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This page is to archive all deleted/removed Stands/Items/content in the game.

Crazy Diamond:


Crazy Diamond (クレイジー・ダイヤモンド Kureijī Daiyamondo) is the Stand of Josuke Higashikata, featured in Diamond is Unbreakable part 4 of the anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. As the main protagonist, Josuke has no remorse for his enemies if they ever insult his hair. Crazy Diamond has been stated to get stronger the weaker the user gets.

Crazy Diamond is getting temporarily (?) removed from the game to make New Universe release faster.


Attack mode

Keybind Name Ability Damage
Q Summon You summon the stand. N/A
E+Hold Dora Barrage Crazy Diamond beats up his opponent with DORA! barrage! This stand is very common though, so the damage is bad as well. 3/6! Per hit, totals to roughly 400
R Heavy Dora Punch You do a regular heavy punch. There isn't really much to say about this. 43/86
T Pellet Throw Crazy Diamond throws a ball which deals mediocre damage. 10
F Healing Mode Crazy Diamond starts shining, and instead of damaging with E and R, it heals them. N/A
H THE HELL DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY HAIR?!?!1 THE HELL DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY HAIR?!?!1 Roughly over 900+ Damage. It can and will kill a Zenith.
G Pose Crazy Diamond and the user will strike a pose, aided with a cut-short loop of "Diamond is Unbreakable". N/A
Z Stand Jump Generic stand jump. N/A
C Dodge Generic stand dodge. N/A

Healing mode

Keybind Name Ability Heal
E+Hold Healing Dora Barrage Crazy Diamond heals his opponent with a Dora Barrage. The heal is so insane it's recommended as a support. 15 per hit
F Attack Mode The stand loses its healing abilities, reverting back to damaging players instead of healing them. N/A


Side Note

  • This stand can be very good for healing.
  • As of right now, it can barrage heal without the stand activated.
  • This stand is deleted due to the new universe update.

Admin Arrow:


The Admin Arrow is a type of Stand Arrow that only admins or whitelisted members can use. The Admin Arrow is no longer used anymore (as they have their own stand selector GUI now) and was probably removed from the game. Without a whitelist for the item it would kick you and remove the stand it gave you. It is a infinite use item that is tradelocked.

Admin Arrows can only be obtained if you are an admin+ for AUT/whitelisted for use (Usually only YouTubers would be the exception). Asking for this will NOT get you one.

List of Admin Stands

  • Universe Ruler (Kur's Stand)
  • Galaxy Heaven Platinum (An apparent admin stand)
  • CROSS HEAD (aka: "☒ ☒☒☒☒☒☒☒☒☒ ☒")
  • Thanos
  • Doom Smasher
  • Huckters
  • Hamon Requiem Over The Universe
  • True MUI
  • Clown.Exe
  • Fabled Platinum (Cone Platinum)
  • Terra Blade
  • Pegasus Seiya
  • Gilgamesh
  • Hydra
  • Feesh
  • Unawakened Star Platinum The stand p0vd always has equipped.


  • There are a few admin stands that don’t work anymore such as Thanos/Zel.
  • YouTubers/old admin stand users don’t have access to these stands anymore, and Kur doesn’t plan on making anymore YouTuber customs going forward.
  • There are currently 20+ admin stands in game, and most are rarely seen (Cross Head, Pure Vessel, Hornet). Some Admin stands still go without a page due to the small amount of encounters with them.
  • The only users with access to this item are the Developers, Admins, and Testers, and can only be used by them. (If you somehow exploited your way to get one, it probably wouldn't work anyways).

Aja Mask:

To complete the stone mask, we need a flawless red stone. The Red Stone of AJA


It is used on Kars to obtain Ultimate Life Form Kars (KarsULF).

Aja Mask has a spawn time of 6,000 seconds (1 hour and 40 minutes) with a spawn chance of 50%. It can also be dropped from Dio Brando. Aja Mask is currently obtainable and plays no music when it spawns.

   The Aja Mask and Ultimate Life Form Kars has been deleted from the game. This page exists for historical purposes only.


  • This mask was used by Kars in the manga/anime.

All Might:


Toshinori Yagi (やぎとしのり), more commonly known by his hero name, All Might (オールマイト オール マイト?), is a side protagonist of My Hero Academia. All Might is the former No. 1 Pro Hero who bore the title of the U.A's Symbol of Peace (平和の象徴). He teaches Foundational Hero Studies at U.A. High School. He can only be obtained from the shop for 3.5 million dollars.




Q - ONE FOR ALL! 100%

All Might goes all out. increasing dmg, speed and jump force

E + Hold - 100% Consecutive Punches

Does 14 each punch when you press q and do this it does 35 damage


All Might throws a strong blow at the enemy does a lot of damage


it's like MUI'S T move, this move is currently broken


All Might throws a blow at full force at the enemy doing 300 damage


All Might begins to dodge the attacks of the enemy (doesn't work against some stands/specs)

V - Teleport

All Might moves so fast he can teleport up to 30 studs.



One of the weakest stands to exist in the entire game. If somebody is saying "Anubis is the strongest stand", they're joking, as a reference to Anubis' quote "Anubis is the strongest stand, Die!". This stand is currently unusable.

Can be obtained by using an Stand Arrow.


Anubis can be evolved into Dawn, but that's for one of its "evolutions", and not just Anubis.

Full Craft

Anubis + Samurai Path = Samurai

Samurai + Holy Diary = PROJECT Samurai

PROJECT Samurai + Tales of The Universe = Dawn


Key Move Name Description
E Egyptian Stab Stabs upwards, impaling your opponent.
R Quick Slash Slashes your sword rushing a bit to the opponent.
F Arc Slash The user will spin at a 180 degree angle, slashing the opponent.
C Dash Does a little dash that you can run away from stronger enemies.


Black Market:


Used to be selling items.


Was onn a tree with Stand Storage and Pucci in Morioh. Could've also be found across from the Cafe.


You could've sold:

  • Arrow for $300
  • Rokakaka Fruit for $300
  • Requiem Arrow for $105,000
  • Gift of the Gods for $150,000
  • DIO's Diary for $200,000
  • Holy Diary for $300,000


  • The Black Market NPC had 100 HP
  • This feature is currently disabled/deleted.



Money spawns every minute, guaranteed.


When used, money will give you $3500.

Money spawns in their own specific areas, unlike all other items which spawn in the same locations.


Money seemingly looks like the same model as in A Bizarre Day, another well known popular JoJo game, except in A Universal Time, it is made out of Neon material.

Money can be used for trading, or to buy items or stands from the Akira’s Bizarre Shop.

This item is the only E tier item other than an Arrow, Rokakaka Fruit used to be E tier, but was removed).

BankNote did get removed in the New Universe update, BankNote's are no longer obtainable.

The maximum amount of money you can have is $10,000,000. If anybody says they will give more they are either using alternate accounts or trying to scam you.

Formerly called a Banknote.



BoI is an item that used to spawn every 25 Minutes with a chance of 1/5 (20%).


This item can be used on Standless to create Casey.


The appearance of this item is just a red ball.

Boom Box:


The boom box was an item that was used to get DJ Noob. It was only obtainable for 2 days, and had a spawnrate of 1/100 for 2 days. It was very hard to get, It can only be used to obtain DJ Noob


Has a 1/100 chance of spawning every 1 Hour.

You can't get it through trading.


This was created to look like a classic BoomBox

The item was not very big when you hold it, unlike Cosmic Orb's


This looks like a classic boombox, it has neon on the top lines. It has neon yellow colors on its sound projectors.


The Boombox only has 1 use and it is used to make DJ Noob

Full Craft: Boombox + Noob Platinum = DJ Noob.


Booz Bol is a Meme and Joke Stand that was added into A Universal Time in either September or October. BoozBol is also an unobtainable, tradelocked, and probably disabled stand. Booz Bol might come back sometime in the future if a Further Notice of Booz Bol will happen.

This stand was replaced by Casey, so if you have this stand, you can turn it into Casey if you use the reset button

Note: I mean like not resetting your stand I mean use the reset button in your roblox menu in-game.


You were able to get this stand by using BoozBol head on standless, but the item was replaced by bol, and if you unbank BoozBol it probably switch to Casey.

Booz Bol can be obtained by using Booz BOI On Standless.



The user of this stand will have a large Boozbol (giant head) on their left, this head is where the "BONK" attack lands, when it hits the opponent it emits a bell sound, the bell sound of course coming from taco bell ads).

Moveset and Passives

Passive Passive Name Description
Passive A (1) Faster Walkspeed Your walkspeed is faster than most stands and specs. (For some, it might be glitched.
Passive B (2) Timestop Immunization You're able to move in timestop, meaning you can escape and run away from whoever's trying to eliminate you.
Keybind Move Description Damage Cooldown


Mouse Click

"Bonk!" Booz Bol goes in front of you and whoever was in front of you, Booz Bol hits the players, dealing incredible knockback. This move plays the Taco Bell sound when you hit someone. None None


  • Booz Bol's Stats are: Destructive Power - :] (D--), Durability - :] (D-), Speed - :] (X)
  • Booz Bol is "just for fun".
  • Booz Bol is a very rare stand to see now, people still have it, but it is an common stand. (The Item is B Tier due to the update)
  • This stand is spammable since the only move it has doesn't have any cooldowns,
  • This stand is now removed.


  • You can move through TS (Time Stop)
  • You move faster than most stands.
  • You only need standless to get it.


  • Only has 1 attack
  • Even though the bonk move is spammable, it doesn't do damage.
  • The taco bell sound may attract people to kill you, so be careful when using it.


An uncommon soul item used to be needed for Gaster. Spawns every 30 minutes (1800 seconds) with a 1/10 (10%) chance of spawning. Doesn't despawn. Doesn't play any music. One of seven souls to get Mystery Mask by talking to the Mystery Man :).



Bread was a non-canon item that is used to evolve two stands, it spawns every 1 hour with a 1/4 (25%) chance of spawning. You can also get this item from Stacks but it's a common item.


Bread is a miniature version of a baguette.


Made in Heaven + Bread = Made In Walmart. (Being removed in NU)

Using a Bread on Made in Heaven will grant you a shopping cart known as Made In Walmart.

Galaxy Annihilator + Bread = Chef Platinum.


Used to be Mini Castle, But got replaced with bread and along with the stand aswell.

The Item Mini Castle was Used for Knight Pot Platinum. but got removed and replaced with Chef Platinum and The Bread item.



Camera is an item used for only a stand, and a spec. It has the same model as the one in A Bizarre Day.

How to Obtain

The Camera is an item that spawns every hour with a 1/5 chance or can be obtained by defeating DIO (25%-30% drop rate) or Dio Brando (15%-20% drop rate). ( IS NOT LONGER OBTAINABLE )


This item can be used on a stand. If used on Vampiric The World it will be upgraded to Shadow The World, and if used on Hamon it will be upgraded to Hermit Purple. This is a reference to Joseph using the camera image to look at a picture of DIO.



Casey was added into the game, on December 6, 2020. This stand was originally Boozbol, but later got changed. Casey is from popular shooting game Enter The Gungeon, like the specs Gun and Fightsabre. It takes the form of a yellow bat with red padding on its shaft. It is a charge weapon, and as a result you have to hold left mouse for about 1 second, and then release to attack. The baton’s hit does 0 damage, although hitting the enemy will cause immense knockback. Can also use a kick with F, a little glitchy but spammable.

Nerf: Does not knock down anymore, only has a knockback.

