One easy one would be getting a Dragon Ball. Now this item is only in C tier which is not that high on the tier list. I would trade a Duality Orb for it. Now once we have the Dragon Ball, we want to use it on Hamon. To get Hamon we want to buy it from the shop. The shop is on the right side of the map. Click on the man and click on Hamon and click yes to buy it. You must have 50,000 Lire to buy it. Now get your dragon ball out can click it with Hamon. You will now have Mastered Ultra Instinct (MUI). This stand is very good for PvP but watch out if you use it for toxic purposes you will be killed for being toxic.

Next we have Tusk Act 4 , Tusk Act 4 is not to rare but may require some work. So to get it we need Spin + Jesus Corpse Part. Spin is obtained by searching for it on the spawn island. Spin has a 1/10 chance to spawn. Once we have Spin we can work on getting the Jesus Corpse Part. This item has a 1/2 chance every 50 minutes. Once we have that we can store in our item bank. Once we are ready to use the items, you want to get Tusk Act 1, in order to get tusk a and you have go to the devil's palm spawn and click it with standless. The devil's palm spawns every 20 minutes in the desert. Once you have Tusk act 1 use the corpse part. After you get Tusk Act 2 go to click Kur/Jesus in the desert by the colousim. Then with the spin item ride on the horse and dont stop riding until your stand evolves. This stand has a very good barrage and does decent damage.

After, we can go after Ultimate Life Form Kars. This stand might be hard to get but you can do anything. First we want to get Kars. To get Kars we need 2 Vampire Masks. To obtain a Vampire Mask we can kill DIO or Dio Brando with a 55% and a 35%. Also you can buy Vampire Masks at the shop for 100,000 Lire. Lastly, you can find a Vampire Mask on the ground every 20 minutes. Once we have all Vampire Mask we can get Kars, use a Vampire Mask on Standless, then use a Vampire Mask again on it and you get Kars. Once we have Kars, we now need an Aja Mask. This item has a 1/2 chance every 100 minutes. Now we have Ultimate Life Form Kars. This Stand has a very good attack and good combos. It also has life steal which heals you for doing attacks. This stand is very rounded. Next we are moving to Zenith

After Ultimate Life Form Kars, We Have Zenith. This stand has godly mobility and a great counter to Sans, to get it you need to use a Star Gem on Made in Heaven to get Nuclear Star. Then you use a Zenith Arrow to get Zenith. Zenith has a great moveset. Most of the moves are arrows that explode on contact. F is Ultimate Requiem it drains all stamina of Sans. Z is Infinite Fly. Overall this Stand is a Great PVP stand.

Now we have Shadow The World. To obtain it you need The World which you can get by using arrows. Then use a Vampire Mask to get Vampiric The World. Finally use a camera. But if you want the Variants Ill list them. Cosmical Dio: Cosmic Orb on Vampiric The World. Shadow Weeaboo which is Dank Diary on Shadow The World. If I forgot any then tell me.

Next, we have Cranberry Hierophant. This stand is easy to get, use a Dank Diary on Hierophant Green. This stand is great for PvP its V move can kill tons of people. But don’t be toxic because no one likes toxic players. Overall this stand has pros and cons, Its very powerful but its low value in trading. I recommend to use Shadow Dio or Ultimate Life Form because they have more value and are better at PvP. Now that we are done with this stand, lets go to a stand that is pretty simple to get

One last interesting stand is the calamity causing Wonder of U. All you need to do is find a Hornet Nest (which will spawn and be notified in chat) in one of six places

Behind Cafe (Italy) Middle of Arena In Colosseum Train station in Morioh Mountains in Morioh

After you find one as standless, click it, and you will have a small chance of getting WoU. Press q and it will wander around. Press v to go in pilot mode. If you arent in pilot mode and someone hits you, a calamity will strike them and they get damaged instead. If the user gets hit in pilot mode, they get damaged. Overall, it is a good stand for pvp, and afk ppl wont have to worry about rking.

If you want to work with us please contact me though the wiki :D

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