After Nerf :

No longer does damage, Unless by F, Does very high knockback which is annoying and can be used to troll.


You can get it by item called bol (1/5 per 25 minutes), and people can use that to get this stand.


Casey's old name lol

Casey's temporary name

Hold left mouse for about 1 second, and then release to attack. The baton’s hit does 0 damage, along with knocking the other player down.

[F]- You do a swift kick doing 20 damage.

[C]- This move will allow the user to dodge roll this move has 1 second cooldown and can be almost spammed and it can be very OP.


Celebration Diary:


This item previously spawned during the 10K and 50K player celebratory events. Its primary and only use was to be used on Standless to make Party Starter. This item is worth less than the stand, so if you are lucky enough to get this it is not recommended to use it.


Celebration Diary used to have a spawn time of 1 hour with a 1/2 chance.


  • This item was unobtainable and brought back 14/2/21 it has a high value due to the spawnrates making it the rarest item in game.


Basic Information

Chara, also known as the first human, is the first human to fall into the Underground. Chara is also the fallen human that the player names at the start of the game, and guides the player though the Genocide Run.


Colored The spec displays Chara's weapon of choice, the Real Knife. In AUT, it is a deep red coloured knife with a crimson aura.

How To Obtain

Use Heart on Super Shadow for Chara.


Use X-Soul on Sans for X-Chara.

Passive Name Description
LVL: 20 When you kill ANYTHING, You receive 100 health.
Key Move Name Description
Slash You Throw some slashes at your enemy, 4 of them dealing 10 damage. (4x10.)
Demon Strike You do a powerful downwards slash on the opponent's head for 60/120 damage.
Determination You become faster, and you can jump higher. While using this move, you will laugh and say "I will find you, and I will kill you, and everyone you know will be dead, and you will die."
Hate Orb The player summons a ball made from pure hatred which has low range because it always angles down and hits for 80 damage, bypassing all dodges or counters. Has an actual CD of 10 ( displays 5 ).
Demonic Flurry The player charges up for around 2 seconds, then unleashes a barrage of wild knife slashes at the opponent, each dealing 25/50! damage. (About 15 x 20.)
Keyboard key g.png
Pose Plays: Stronger than you (Chara's response), Megalo Strike Back(slowed), or GLITCHTALE ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL (OST) (the dude that made it frisk response they are different)


  • - F will bypass ANY counter, and this has an extremely big hit-box, the best way for this to land is to rush at your opponent. (This move has a long cooldown.) - Plan ahead before using Y, as you cannot use any other moves aside from T and C in this state. Use T (Sight) to gain speed and lower your vulnerability. (Make sure you keep moving so your not left open for a combo.)
  • - Try using T before using R, this makes it a lot easier for R to land as you're fast and more un-predictable.
  • - T has a short-ish cooldown, use this to your advantage and dodge attacks with it.
  • The "Hate Orb" Attack was from the Glitchtale Undertale AU series.
  • XChara is Confirmed from the Discord Server (X-Chara has been added).
  • Her Taunt is Stronger Than You (Chara Response) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGMRULiUMJo

Chariot Requiem:


Chariot Requiem (チャリオッツ・レクイエム Chariottsu Rekuiemu) or simply Requiem (レクイエム Rekuiemu) is a Requiem Stand featured in Vento Aureo, Originally the stand of Jean Pierre Polnarreff from part 3 : Stardust Crusaders.

How to Obtain

Chariot Requiem is obtained by using True Requiem Arrow on Standless.


Key Move Description Damage Cooldown
E Requiem Consecutive Stabs You use the arrow as a dagger and consecutively stab anyone in front of you for 5 seconds. 15 9 seconds
R Soul Breaker Punch You perform a strong punch in front of you. Anyone hit by this punch will be knocked back. 55 12 seconds
T Requiem's Cry You yell and deal damage to anyone standing around you. 95 AoE 14 seconds
Y Requiem Trident You throw 3 arrows in a fan pattern. If an arrow hits someone, it summons another arrow which automatically attacks the enemy it hit. Unknown, but is very big 10 seconds
F Soul Attack You stand in a T pose and enemies nearby fall on the ground (not ragdoll). N/A 25 seconds
C Dodge You dodge an incredibly small distance on the ground, but a generic distance in the air. N/A 5 seconds
X Block Your ordinary block, nothing to see here folks N/A 7 seconds
Z Requiem Sprint You start running. If you bump into someone while running, you deal a few ticks of damage, each equaling to 10. 10 5 seconds
Passive A: You take only half of the damage you are supposed to, but true damage bypasses this passive.


  • Good damage output with arrows.
  • Relatively easy to get.
  • Good damage in general.
  • low cooldowns and good stun


  • True damage bypasses your passive.
  • Slow unless you use drill in the air.
  • Little value trading wise.
  • Demand is pretty low.

Chef Platinum:

This stand use to be called Knight Pot Platinum.

Chef platinum is obtained by using Bread on Galaxy Annihilator/ Knight Pot Platinum is obtained by using Castle on Galaxy Annihilator.


Move Move in Action Move Description DMG Output
E - Bread Blow EB92CA48-3989-4058-8DE5-F0D283B40CD9.gif Chef Platinum throws a heavy blow at the enemy with his bagutte. 95 DMG
R - Chef Slap NO IMAGE AVALIBLE Chef Platinum disgracefully slaps its enemy. 115 DMG
T - Self Heal 890187D5-A6CB-4E8C-BAA8-7EF81C315B68.gif Chef Platinum jumps in front of its user and heals it with a blow. (Currently broken) 60 HEAL
Y - Chef Kick 07E20DA3-0477-4001-B524-FADEE9308018.gif Chef Platinum kicks the enemy and sends them flying. 125 DMG
F - Ground Slam FE2693DE-131D-496B-8F32-203020698274.gif Chef Platinum charges it's right arm into the ground, and slams the ground with a heaven-like blast. 105 DMG
H - Blow Finisher D9F44A11-B11E-42D8-B3E5-69D478DC6E05.gif Chef Platinum throws a very hard blow. (Currently broken) 145


V - Shift D1F7BD2E-3511-4B84-8004-0248F8BA97A3.gif As an untouchable chef, you can instantly move a short distance forward. None

Coffin BOI:


Coffin Boi is an evolved version of The World Over Heaven. It deals percentage damage making it very good for farming bosses.

(NOTE: since TWOH breaks and resets your stand if you use DIO's diary on it, it is currently temporarily unobtainable.)

How To Obtain

  1. Obtain The World from an Arrow.
  2. Use DIO's Diary on The World (TW) which gives you The World Over Heaven.
  3. Use Dank Diary on The World Over Heaven which gives you Coffin BOI.


Key Move Description Damage
LMB Punch Coffin BOI punches forward.
E Barrage Coffin BOI throws consecutive fists at the enemy or releases consecutive kicks at the enemy while shouting- "FBI, OPEN UP *BAM*!" Percent Damage/ 1% of total health (rounded down)
R Strong Punch Coffin BOI throws a strong blow at the enemy while saying - "FALCON PUNCH!" Percent Damage/ 20% of total health
T Overwrite Coffin BOI lets out an extremely powerful punch dealing huge damage while saying "KAMEHAME..HAAAAA!" Percent Damage/ 50% of total health
Y Knife Throw Throws a knife forwards, dealing damage (the worst move of this stand) 40
F Time Stop Coffin BOI stops time for about 7 seconds while playing "Song For Denise". (Putin walking) None
G Pose Coffin BOI poses while playing "Astronomia." (Coffin Dance) None
H Ground Slam Coffin BOI charges it's right arm into the ground, and slams the ground with a heaven-like blast while saying- "KAMEHAME..HAAAAA!" Percent dmage/ 40% of total health
Z Jump Coffin BOI and its user jump a long distance. None
X Block Coffin BOI stands in front of the character with his arms blocking attacks. None
C Dodge Coffin BOI and its user dodge forward while saying yeet. None
V Shift Coffin BOI teleports forwards while saying yeet. None


  • When using F, you will play a very loud version of the Song for Denise song. {DELETED}
  • This is inspired from the coffin dance meme.

Cosmic Orb:


Cosmic Orb is an item you can get before The New Universe. it was deleted after The New Universe and at the time it was considered to be B tier.


The model of cosmic orb was changed not long ago. it used to be magenta with a purple ring going around it and a transparent magenta outline.

Spawn Rate

Spawns every hour with a 1/15 chance. (Deleted)



Cosmical DIO:


Cosmical Dio has more damage than any other Shadow The World variant (Shadow The World, Futuristic Shadow The World, Shadow Weeaboo, and Shadow Legs) It also does not have a Stand form.


This stand is Clear White With Black Armor hiding itself. It has a Black The World helmet with a neon white skin tone head, black wings, the same headband as Star Platinum but neon,


It can be obtained by using a Cosmic Orb on Vampiric The World. (100%)

Pose Music

Pose Music: Siren's Call - Epic Score (Gabriel Shadid & Tobias Marberger).


Passives and Moveset

Name Description
Arcade Bar You have an arcade bar at the bottom-left of your screen. Attacking enemies increases your bar. Every time the bar gets full, you gain a level, for a maximum of 10 levels.

Gaining levels increases your damage and knockback, and allows you to use more moves.

Passive Knockback All of Cosmical Dio's melee attacks have passive knockback that gets stronger as you gain levels.
Walkspeed Buff You have a slight walking speed buff.
Vampiric Healing As the user is technically Vampiric, they slowly heal themself over time. They can also attack enemies to gain health.

Key Name Description Damage (most of these values are unknown)
LMB Jab (ON GROUND) User jabs ahead of themself quickly. Is quite spammable. and has good range.

(IN CROUCH) User does a low jab that's slower than the normal jab. Has good range.

(IN AIR) User does a downwards facing jab.

E Spin Kick / Uppercut (ON GROUND) User does a spinning kick that launches enemies away. Is quite spammable.

(IN CROUCN) User does a crouching uppercut that launches enemies upwards. Offers more control than the grounded version.

(IN AIR) User spins around, knocking the enemy into the ground. Hits twice and can fling enemies in some circumstances.

R Sudden Strike / Ground Slam (ON GROUND) User does a large claw downwards with their arm which slightly knocks enemies back. Offers more control than the other options. and combines nicely with the Jab. Can also be used to remove the knockback from moves like Grounded Spin Kick, allowing for extended combos.

(IN CROUCN) User does a claw into the ground, which decently knocks back enemies. Hits twice and has a short cooldown.

(IN AIR) User does a claw downwards that forces the enemy into the ground, usually knocking them into the air. Has a medium-length cooldown and combines nicely with the Grounded Spin Kick.

T Knife Volley / Space Ripper Stingy Eyes (ON GROUND AND IN AIR) User pulls out 10 knives. Pressing T twice will throw out two volleys of 5 knives.

(IN CROUCH) User rubs their eyes. If they have at least 1/3 of a level, they will lean forward and instantly fire a pair of lasers out of their eyes.

5 per knife (for 25 per volley)

+ 1 damage per knife for each level, for a max of 15 damage per knife (for 75 per volley)

F The World's Unknown Ability User will bring their arms towards themself. If they have at least 3 levels, they will extend their arms out and time will stop for up to 10 seconds (1 second per level). Knives thrown will not move until the timestop is over.

(Note that this stand uses a different timestop script from the others, so a lot of other stands can move in this timestop.)

G Stand Punch (ON GROUND AND IN AIR) Your stand will come out and do a quick uppercut infront of you. Launches the enemy away and has even better range than the jab, and is a useful move against other Shadow Dio stands, as it allows you to attack without being in danger to their attacks.

(IN CROUCH) Your stand punches three times, hitting three times and launching the enemy back on the final hit. Is even better due to its longer attack duration, but leaves you vulnerable during the attack.

Both moves have medium-length cooldowns.

Z Shift User teleports a short distance forward, and has a short cooldown. N/A
P Pose User epicly poses with their stand. N/A
C Crouch Toggle User crouches, which changes their moveset and makes them slower. Press C to uncrouch. N/A
V ??? This does nothing on its own,

But,if you press any attacks keys such as E, R, T, it will move you forward kind of like a dodge its a good move to surprise your opponent

NOTE: you have to either press v and key at same time OR press v and quickly press a key.

B Counter / Bloodsuck (ON GROUND AND IN AIR) User goes into a pose, with a book and a goblet of wine. If you are attacked, you will teleport behind the opponent. This is a very spammable move with no cooldown, but requires at least 1/3 of a level.

(IN CROUCH) The user does an extended version of the uppercut attack. If you hit an opponent, you grab them and suck their blood, slowly draining them and healing yourself. Eventually you'll throw them away.




R + T (press t before you do the combo.) + G + E

E + G + T + T

E + R (very spammable)

harder combos:

E (while crouching) + T + T

B (while crouching)+ E (during bloodsuck press E before the player is hit and while crouching)

R (while crouching) + T + T + T

T is very spammable so use T when in far range

T + R + E + T + G + T (standing up)

C + G + C + G (time right so you land second knockback after your first G) + T + T + E + R (as you get close after the G moves)


This can no longer raise the meter from NPC’s, however HP still rises.

Bugs and Glitches.

  • There’s a actual and before glitch with Cosmic Dio counter move (B) If you enter in counter state there’s a lot of stands that cannot hurt you permanently meanwhile you are in book counter (note that this move has no cooldown and is spammable as hell). which is supposed to not happen, because the counter is supposed to be hit, and then teleport behind them.
  • DTW: If you counter vs DTW, all DTW moves, including barrage and all moves will not hurt you. (not patched)
  • DTWHV and TWHV: All TWHV moves cannot hurt Cosmical Dio meanwhile in counter state. The same would be to DTWHV but they patched some moves not hitting Cosmic Dio, such as barrage. (NOTICE, if you dance meanwhile counter state, maybe you can still be immortal in counter state versus DTWHV) all DTWHV moves (not including barrage) cannot hit Cosmic Dio. you can also use bloodsuck and space ripper stingy eyes while using counter.

Crystal Gem:


The Crystal Gem is an Item that was used to get Crystallized.

Has a spawn rate of 3600 seconds : 1 / 15.

It has no despawn time.

Plays Rain of Amethyst when spawned.

Use Crystal Gem on Made in Heaven for Crystallized.


  • When the item is in your inventory it is simply referred to as "?".
  • A cutscene used to appear when you used it back then. Now it DOES show up and kind of destroys your camera. To fix that, just reset.
  • This item is a reference to Steven Universe.
  • Crystal Gem is a song from Steven Universe.
  • when used this stand gives you Crystallized a stand by camelia
  • This item got deleted, the stand is now only obtainable by stand arrows.

Death Note:


The Death Note was an item in A Universal Time, used to get Shinigami and Reaper. It is no longer obtainable, so don't try and grind for this item.

It used to have a spawnrate of 1/425 every 10 minutes. When spawned, it would play Death Note OP 1.


Death Note looks like a Dio's Diary, but appears to be black and white. It has white text on the top part of the diary, which spells out "Death Note".

Removed Uses

  • Star Platinum OVA + Death Note = Shinigami
  • Shinigami + Death Note = Reaper


  • Death Note would used to play Death Note OP 1 when spawned.
  • The Death Note has been deleted in the NU, so has Shinigami. Star Platinum OVA and Death Note no longer exist, rendering Shinigami impossible to get through normal means.
  • Death Note is a reference to the anime/manga "Death Note".
  • In the anime Death note, these books are used by shinigami which is another reference.
  • Death Note is no longer needed to get Reaper, since Reaper now has a new obtainable way.


Sprite DB

Sprite DB in hand

This item used to be obtainable, but now it is not, due to the people complaining about data loss. It kills bosses (including Dawn/Stuck) and Peaceful Dummy with one hit. This is also known as taco bell juice.

Akira Juice

RTZ effect after players drink the Akira juice.

Vending Machine

Vending Machine

If you drink it, you will be put into a forced cutscene based on the effects Diavolo saw during Golden Experience Requiem's Return To Zero, which in this state, will crash you after a couple seconds in the effect, even if you have a top quality computer or phone, and then bring you back into a new or the same server.

Golden Experience Requiem has a move with the same effect, but it does not make the scrolling effect or crash the opponent.

If you are in a private server and use this, you will be brought to a public server.

People used to troll with this and gift it to people holding a rare item, which would crash them and make them lose it.

Removed due to complaints and item loss.


How to obtain

This item has a chance of being dropped by Dio or Dio Brando when defeating him. It is also possible to get water after receiving a reward from stacks.

It has little value.


Does Literally Nothing.


  • People joke around with this item and say its rarer than a admin arrow.

Duality Orb:


Despite its seemingly rare name, it is one of the most common orbs in the game.


Duality Orb resembles as an half-colored orb. There’s neon orange on the left side of the orb, and then aqua on the right side. It also has an orange lightning colored aura around it.


The use of a duality orb is to combine it with a stand to create another.

The orb can be used on:

  • Galaxy Annihilator + Duality Orb = Duality Pot Platinum (Unobtainable)

Duality Pot Platinum:


Duality Pot Platinum (DPP), also named as Virtual Pot Platinum (VPP) is a stand obtained by using a Duality Orb on Galaxy Annihilator.

Its destructive power is SS, Movement is SS, and Durability is A (600 HP).

Its ability to heal others rapidly has become very popular amongst Gaster Awakened users, as the user can survive for longer, as its health is drained constantly as a result of controlling the power of Gaster Awakened.

It has the advantage of doing all of its attacks at once. Eg: If you press R+T+H, they will happen altogether. If you are doing a barrage, it will stop. This allows DPP to do a lot of damage in less amount of time.

(This stand is a mid B tier as of 2/01/2021)

Key Ability Name Description Damage Duration Cooldown
E Duality Barrage Throw around 5-7 punches per second 10 Damage Each Punch 5 seconds 3 seconds
R Duality Breaker DPP curls its arm back and releases a immensely powerful punch. 68 dmg per hit 1 second 8 seconds
T Dimensional Overwrite DPP channels its duality powers and smashes the opponent with the force of the dimensions. 120 dmg per hit 1.5 seconds 10 seconds
F Star Platinum: The World Stop time, if you hit someone during the time stop then the damage will occur right after time begins again N/A Lasts 5 seconds 30 seconds
H Ground Slam DPP smashes the ground around it, causing a small eruption around it, ragdolling all in range.
105 dmg per hit Windup is 1.5 seconds 8 seconds
Z Jump Leap into the air N/A You stay in the air for 1.5 seconds 8 seconds
C Dodge Dash forward around 5 studs N/A Lasts 1 second 1.5 seconds
V Duality Blast (currently broken/disabled) Create and throw a big black sphere that moves fast. 100 dmg per hit Lasts 3 seconds 21 seconds
J Sealm Shift Blink forward around 5 studs N/A Lasts less than a second 1 second
Y Blessing of the Realities Throw around 8 punches per second, who ever is hit by

the punches will heal

Heal for 6 per hit 5 seconds 15 seconds
B + Y

( on mobile is B )

Heal Blast Barrage of Punches that heals yourself for around 600 Heal 6 HP per hit Lasts 5


10 seconds

Fortnite Burger:


This item was added by staff as a parody of the Travis Scott burger at McDonalds.

Use before the nerf:

*This item was able to be eaten every second healing you 69 HP every time it is consumed. This, like its unobtainable variant, can be eaten an infinite amount of times, meaning it can be used in battle continuously basically proving to be one of the most overpowered item in the game. In addition, this item can also be stored in the item storage, just like its other burger variant. With this, you can have infinite awakened gasters by repeatedly using the fortnite burger.

Use after the nerf:

This item was nerfed recently. Originally being able to heal extremely fast, this was changed to have a 5 second delay before it heals you, unlike traves got burger this burger can't be use for an infinite amount of time.

Futuristic Shadow The World:

Basic Information

This is removed. This was a re-skin of Shadow Dio You used to get it by using Holy Diary on The World OVA. This stand was not unobtainable, people might be scamming you telling you it's unobtainable, do not fall for this scam, as this stand is absolutely not unobtainable. It is abbreviated to FSTW

The stand user is Dio Brando, the main antagonist of part 1 and 3.


Futuristic Shadow DIO is basically a Shadow Dio without the helmet and body entirely black. It’s supposed to be like a robot.

Crouch Mode: OFF
Key Move Description
LMB Jab The user does a fast punch, dealing good damage.
Space + LMB High Jab The user does a high jab.
E Roundhouse Kick Do 360' Kick with good knockback
R Sudden Punch Kick foe and knockback him.
T Knifes Get 5 knifes in both hands
T+T Knife Volley Throw 5 knifes from one hand
T+T+T Double Knife Volley Throw 10 knifes from both hands (5 knifes from one hand)
B Scales of Horror Strike a book pose and teleport behind enemy if your reading is interrupted
Z Outside of DIO's The World Teleport a few studs forward
G Shadow Punch FSTW will appear to punch foe
F The World 's Secret Ability Stop time for 3+ seconds (1 bar-1 second)
C Crouch Mode Switch your moveset

Crouch Mode: ON
Key Move Description
LMB Crouch Jab Do Jab but lower
E Uppercut Do Uppercut from ground
R Lowercut Slice enemy from ground
G Shadow Combo (The World 21) FSTW Will appear to do 3 punches and knockback foe
T Space Ripper Stingy Eyes Cover eyes to charge laser attack (drain 1 bar)
B Bloodsuck Suck tasty blood from your foe
Z Outside of DIO's The World Teleport a few studs forward
F The World 's Secret Ability Stop time for 3+ seconds (1 bar-1 second)
P Pose Futuristic Shadow Dio menacingly poses.Music is: Glitchtale OST - Bete Noire

Galaxy Annihilator:


Galaxy Annihilator used to be a powerful stand, but since the nerfs it now deals mediocre damage.

It’s currently unobtainable and is removed from the game. It was previously obtained by using Universe Orb on Star Platinum OVA Over Heaven.


Key Move in Action Move Description Damage
E 3E70EFD0-C231-4D94-B609-A32C3203F2E6.gif Barrage Of Galaxies Galaxy Annihilator lets out a barrage of fists dealing average damage. ( greatly nerfed ) Cooldown:2.9s 10 Each Punch

15 Each Crit

(used to do 25 per hit)

R F765CA6F-9C77-442D-B390-49832788DB8B.gif Star Smash Galaxy Annihilator punches the enemy for mediocre damage. Cooldown: 7.9s 50 (used to do 55 damage per hit)
T D54BF75F-107D-482A-9045-CCC3128138C3.gif Universal Overwrite Galaxy Annihilator charges up energy to unleash a powerful punch doing decent damage. Cooldown: 10.9s 64 (used to do 52 damage per hit)
Y A9733A55-F04C-4709-A1BA-8D60373081AA.gif Blessing of the Galaxy Galaxy Annihilator heals your allies if they get hurt. Cooldown: 8.9s 4 per Hit
B+Y E7374E8E-A2B6-4D92-9AAA-DF8FB3E29ED1.gif Self Heal Galaxy Annihilator turns around and heals its user. Cooldown: 11.7 4 per Hit
F DFA8D918-003B-4DAA-BF68-4EC36D36384C.gif Time Stop Allows Galaxy Annihilator to stop time for a short amount of time.

Cooldown: 29.5

5 Seconds
G 3B27A7FC-7AB0-46C5-AF9D-84F07D7758BD.gif Menacing Pose Galaxy Annihilator and its user pose while music aids them. No damage
H 7ADF73A8-2284-40D7-B254-69CC430200DA.gif Universal Ground Slam Galaxy Annihilator smashes the ground creating a pillar of light dealing good damage. Cooldown: 6.9s 49 (used to do 95 damage)
V Reality-Altering Orb Galaxy Annihilator sends a ball made with the power of the universe at their enemies. (CURRENTLY BROKEN). 60


  • Use Bread to get Chef Pot Platinum
  • Use Duality Orb to get Duality Pot Platinum
  • Use Holy Diary to get Holy Angelic Platinum (Unobtainable)

Gift of the Gods:


Gift of the Gods is an item used for evolving stands.

Spawn rates

currently unobtainable because of the new universe


  • Standless + Gift of the Gods = Purple Guy (90%)
  • Standless + Gift of the Gods = Snatcher (10%)



Hamon (also referred to as Ripple, or Sendo) is a technique used in the early parts of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Through the use of controlling breathing, the user can fill their body and attacks with sunlight energy, making it very effective against Vampires, Zombies, and Pillar Men.


Keybind Name Description Damage
Q Sendō Chop The player sends a fast Hamon-infused chop forward, dealing 78 damage. 78
E Sunlight Yellow Overdrive Using the power of Hamon, the player throws an incredibly fast barrage of punches, dealing 3 damage each. 3
R Scarlet Overdrive

Charging Hamon into one hand, the player creates a fist of flame, dealing 53 damage upon contact.

T Zoom Punch he Hamon user is able to extend their arm outwards by dislocating and stretching their joints, using Hamon to dull the pain. This extended punch deals 53 damage on hit. 53
F Pluck The user pulls out the Hamon-infused Sword of Luck and Pluck, dealing a massive 188 damage on a successful hit. 188


Hamon + Dragon Ball = Mastered Ultra Instinct (MUI)

Hamon + Camera = Hermit Purple


  • While the spec name is simply "Hamon", all of its' moves are inspired from Jonathan Joestar, the first main protagonist of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise.
  • This spec doesn't have a Z move, which is very often used as the leap/flight mobility tool in other Stands/specs.
  • The pose is currently broken. While the player goes into the stance, no song audio can be heard. Strangely, using Pluck will play a slowed, pitched down full version of Sono Chi No Sadame, the first opening of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Currently, all of the animations in the Hamon moveset are broken (besides Sunlight Yellow Overdrive). While the particle effects of Q, R, and T appear, the motions the user should use do not. Additionally, the hitboxes on these moves are incredibly broken, often times being inaccurate to where the move should actually hit.



It has the figure of a red heart, it has a spawn time every 10 minutes approx. It has a spawn rate of 1/200. It plays "I'm Stronger Than You" sung by Chara when spawned. It is the rarest soul you can find in the game. This is one of the seven required souls to obtain the Mystery Mask.

There is also a different name for Heart and it's called Determination



  • Super Shadow + Heart = Chara
  • Heart +The 6 other souls = Gaster

Hermit Purple:


Hermit Purple (ハーミットパープル(隠者の紫) Hāmitto Pāpuru) is the Stand of Joseph Joestar, featured in Stardust Crusaders, and briefly in Diamond is Unbreakable. Hermit Purple is sometimes shortened to "HP". In the Manga and Anime of Diamond Is Unbreakable and Stardust Crusaders, Joseph is able to combine Hamon/Ripple with Hermit Purple, but in AUT, it isn't that connective with Hamon; there's only 1 Move that has Hamon on Hermit Purple. Even though it looks like Hermit Purple is able to reach far away, it is a medium-ranged and close-ranged stand.

Hermit Purple is B Tier in Rarity/Obtainable Tier Lists, and in PvP Tier List, Hermit Purple is B+ Tier.

Deleted stand, most likely never coming back.

How To Obtain

This was a stand obtained by using Camera on Hamon.


Q/E Vine Swing Pulls the player to where the mouse was aimed, also can be used to pull players towards you.
R Overdrive Vine Grab Grabs the target, and throws them away using Hamon and Hermit Purple.
T Hamon Bottlecap User flings the cap off of a soda using Hamon, and drinks the soda. (You get healed.)
G Pose User poses with Hermit Purple. (currently broken)
F Spirit Photo Puts an overlay on the screen to look like a developing photo. (semi broken, does not work consistently)
C The Secret Technique Of The Joestars User runs away, whilst screaming "NIGERUNDAYO, SMOKEY!"



Currently, Hermit Purple only has one quote.

  • "OH MY GOD!"



  • When you're underwater, you can grapple to the water.
  • This is the pose music for Hermit Purple.
  • You can launch someone by throwing someone while posing. (Hermit Purple's pose got removed, so this bug no longer works.)
  • If you auto-click and spam Keybind G, you essentially start a Glitch Barrage that is extremely over-powered, and can kill someone in a few second's. (Just like the last one, Hermit Purple's pose got removed and this bug no longer works.)
  • During Timestop, you can still use moves on people's and things. When Timestop ends, all Damage and Grapple's you did during the timestop will occur.
  • This stand is incredibly buggy and has a absolutely broken punch hitbox.
  • Hermit Purple's Pose got removed due to people finding out about how to do bugs with the pose.
  • Spirit Photo is spammable, and the more you spam it, the more chances of you crashing.
  • This stand has recently been unobtainable since the new universe.


Easy E / Q + R
Medium E + Q + R + T
Hard E + Q + Click + R + Click during throw animation x 2 then after throw animation + C + T

Hierophant Green:


Hierophant Green is the Stand of Noriaki Kakyoin, featured in Stardust Crusaders. Hierophant Green is an elastic and remote Stand, capable of being deployed far away from its user and performing actions from a distance. Kakyoin has possessed this Stand since birth. This is long-ranged.

Hierophant Green is the very first Long-Distance Stand shown in the series, and it has a large number of abilities to assist it in combat and scouting. However, the Stand is relatively weak in direct hand-to-hand combat, as a trade-off for its great distance-based abilities.


  • Hierophant Green (HG) + Dank Diary = Meme Hierophant/Cranberry Hierophant
R - Strong Punch HG winds up its fist and deals a strong blow. 25 Damage
T - Emerald Splash HG uses it's signature attack, by shooting many projectiles out of it's hands. 5 Damage Per Emerald
F - "Take this, DIO! 20 Meter Emerald Splash!" HG winds up for some time, and finally releases a devastating amount of projectiles. 5 Damage Per Emerald
C - Roll This is a normal roll that is shared with many other stands. None
Z - Stand Jump HG and the user quickly skyrocket into the air. None

Holy Diary:


The Holy Diary is a C Tier Rarity item according to the Stand Tier List with a 1/10 chance of spawning every 15 minutes. (THIS ITEM IS ALREADY DELETED FROM THE NEW UNIVERSE)


The Holy Diary used to have 10 uses, but since then 6 of them have become unobtainable (the seventh being a holiday event). Its first use is turning Star Platinum and The World to make Star Platinum OVA and The World OVA respectively. It can also be used on The World OVA to create Futuristic Shadow The World and finally used on Samurai to make Project Samurai.

The seven Unobtainable stands are

Aside from these uses, the Holy Diary is also mainly sold for 300,000 Money at the Black Market.

Dank Diary:


Dank Diary is an item that has a spawn time of 850 seconds and a spawn rate of 1/4 (a quater) (25%). It does not despawn nor any music when it spawned. Its green texture resembles Shrek, one of the famous meme icons on the internet.


  • Hierophant Green + Dank Diary = Meme Hierophant (DELETED)
  • Shadow DIO + Dank Diary = Shadow Weaboo (DELETED)
  • The World Over Heaven + Dank Diary = Coffin BOI (DELETED)


  • It is rather a joke item, it is used to change your stands into “memes”.
  • This makes Hierophant Green a lot better as its evolved form can take on stands.
  • This is the exact Same model as The Dio Diary but is light green.
  • This item is originally from Extraordinary Adventures.
  • During the AUT release, the Dank Diary's original name was "Meme Diary".

Hornet Nest:


Hornet Nest is an object that spawns around map landmarks used to get the Stand, Wonder Of U (WoU). It spawns every 10 minutes with a 20% chance. You have a 25% chance of actually getting the stands, meaning a 1/20 chance every 10 minutes in theory. You also need to be a Standless to get it so you need to hurry.

Despawns 5 Minutes After Spawn. This is now removed from the game.

Spawns we known So Far.

  • Italy behind Café.
  • In the middle of the arena.
  • Cell Games At Colosseum. (Near Jesus, the middle, and around it.)
  • Morioh Train Station.
  • Mountains on Morioh.


Hornet nest is yellow in a round shape with bumps sticking out of it.

Get's Announced when this spawns in the chat.


RobloxScreenShot20210109 202800433.png


You can get ignite for one stack near the sand village where the shop keeper is. All you have to do is talk to the small guard and it will bring up a gui that can be exited if you click on the NPC again, reset, or leave. It seems to be a work in progress gui since there are spaces that still need to be filled out and there are no exit buttons. When it is in your inventory it is labeled as Blaze. It also cannot be stored in your inventory. Also it gets dropped on death so you cannot close out the menu with blaze. It does not have a model yet.
This is what it looks like when you use blaze on a player/npc
This item can be placed on NPC OR PLAYERS... after placed it makes a cool burning effect on the player (the player doesn't deal any damage tho) It lasts about five seconds and looks like the model of the character/npc is on fire.

The NPC that you get ignite from is going to be the small figure near the universal shop. When it is done it is going to have a large variety of things in it. It is also said that it will give you abilities for the price of a stack or two.


Uncommon soul item needed for Gaster. Spawns every 30 minutes (1800 seconds) with a 1/10 (10%) chance of spawning. Doesn't play any music. One of seven souls needed for Mystery Mask by talking to Mystery Man.

Meme Hierophant:


Meme Hierophant is a long ranged stand. It is very useful for beginners, and should be obtained if new to the game, as it gives you a decent and easy to obtain PvP stand.


[R] - Strong Punch:

Meme Hierophant will deal a hard punch at the enemy.

[V Hold] - Turret Mode:

Fire tons of soda bottles that deals 5 damage per soda.

[F] - I have just one query:

Fire 32 soda bottles that deal 5 damage per soda.

[T] - Wanna sprite cranberry?:

Fire 8 soda bottles that deal 5 damage per soda.


  • Easy to get.
  • Great stand for beginners.
  • Can bypass Sans' auto dodge.


  • Not really valuable.
  • It starts to become bad once you get better stands.
  • Limited move set.
  • The T Move is the F move just worse.


  • Every sound effect is the “Wanna Sprite Cranberry” except, for the V move.
  • The V comes from the Tyler1 machine gun sound.
  • It has a different moveset from Hierophant Green.
  • It has been deleted from the game and is doubted to ever come back. All people who had this no longer have it.

Made In Reality:


Made in Reality is a powerful close-range time controlling Stand. Although its physical abilities may not be the best of the best, its control over time grants it an overwhelming speed advantage and even counters abilities that function with a time limit like Star Platinum's time stop due to time stop being actually just slowing down time mih counters this by speeding it up.

However, its main interest for Pucci isn't its time power, but the ability to bring about a new universe with extraordinary properties.Acceleration of the universe causing it to explode and become a entirely new one.

Type: Close-Ranged Stand

Part: Shiny/Reskin Stand, Non-Canon His pose music is night of nights


You can obtain MIR by using a Duality Orb on Made In Heaven.


Key Move Move


Description Damage Cooldown
Reality Speed Combo Quickly chops multiple time's, doing 6/12! X 10 Damage, has a cooldown of 6 Seconds. 6/12 X 10 DMG 6 Seconds
Reality Speed Chop Forcefully chops one, doing 39/78! damage, has a cooldown of 9 seconds. 39/78 9 Seconds
Reality Knives Throws a set of knives and does 8 x 7 damage, cooldown of 3 seconds. 8 x 7 Damage 3 Seconds
Throat Slice Blinks forward and does 48/96! Damage to anything in it's path, has a cooldown of 16 Seconds. 48/96! 16 Seconds

[H- Time Acceleration]-

increases your walk speed, decreases cool down for all moves and cancels timestop and renders user invincible ( broken ) for 20 seconds has a CD of 45 seconds or 30 seconds upon dying.

[C- Portal:]-

Create a portal at your location that you can return to at anytime by pressing C again, note however, that the portal will close itself if unused for 60 seconds, CD will only start if the user returns to the portal and has a CD of 10 seconds.

[B- Counter:]-

Enter a defensive state, turning you immobile for 10 seconds, should someone attack you during this 10 seconds, you will deal 8/16! X ??? ( too many for me to count ), has a CD of 35 seconds.

[V- Shift:]-

Blink forwards in the direction you were facing, has a CD of 4 seconds.


Glide through the air for a maximum of 5 seconds at high speeds, has a CD of 9 seconds.

X - Block: Reduce all damage, The maximum length is forever unless you stop holding X. CD of 1.5 seconds.' [Y - Teleport:]-

Teleports behind a player if you point a mouse to them and press Y. CD of 9 seconds.


Made In Reality is a simple Made In Heaven style, but the coloring is different. All of Made In Reality Holes\circles are neon orange.

Made In Walmart:


This stand is only obtained by using Bread on Made in Heaven. It has great mobility and good damage.


Destructive Power: Walmart.

Speed: On

Durability: Top (400)


Keybind Name Description
Quick Chops Made in Walmart hits the enemy quickly and consecutively
Light Left Arm Speed Chop Made In Walmart does a quick slice with it's left arm which does a good chunk of damage and very fast.
Throat Slice Made In Walmart throws himself at the enemy
Time Acceleration Made In Walmart accelerates time to the point where the users passive walk speed rises
Number Counting The player will count the prime numbers to calm themselves. If you get hit during this, you will teleport behind the attacker
Blink The player teleports a short distance infront of them
Download (1)e.jpg
Universe reset During time acceleration activating universe reset causes a shockwave to be released, slightly increasing your speed.
Keyboard key .png
Glide You hang onto the handle of the shopping cart and go at insane speeds faster than Ultimate Life Form flying. Lasts for around 7 seconds. Cooldown is 8 seconds.

Plays the opening of "Fate/Apocrypha" (Music Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hC8q3fHozco)


  • Walmart Inc. is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores.
  • This is a reskin of Made in Heaven
  • Made in Walmart used to play "Flower Dance - Dj Okawari" during a quote but has been removed maybe due to copyright reasons


An uncommon soul item needed for Gaster. Spawns every 30 minutes (1800 seconds) with a 1/10 (10%) chance of spawning it. It doesn't play any music when spwan, and it is one of the seven souls needed for the Mystery Mask by talking to the Mystery Man.

Mystery Mask:

How to Obtain

Obtained by talking to the Mystery Man (gaster) behind the cells game area with all 7 fallen human's soul. (CURRENTLY UNOBTAINABLE, NPC FOR GASTER IS LOCATED IN DEVIL'S PALM.)


  • ❤️Heart (Red) (Determination)
  • 💜Perseverance (Purple/Pink)
  • 💙Patience (Light Blue)
  • 🧡Bravery (Orange)
  • 💙Integrity (Dark Blue)
  • 💚Kindness (Green)
  • 💛Justice (Yellow)


Mystery Mask is currently unobtainable, but Gaster is obtainable by talking to an NPC that is in Devil's Palm sitting next to a rock.

NU has removed Mystery Mask completely due to there being another obtainment method to Gaster. The obtainment method is on the page, Gaster




Kars is the main antagonist of Part 2, Battle Tendency.

Kars is the leader of the Pillar Men, and the designer of the Stone Mask. His goal was to evolve further to become immune to the sun's rays, and thus he seeks the Red Stone of Aja to empower his Masks, battling the Ripple users for its possession. He is ranked 1st out of all the Pillar Men.

How To Obtain

Use a Vampire Mask on Vampire (Spec).

Kars Evolutions

Kars posing

Kars posing

Kars + Aja mask = Ultimate Life Form Kars


LMB - Slash

Kars slashes at the enemy.

E + Hold - Brilliant Bone Blade

Use your light blades to do a very fast slash rush dealing superior damage.

R - Superhuman Punch

Do an extremely fast punch that deals incredible damage with loads of knock back.

T - Blood Suck

Grab an opponent with both hands and drain their blood, healing you.

F - Spinning Attack

You spin into your opponents, cutting them and throwing them away. This deals good damage.

Z - Super Jump

Using your Pillar Man strength, you perform a superhuman jump.

V - Dash

You sprint a short distance forwards.

C - Dodge

You dodge.


Pose|Music PIllar theme.


An uncommon soul item needed for Gaster. Spawns every 30 minutes (1800 seconds) with a 1/10 (10% chance) of spawning. Doesn't play any music. One of seven souls.

Pog Box:

Pog Box is an Misc item in AUT. This misc might get removed in the Universal update soon.

It was used to get "The Knight", this no longer works. This was an joke misc, but when The City Of Tears was removed, Then it was used for The Knight.

This was added because The City Of Tears Was removed from the game. This used to be a castle in the city of tears.


It was inspired by the popular discord meme "POG".




Item patience.png
Patience is an uncommon soul item needed for Gaster. Spawns every 30 minutes (1800 seconds) with a 1/10 (10%) chance of spawning. Doesn't play any music. One of seven souls needed for Mystery Mask by talking to Mystery Man.

PROJECT Samurai:


Project Samurai is a very strong specialty. It is rather fast and useful in certain situations.

As a child, Yasuo believed what others in his town said about him. In the best days, his very existence was a mistake of judgment. At worst, it was a mistake that could never be undone.

As with almost everything that hurts, there was some truth to it. His mother was a widow who was already raising a young son, when the man who would be Yasuo's father came into her life like an autumn wind. And, like that lonely time, it was gone again before the Ionian winter cloak settled on the little family.

This Spec is a C tier on the obtainable list as of 2/01/2021


An Ionian of deep resolve, Yasuo is an agile swordsman who wields the air itself against his enemies. As a proud young man, he was falsely accused of murdering his master—unable to prove his innocence, he was forced to slay his own brother in self-defense. In time, his master's true killer was revealed, and his brother mysteriously returned from death, yet Yasuo still could not forgive himself for all he had done. Now, he wanders the world with only the wind to guide his blade.


Passive Passive Name Description
Passive 1 Wind Runner You have the wind by your side, enhancing your speed.
Passive 2 Critical Each kill grants you a higher and higher critical chance, all the way up to 100%. Critical Chance doesn't reset when you die.


Keybind Name Description Damage Cooldown


Yasuo quickly carries his sword and then performs a heavy thrust towards the enemy, dealing 27 Damage and a bleeding damage of 5.

(3rd Use): Yasuo does a little crouch, carrying his sword and then throws out a long wind lacerate making a twister/tornado for later a surprise attack on the enemy. This stuns the enemy for a bit.

27 (Strike)

5 (Bleed Damage)

R Sharp Strike Yasuo charges a fast hit, and slices into his opponent's heart, pushing them away. This deals unusual damage compared to his regular click. 44 Damage
T Wind Slices The Samurai raises his guards and senses, and becomes passively faster for a few seconds. This has no animation. 30 Damage per slice (90 Damage In Total)
Y Sword Slice Yasuo lunges at the enemy hitting him 3 times 32 Damage

6 Bleeding Damage

F Last Breath (Ultimate Ability)
You pounce on a unit and hits it repeatedly 50 damage crit, 25 damage no crit. (You need to have your cursor on the enemy, this also deals true damage,

sans can still dodge this though, stuff like reapers counter and mui can be damaged by this.)

150 + 75 Damage!

PROJECT Samurai's Abilities=

Notes, Trivia

  • PROJECT Samurai is overpowered even without any critical chance.
  • Just like Shinigami, you don't lose any souls when you die, but this time, it's critical chance instead of Souls.
  • Full Crit can be insanely powerful at times.
  • PROJECT Samurai is the only spec in-game that has the old running animation.
  • Using R + Y gives you more critical chance, due to the burst bleeding damage PROJECT Samurai's Y has.
  • Wind Slice does 30 damage in total.
  • Last Breath is also known as PROJECT Samurai's Ultimate Ability.

Full evolution

This stand used to have to get Phantom Blade (unobtainable) + Samurai Path to use   

Nub Diary:

This item is currently unobtainable. Before, if used on Standless, it would evolve into Noob-Inator.

Primal Aspids:

Primal Aspids is the new PVE enemy which was added on 1/1/2021.

They attack in a diamond shape of small spheres with one orb in the middle. It looks like dice 5. They drop a new currency called Geo.

It spawns on the sign looks like a saw blade called Hallowed Sign. The rough locations are a rock on Morioh (the spawn island), Spawn Island, Inside and near the colosseum where DIO spawns.


You can easily farm them using Dawn. Most efficient way to farm those things is by using STWR or HSTWR's J move(cursed orb) and T move (arrow rain), both causes high damage and also contains hp stealing, so you will not die easily, You can also use Tusk Act 4 to get on your horse (you don’t need your horse on pc) (Primal Aspids are a bit higher in the air so using horse will get you on the same height level so you can actually hit them this is recommended for mobile since here you shoot infront of you) and use E move which shoots a nail and if hit, tusk will perform an aimbot barrage which can one shot them.

Another way is to use Crystallized's F Ability over and over till they die and it's very easy to do as well.


Primal Aspids also spawns inside a Colosseum which refers to Hallow knight's setting that they spawns on Colosseum of Fools.

Purple Guy:


Was obtained from using the Gift of the Gods on Standless with a 90% chance.

Purple guy is a stand which is referenced to FNAF/ Five Night's At Freddy's due to the popularity of the "The Man Behind The Slaughter" Meme.


  • E - "MY KNIFE IS THE SHARPEST THERE IS!": Purple Guy let's out a barrage of punches.
  • R - "A STAB TO THE CHEST WILL DO THE TRICK!": Purple guy charges up his arm and hits a strong blow.
  • T - "YOU'LL NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY AGAIN!": Purple guy will use a move similar to some stands known as "Overwrite".
  • Y - "I'LL KEEP YOU IN A CYCLE OF PAIN!": Purple Guy will let out a healing barrage
  • F - "NO ONE CAN ESCAPE THE WRATH OF MINE!": Purple guy stops time
  • H - "I'LL TEAR YOU TO SHREDS!": Purple guy slams the surface dealing damage to surrounding players
  • J - "I'M JUST TOO FAST!": Purple guy will teleport to wherever the user's cursor is.
  • Z - "I CALL THIS A GREAT ESCAPE!": Purple Guy will stand jump like any normal stand.
  • V - "THIS IS THE END!": Purple Guy unleashes a spirit bomb like blast which damages all players in contact.
  • B+Y - "I ALWAYS COME BACK!": Purple Guy heals the user with a self heal barrage

Pose Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gk-aCL6eyGc



Present is an item used to evolve stands. It was obtainable around Christmas time.

How to Obtain

Present used to have a 1/3 chance to spawn every 30 minutes.

Presentmight became obtainable for only 2 days on 12/27/2021.

Present could only be used when it was obtainable.


CSPR and MOCE are going unobtainable for a year.

CSPR will come back around 12/12/2021.

MOCE will come back around 12/27/2021.


  • This will come back like HSTWR and Urzan
  • This item was very common when it was obtainable so even now its value is limited.
  • This was the first item to ever give a badge to players when used.


It is an item that used to let you teleport to different islands, it has couple mins of cooldown after using this. (not sure how much but definitely not 25 mins any more.)

it can be obtained in Stack Shop and Akira's shop For 3.5 Million.

If you found this from stack shop consider yourself very lucky.

You can buy the item from stack shop for 35 stacks.

But you can just get it from the shop by price of 3.5 million.

Honestly, this does make travel a lot easier but buying a Cursed Orb or gambling it is probably a better option, since you can just buy this for Money.

Since this takes up an item bank slot and if you hold it out while you disconnect, its gone forever. However makes catching some items (like cursed orb) way easier (only if no one camps the item spawn island)

It is Tradable; you can get a few good offers but usually has little to no demand.

Rokakaka Fruit:


The Rokakaka Fruit (commonly abbreviated as "roka" in-game) was an item used to reset your Stand. It was very common, and was an E tier item.

It could also be bought from the Akira's Bizarre Shop for $500. In the latest update, it has since been removed and replaced with a Pucci NPC that will reset your stand upon talking to him. This update was made do to multiple complaints of walking on top of a glitched roka that would latch on your avatar and reset your stand (even if you didn't intend to use it).

The Rokakaka Fruit's appearance was that of a spiky red object.

Update Perks:

  • Using Pucci prevents accidents like walking onto a glitched roka, accidentally removing your stand.
  • Frees up space in your inventory.
  • Nice animation.

Update Cons:

  • Due to the unusual placement of Pucci being away from "Item Island" it takes way longer to grind for a specific arrow stand, even if you pick up arrows and bring them to him.


Ability Reseter.png
Rokakaka Fruit has now been removed in the latest winter update and replaced with Ability Resetter, Pucci, which resets your stand just like Rokakaka Fruit.

Located on next the Akira shop and main island spawn.

Where it used to be in the shop has been replaced with "NIL ITEM" however the nil item thing in the shop has now been replaced with the portal item, it can be bought for 3.5 million cash.

Samurai Path:


Samurai Path is an item used to evolve Anubis.


Samurai Path spawns every 10 minutes with a 1/3 chance.


When used with Anubis, it evolved the stand into Samurai (Old Method)

Shadow Weaboo:


Shadow Weaboo ( シャドウウィーブー Shadouu~Ībū ) is also called Shadow Kanna, due to it’s comparable appearance to Kanna. Shadow Weaboo isn't canon (not shown in the anime or not shown in one of the JoJo Games.)

For short, Shadow Weaboo is called SW or SK. (SK/Shadow Kanna)

Shadow Kanna doesn’t have any Stand Users.


Shadow Kanna almost had the same appearance as Kanna, but with a lot of different things. Shadow Weaboo had 2 Lavender and Pink horns on it’s forehead/head, White-Lavender Hair with Blue Berries, (pretty much) Pink Oxygen Tanks on the back, 2 Blue Colored Eyes (Kanna Eyes), White & Pink Skin, White (?) Torso, and more.

How To Obtain

To obtain Shadow Weaboo, use a Dank Diary on Shadow The World.

(This is removed and can't be obtained anymore)

Abilities and Passives

Passives Name Description
Passive A
Arcade Bar
As you hit your opponent the bar located at the down-left side of your screen will gradually fill up to 10. This bar boosts your damage for all of your moves and skills and is required in order for certain moves to work too.
Passive B
Life Steal
As you hit your opponent, you will heal half of the amount of damage you deal to them. (Example: 50 damage to them will equal 25 HP for you)
Passive C
Due to your vampiric powers, you gradually heal 2% of your health every second. (2.4 HP each second)
Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Quick Jab
The player jabs the opponent at an extremely fast rate. The animation and hitbox will also change depending on if your airborne.
Moderate Damage
15/30 damage
0.5 seconds
Sudden Punch
You do a spinning kick that deals incredible knockback. Can kick a barrage out of range if utilized correctly.
Great Damage
45/90 damage
2 seconds
Quick Slap
You swipe your and downwards and anyone hit by it will be stunned for a split second.
Great Damage
35/70 damage
4 seconds
The World's Unknown Ability
You will do a Wryyy...! pose then Shadow Weeboo will time stop until your arcade bar runs out. But in return, you can cancel the timestop whenever you want by pressing F again. (Can be used with Crouch Mode: On too)
No Damage
Knife Volley
You bring out two sets of knives, and you will throw one set of knives each time you press T. There are 5 knives in each set and it has little to no cooldown which means it is spammable.
Weak Damage
6 damage for each knife
0.5–1 seconds
Book Taunt
This skill is a countermove, Once pressed, you will immediately start reading a book (Possibly the model of Dio's Diary) And in your other hand, you will holster a glass of blood. Anyone that hits you will be stun locked for a split second (Depending on how fast they are). An exclamation mark will be shown where you were standing and you will suddenly timestop behind them. But beware that this does use 1/4 of your Arcade Bar and using it too much may drain all your bar out and you will be left unable to use any special attacks until you refill the bar again.
No Damage
0 second
Shadow Uppercut
Shadow Weaboo will manifests and uppercut anyone in front of you; sending them very far.
Great Damage
75/150 damage
5 seconds

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Toggle Crouch Mode
Crouch mode can be enabled/disabled by pressing C. By toggling between Crouch mode on and off, the user can switch between the style's different moveset. Most of the moves listed below can only be activated if Crouch mode is on; you can't use skills are require Crouch mode to be off, nor the other way around.
No Damage
No Cooldown
Low Jab
You start to jab your opponent's feet at a moderately slow rate. Do not underestimate this move for its cooldown since it can easily become deadly if parely with E or R. Use this if the opponent is trying to get away since it does a bit of stun lock each time you hit someone.
Moderate Damage
15/30 damage
≈1 seconds
You uppercut the opponent and sends them quite far away from you. This move, like all other moves for Shadow Legs are quite spammable if you combo it with R or LMB. You can easily escape a barrage with this if you time it right.
Good Damage
45/90 damage
2 seconds
Downwards Jab
You swipe your hands downwards and hit your opponent along their legs and grounding them; allowing for open combos. This can become deadly if paired with LMB or E.
Moderate Damage
35/70 damage per hit
2 seconds
The World's Unknown Ability
You will do a Wryyy...! pose then Shadow Weeboo will time stop until your arcade bar runs out. But in return, you can cancel the timestop whenever you want by pressing F again. (Can be used with Crouch Mode: Off too)
No Damage
Draining Grab
Plunge your arm into your foe and take their blood (while doing a pose) for your own while also dealing and healing a great amount. Then you will smash the opponent into the ground. During this, you will yell "Jitsuni Nazimuzo!(It really suits me!)”. You cannot move while doing this so beware if someone is trying to kill you. This also requires 1/4 of your bar in order to work.
Good Damage
100 damage
0 second
Space Ripper Stingy Eyes
Once pressed, you will start to press vampiric fluids into your eyes. Then soon after, you uncover your eyes and shoot out two beams of insanely hot fluids out of it. This moves very quick and hard to dodge if aimed right but does not go very far; it evaporates after travels about 50 studs. This is also a special move and requires 1/2 of your bar in order to work.
Insane Damage
50 per beam
0.5 seconds
Shadow Combo
Shadow Weaboo manifests and hits your opponent three times, stun locking them for the first two hits and knocking them away on the third.
Great Damage
40/80 per hit
≈5 seconds
Time Stop Shift
Teleport a few studs towards where your facing. This goes through walls, meaning you can attack people on the other side of a wall, catch them off guard and end them by spamming every one of your move.
No Damage
3 seconds


  • Shadow Weaboo had 2 Pose Music/Songs (or 1). It either plays RenaiCirculation or Hitorigoto.
  • As of 1/31/2021, pressing P doesn’t play any music/song. Must’ve been due to music replacement or copyright.
  • This stand had a quote known as “Ame, Ame, Ame, Ame, Ame, Ame”.
  • Shadow Weaboo didn't have evolutions.
  • Shadow Weaboo had 425 HP (Health).
  • Shadow Weaboo was also known as “Shadow Kanna”.
  • While in-game, Shadow Kanna was called “Shadow Weebo”.



Also known as the Japanese God of Death, The Shinigami (In AUT) is represented as a dark being with wings, bearing sharp claws and a helm of darkness. It is based off a popular anime, Death Note.

How to Obtain

  • Death Note + Star Platinum OVA = Shinigami. (CURRENTLY REMOVED)
  • Used to be Death Note + Standless

Potentials and Passives

Shinigami’s Passives
Passive 1 (A) Soul Reap After killing somebody, your damage increases dramatically.
Passive 1 (B) Spirit Save After dying, your souls save.
Key Move Description Damage
LMB Punch Shinigami throws a left hook, dealing meh damage to extremely high damage. 15-415
E Strong Punch Shinigami slashes forward, throwing a haymaker, dealing decent to extremely high damage. 40-440
R Chop Shinigami releases a strong punch dealing good damage, but no knockback 40-440
T Heal Shinigami turns to the user, and stabs into their soul, replenishing 100 hp. +100 hp
Y Kick Shinigami kicks the opponent, dealing harsh damage to incredible damage. 50-450
F Ground Slam Shinigami smashes the ground, launching the opponent high up into the air, does decent to extremely high damage 75-475
H Death's Punch Shinigami concentrates its killing intent and throws a punch, dealing incredible damage 55-455
G Pose Shinigami poses and plays L's Theme No damage
v Shift You teleport in the direction you are facing No damage

Each kill grants the user +20 base damage, and can be stacked up to 400 base damage and does not reset upon death (20 kills for max.)



  • Shinigami souls save when you die.
  • ‘Shinigami souls don’t save when you stand switch or leave the server.
  • Shinigami seems to be based off of Ryuk, Light/Kira's Death God from the manga Death Note.



The Snatcher is a character in "A Hat in Time" that appears in Chapter 3. He is a mysterious shadow spirit who lives in the Subcon Forest, laying traps for unsuspecting "fools" to walk into. Hat Kid can only access areas of the forest that is his home if she signs a contract with him.

How To Obtain

Standless + Gift of the Gods = Snatcher (10% Chance)


  • "Thanks...I guess?"
  • "What do you want, kid?"


The Snatcher, in many forms of media, is portrayed as a shadow spirit with 2 bright glowing eyes and a bright fanged smile. In AUT, The Snatched dons the top hat worn by the main character, a young girl in search for her precious Time pieces, as well as a purple scarf.

Key Move Description Damage
E Barrage The Snatcher lets out a barrage of fists dealing above average amounts of damage. ( No longer able to kick )
R Strong Punch The Snatcher punches the enemy for good damage and good knock back. Cooldown: 8s 104
T Overwrite The Snatcher does a powerful punch doing great damage and good knockback. Cooldown: 25s 129
Y Heal Overwrite Others The Snatcher heals your allies if they get hurt. Cooldown: 20s 80
B+Y Heal Overwrite The Snatcher turns around and heals its user. Cooldown: 40s 80
F Timestop Allows The Snatcher to stop time for a short amount of time. Cooldown: 36s 4.5 Seconds
H Slam The Snatcher slams the enemy for Cooldown: 27s 109
V Knife Throw The Snatcher throws out a white glowing knife and has a cooldown of 2 seconds 14


  • This stand is based off of the game A Hat in time the Stand is based off of the Snatcher, A major boss character ingame
  • Plays "your contract has expired" when posing. (pose is broken at the moment) (This is the original version so this should be it.)
  • This Stand is a reference to a hat in time and is the the 2nd rarest stand in A Tier.

Spin (Item):


Not to be confused with the Spin in the shop, Spin is a small gray sphere which is the last item you need in order to evolve Tusk Act 3 into Tusk Act 4 within the Tusk Evolution Chain. This item is no longer available in New Universe. Currently, using spin on Tusk Act 3, and evolving it to TA4, spin will still be in your inventory, meaning you can reuse it or lend it to someone so they can get tusk act 4 too.

Note: It's trade locked so you cannot trade it.


Spawn Chance: 1/30 every 10 minutes.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

To use this item, you need to be on your horse and running while spam clicking and having the item out. Confused? Don't worry, it takes around 5 tries to actually get the evolution to work.

Spin (Spec):


The Spin is a state of rotation defined by its closeness to perfection, that perfection being the Golden Rectangle (黄金長方形 Ōgon Chōhōkei), more specifically the Golden Spiral that is derived from the Rectangle, a mathematically endless spiral, and a feature said to be omnipresent in the surrounding nature and a fortiori in works of art. Unlike the average rotation, the Spin is persistent and produces more rotational energy than it takes to create. That rotational energy is transferred to nearby objects in the form of vibrations and can be wielded for a wide array of purposes. The Spin is a specialty of the Kingdom of Naples. It is intensively used there either for medicine or for battle. All characters who know the Spin are either Neapolitan or have been taught by a Neapolitan. This spec is obtained from the shop for only 150k! However it is broken at the moment so it is practically unusable.


PASSIVE A: Regeneration

Your body has acquired the ability to repair itself.

Q - Spin Strike

The user charges up their spin into their right arm, and strikes it down upon their target, dealing a superior amount of damage.

E / R - Taste my steel balls!

The user chucks a steel ball from either their left or right hand (E meaning their left and R meaning their right) that can be aimed in direction you facing. Once a ball connects, it will deal moderate damage to the target.

T - Left-Handed Strike

Similar to its Q, the user shoves their left arm forward and plunges it into the opponent, spinning their insides while also delivering an incredible blow.

F - Spin Rotation

This is it, your final move, show em what you can do! The user unleashes 5 steel balls and throws all of them at once.


This is getting a rework.

This is broken.

The Item version of this is used to make TA4



Stacks are obtained by playing/staying in a server.
You don't get these like banknotes, arrows, etc. these are automatically given for staying in an server for half an hour.


Stacks are obtained through waiting 30 minutes in a server. When you get a stack, a GUI called “Rewards” come up.


1 Stack Rewards
79% chance of getting a normal item.
20% chance to get a rare item.
1% chance to get a Supreme item.

2 Stack Rewards
88% chance of getting a normal stand.
10% chance to get a rare stand.
2% chance to get a supreme stand.
3 Stack Rewards
62% Chance of getting a normal item.
30% Chance to get a rare item.
8% Chance to get a supreme item.


Removed Stacks
4 Stacks(Removed) 5 Stacks Removed
(contains only Supreme items): Death Note", "Bone", "Cursed Orb 5th Stack rewards (Cost 100 Stacks)

(Contains only Supreme stands): { "Star Platinum Requiem (SPR)", "Shadow The World Requiem", "Christmas Star PIatinum Requiem", "Hallow Reaper", "Reaper", "Sans", "Planet Shaper", "Shinigami", "True Sakuya ⌈Illusion World⌋

Normal Items:

Normal Items
Non-rare Items
"Aja Mask", "Bravery", "Bread", "Camera", "Integrity", "Justice", "Kindness", "Patience", "Perseverance", "Vampire Mask", "Water", "Zenith Arrow"
Rare Items:
Rare Items
Rarer Items
"DIO's Diary", "Gift of the Gods", "Heart", "Saint's Left Arm", "Mystery Mask", "Requiem Arrow", "Star Gem", "Watch", "X-Soul", "Dragon Ball", "Duality Orb"

Supreme Items
Supreme items
"Death Note", "Bone", "Cursed Orb

Stands From Stacks

Non-rare Stands
Normal Stands
"Anubis", "Sticky Fingers", "The World", "Star Platinum"

Rare Stands:

Rare Stands
"Gold Experience Requiem", "Star Platinum: Over Heaven", "The World: Over Heaven", "Gaster", "The World: High Voltage", "King Crimson", "Spin", "Chara", " C-Moon", "Made In Heaven", "Mastered Ultra Instinct", "Made In Reality", "King Crimson: Alternate Universe", "Gun", "Fightsabre", "Dio's The World", "xChara", "Casey", "Star Platinum OVA", "Star Platinum: Over Heaven OVA", "The World OVA", "Shadow Dio", "Cosmical Dio", "Jotaro's Star Platinum"
Super Rare Stands:
Super Rare Stands
"Planet // Shaper", "Shadow The World Requiem", "Reaper", "Star Platinum Requiem", "Sans", "True Sakuya", (not listed, but you still can likely get it)"
"Planet // Shaper", "Shadow The World Requiem", "Reaper", "Star Platinum Requiem", "Sans", "True Sakuya", (not listed, but you still can likely get it)"


There is a glitch that happened when the 2 x stacks event started, the glitch made the player get 4x the normal amount of stacks, this glitch allowed the player to get anything they wanted, also the glitch always keeps the stacks amount 4 x the player play time meaning the player also had infinite stacks, and only a small amount of players have this glitch activated this glitch also can't occur anymore but the people that used to have still have it though.


The Stack Shop is a shop where you can buy rare items with Stacks.

(The Stack Shop is later removed and cannot be used to purchase items again).

NOTE: Stack Shop Offers are NOT shared by everyone every offer is different from one person to the next. This feature was released on A Universal Time in the 9th October.


Spawning every 1 hour and 35 minutes with the chance of 1/8 despawn time of 10 minutes


Spawns on top of the AKIRA-SHOP building when spawns.

Or between Morioh and the Item Spawn place usual nearer the yellow modern house and the normal orange house in Morioh to the east I suppose if your following the compose rose.

POSSIBILITY: Stack items MIGHT go up or down during a times event ( just a possibility).


Stack Shop person can spawn near the hills, floating. Be sure to check if Stack Shop Person is around there or else, it can just spawn at Akira shop's building.

If you see santa here, Stack Shop might be glitched.


Universe Orb - 8 Stacks

Camera - 6 Stacks

Duality Orb - 6 Stacks

Holy Diary - 6 Stacks

Watch - 10 Stacks / 6 stacks before

Dragon Ball - 12 Stacks

Heart - 18 Stacks

Mystery Mask - 18 Stacks

X-Soul - 18 Stacks / 12 stacks before

Cosmic Orb - 8 Stacks

Bone - 35 Stacks

Portal - 25 Stacks / 55 stacks before

Death Note - 40 Stacks / used to be 25 Stacks

Cursed Orb - 55 Stacks / 36 Stacks before / sometimes it's 65 Stacks

note: it plays STWR's pose theme when spawned so try not to get too excited when hearing because it might be the stack shop.

Star Gem:

The Star Gem is an Item that was used to get Nuclear Star.


Plays Rain of Amethyst when spawned.

Spawnrate: 1Hr : 1/15


When the item is in your inventory it is simply referred to as "?"

It plays the same music with Crystal Gem and shares a same spawnrate, similar names.

A cutscene used to appear when you used it back then. Now it does show up and kind of destroys your camera. To fix that, just reset.

This item is an reference to Steven Universe.  

Star Platinum OVA:

Basic Info

Star Platinum OVA (スタープラチナOVA Sutāpurachina ovu~a) is the stand of Jotaro Kujo, The Protagonist (Main Character) of Stardust Crusaders. SPOVA and SP are close-ranged stands featured in the anime and part, JJBA, Part 3: Stardust Crusaders.

Among the very first Stands introduced, it is featured along with Jotaro in three parts of the series, most prominently in Stardust Crusaders OVA. If you do not know what OVA stands for, it means "Original Video Animation". OVA's has different art style's, different characteristics, and more.

Star Platinum OVA is also known as SPOVA for short. It doesn't possess any insane strength in-game, though, Star PLATINUM does in the Anime/OVA. Since this stand doesn't possess insane strength right now, it's bad for PVP, and it's Tier is C Tier, along with The World OVA and a lot of other stands + Items.

Stand User: Jotaro Kujo

Original Stats:

  • Destructive Power - A
  • Speed - A
  • Range - C (CLOSE-RANGED)
  • Persistence - A
  • Precision - A
  • Developmental Potential - A

Namesake: The Star (Tarot Card)

Nemesis: The World OVA

Range: Close-ranged Stand

Humanoid Stand


Star Platinum OVA is a humanoid stand that can be obtained by using a Holy Diary on Star Platinum.


SPOVA Abilities
Keybind Move Name Description Damage
E + Hold
"ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA!" Star Platinum OVA goes in front of you, throwing strong fists at immense speed towards the person in front of you.

10 DMG

15 DMG (Critical)

"ORA!" Star Platinum OVA goes in front of you for a second and throws a heavy punch towards the person your facing. 43!
Star Platinum OVA Star Finger.gif
"Star Finger!" SPOVA extends and increases the size his finger and attack the enemy. This move is medium-ranged. 43!
Star Platinum OVA Timestop.gif
"I stopped time at the 9 Second mark. That's what let me escape." SPOVA stop's time for a few seconds, giving you enough advantage/time to attack the enemy. None


  • SPOVA is from the Stardust Crusaders OVA.
  • SPOVA has 450 HP.

Sticky Fingers:


Sticky Fingers (スティッキィ・フィンガーズ Sutikkyi Fingāzu) is the Stand of Bruno Bucciarati, featured in Vento Aureo. (Note: this stand has been removed and will be coming back in more updates in NU.

Moveset and Passives

Passives Info
Zippers On most attacks, Sticky Fingers does x1.5 damage because of the afterward Zipper effect.
Keybind Name Description
LMB Zipper Punch Sticky Fingers does a single punch dealing 7 + 3.5 = 10.5 damage
E ARI ARI ARI ARI Barrage Sticky Fingers does a five-second-long punch rush forward, dealing small damage but with super speed and stun, making a whooping ~562.5! damage if get barraged completely. 5 + 2.5 = 7.5 damage per punch.
R Ari Strong Punch Sticky Fingers lands a strong punch forward dealing 40 damage in total.
T Zipper Shot Sticky Fingers unzip its arm to increase range and punch the enemy dealing 37 + 18 = 55 damage.
F I will decide my own path. Sticky Fingers punches the enemy dealing the same amount of damage as the 2 moves listed above. What happens next? I basically don't know.
B (Hold) -

Zipper Slide

Sticky Fingers will carry the user and ram headfirst in whichever direction it is facing as well as dealing damage upon contact while sliding.
H "Arrivederci." Sticky Fingers performs a fast punch, if hits, it will do a long Beatdown dealing huge damage damage.


  • There used to be an evolution of this stand called "Galactic Fingers" which was obtained by using a Universe Orb on Sticky Fingers.
  • This is banned most of the time in tournaments but while zipper gliding (B) you can Hold down E concurrently to do a gliding barrage which melt HP if you can pull it off with accuracy

Star Platinum Requiem: Ultra-Rapid Fire


Star Platinum Requiem: Ultra-Rapid Fire is believed to be either an admin stand. Not much is known about the stand except that it has no cooldown, lots of HP, and has the same moveset as Star Platinum Requiem (SPR). Yes, it's basically Star Platinum Requiem, but on steroids (meaning buffed). If you see someone with it, aside from Admins, screenshot them of having it by checking their stand and send it to the Official A Universal Time Discord Immediately.


Star Platinum Requiem is built as the Requiem form of Star Platinum. Star Platinum Requiem is a humanoid stand, has white lights in most of the stand's accessories. Requiem Arrows symbolizing Star Platinum Requiem's form. White light Star Knee Pads that may symbolize The Star tarot, or The Star in the Star Platinum name. With Dark Hair, Dark Gloves, and a Purple Body. It is star platinum but with an arrow on its head. Every other detail on Star Platinum is just Purple.

This has the exact same appearance as Regular Star Platinum Requiem.


This was obtained by an Staff Event.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Cursed Fist SPR's first punch deals 5% of the targets max hp with the second healing its user. 45!


E Cursed Barrage Star Platinum Requiem throws a combo of 7 Devastating punches with incredible speed, dealing a superior amount of damage. While Star Platinum Requiem is using this move, it will stun the enemy locking them to get more damage in as a good combo starter
From Great strength to Unimaginable strength
Percent(%) damage per punch or 5 Base damage per punch
R Cursed Uppercut send your enemy upwards while 2 big fat purple arrows strike them dealing massive damage and stun.
Incredible to Godly Strength
Percent (%) damage
Arrow Throw
Star Platinum Requiem throws a Requiem arrow to enemy with great speed. If it hits the enemy, the Requiem arrow will deal great damage, If T is pressed again the user will hastily dash behind the enemy. Note: If it hits a P//s he can tp to space and spr can also go there. Anyone can also go to pvp arena and spr can tp there.

IT also Can be used after death

For ex : The Spr

dies and has Hit the Target, Spr will still teleport to the opponent.

Great Damage
First attack deals Percent (%) damage, second attack will deal 15 Base damage
Arrow Prison
star platinum req sends big fat arrows down in a prison type shape dealing ok damage and as well some stun.
Superior Damage
60 Base damage on the first attack, Percent (%) damage on the second attack.
F STAR PLATINUM: THE WORLD! star platinum req stop time for 7 secs.(will not work on some stands/specs)
Great to godly Damage (depends on what is done during the TimeStop)
Star Breaker
star platinum charges his fist like an overwrite and smashes it towards the enemy.this does do stun.
Great Damage
Deals 60 Base damage on the first punch and Percent (%) damage on the second.
Void Warp
you TP and do damage.can be used on mobile but dosnt really wrok.
percent(%) damage
30 Base damage on the first teleport, Percent (%) damage on the second.
Star Flight
Star Platinum Requiem begins to fly and starts flying up into the air. At the end of the flight, Star Platinum Requiem falls to the ground and crashes on to his enemies.
Medium Strength

35 Base damage on the first flight, Percent (%) damage on the second.

Quick note about the moves: When it says "first attack" or "second attack" and their respective damages it does not refer that a move must be used twice to get the percentage damage, the percentage and base damages switches between attacks, 1 move or 1 lmb will switch the base to percentage, if this is not clear enough, maybe the description of SPR's Passive (Cursed Punches) above could help.

Super Shadow:


Super Shadow (スーパーシャドウ Sūpā Shadō?) is the Super State of Shadow the Hedgehog when he harnesses the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds. Super Shadow made his first appearance in Sonic Adventure 2. This stand got deleted in Nu and most likely never coming back.


Keybind Name Description
Q Super Dash A dash with great speed that lasts for 20 seconds.
E Barrage 10 damage per hit (with a 15 crit. damage). This barrage is infinite as long as the E key is held down.
T Chaos Spears Two shots. Each one does 15. Total of 17 if they both land.
F Chaos Blast! The user Shouts: "Chaos Blast!" and Sends out a shockwave dealing 82 damage to everything near you. (Haves 3 to 4 seconds of start-up.)
Y Weaker Chaos Blast You explode darkness around you. Everything near you takes 35 damage.
V Teleport You teleport where your cursor is.


Shadow + Heart = Chara

Shadow+ Bone = Sans

The Knight:

Information & Appearance

The Knight is an spec, in reference to the protagonist in the highly-appraised game Hollow Knight.

In the game, The Knight is an discarded Vessel. They are the child of the Pale King and the White Lady, born in the Abyss with Void inside their shell. Hornet, another Hollow Knight character, is the Knight's sister through their shared father. Like the rest of their Vessel siblings, the Knight is gender-less. It looks like a small elf, with white horns and black eyes. It also has a white nail on its back.


  • 1st Attainability/Obtainability Way: Finding a Baldur Shell behind the Hollow Knight Memorial Statue, and clicking on it; after clicking on it, a few second's will pass and you'll be teleported into a new server.

Used to be obtainable from sitting on a shrine and clicking on a dark orb, but after that was removed you could obtain it by just clicking on the box at spawn but then it stopped working so now it's unobtainable.


Name Description
Double Jump User can press SPACE in midair to jump again.
Charged Jump User can hold SPACE to jump higher.
Arcade Lives User has five lives instead of a simple HP bar.
Soul Charge User can damage opponents to charge up their Soul meter.

The soul meter can contain 9 "pieces" of soul at once. image

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Slash User slashes with their Nail, knocking the opponent back.

Can be paired with Q or E to slash downwards or upwards.

30 N/A
Q / E Look Up / Look Down User looks up / looks down. N/A N/A
R Vengeful Spirit User shoots a blast of Soul in the direction they're facing, consuming 3 "pieces" Soul. ??? N/A
Z Crystal Heart User charges up a dash. At max charge, the user will fly forwards with a purple fire effect.

While flying forwards, you cannot change direction.

Will stop upon hitting anything, but will also stop if you press Z.

C Dash A normal dash, with a low cooldown. N/A ~0.4 seconds


Some stands cannot hurt the Knight.

There is also a Geo meter in this picture, you can get geo from Primal Aspids that spawn around the map.

You get more Soul from players than dummies.

E+LMB always trips your opponent.

It's also CONFIRMED that this spec will get more moves... hold on tight!

You can completely DISABLE ALL MOMENTUM with C.

The World OVA Over Heaven:


The World OVAH is the stand of Heaven Ascension DIO OVA, the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (OVA).The World OVAH is sometimes called Retro The World: Over Heaven (RTWOH) to the majority of AUT's Player Base. In A Universal Time, RTWOH has revealed its true prospective and gained the power of worthiness to get it's Over Heaven form.

The World Over Heaven + other Non-Canon Stands are extremely powerful stands in some JoJo Universes.

The World (OVAH) is an extremely high-damaging and powerful Stand, but just like its other variants, it mostly specializes in Close-range attacks. With its moves, this Stand can help the user win a lot of duels when used correctly.

How To Obtain

This stand can be obtained when using a Dio's Diary On The World OVA.


Similar to The World's model in appearance and build, The World (OVAH) bears the appearance of a towering, heavily muscular humanoid. It wears a headpiece covering its face to below the place of its nose, slanting at a steep angle from the base of its forehead to a peak situated above the rear of its head by about half its height.

It keeps its heart motif on its belt, but its knees have a large letter D instead of a heart, and its chin now has a circle instead of a heart as well. The World (OVAH's) color scheme consists of an angelic white base with lime accessories. Its eyes are inverted, producing black sclera, white irises, and black pupils.


TWOVAOH Abilities
Keybind Move Description Damage
E + Hold "Muda, Muda, Muda!" The World OVAH goes in front of you, and throws a immense speed rate punches at your foe, dealing crazy damage. N/A
R "MUDA!" The World OVAH performs a heavy punch that deals a lot of damage. N/A
T "This is reality!" The World OVAH starts up a punch, and overwrite's anyone that got hit. N/A
Y Ally Heal The World OVAH heals the person that's infront of you. N/A
B + Y Self Heal You heal yourself. N/A
F "ZA WARUDO! TOKI WO TOMARE!!" The World OVAH stops time, giving you the advantage to attack your enemy. N/A
H Ground Slam The World slowly starts up a heavy punch and slam the ground. N/A
V "How many knives can you deflect?!" You throw a Heavenly Knife which deals a LOT of damage, and gives you the advantage of having a projectile, unlike SP:OH, this has small range, but as always, you can spam this knife in time-stop N/A


  • The Pose Music For TWOVAH is this link.
  • The World OVAH was removed due to the stand having A Bizarre Day Assets + The Model.
  • TWOVAH's HP is 425, the same health as Regular The World.
  • Using DIO's Diary On The World OVA will freeze you (not being able to move), and I recommend telling the developer's about this bug.
  • Heaven Ascension DIO OVA is not canon in any JJBA games or anime.

Traves Got Burger:


As of 10/31/20 this item is currently unobtainable.

This item is a joke item that is a reference to the "Travis Scott Burger" meme. This item was given to all players that logged on at a previous time, and heals on use. Surprisingly, this heals LESS than the Fortnite Burger.

The Traves got burger was an item added from a recent bug patch that travis scott caused. It is identical to the Roblox Cheezburger, adopting its eating sound and holding sound.

It can be used every 5 seconds and regenerates 45 HP of the user's health when eaten. This item can be eaten infinitely thus proving to be a useful item during combat (however, its obtainable variant, the Fortnite Burger, is more preferable as it heals 69HP per consumption.)

despite this being unob, Its Undervalued. and practically nobody wants it. because its useless DONT Fall for it, its not worth much and its litterally worthless

Currently a C-tier Unob

This item is currently out of the game, along with its associate the Fortnite Burger.

True Requiem Arrow:


This item is removed. This item was used in Part 5, Golden Wind by Jean Pierre Polnareff. True Requiem Arrow played Silver Chariot Requiem's theme when it spawned. True Requiem Arrow has an shorter version for itself in the new universe, the "Requiem Arrow". This new arrow can only evolve Gold Experience into Gold Experience Requiem


Used to spawn 30 minutes with a 1/35 chance. (2.85714%)



  • The True Requiem Arrow looked just like an Arrow, but if you looked closer there would be a glowing red gem at the arrowhead.
  • This is a deleted item in the New Universe.

Ultimate Life Form:


Ultimate Life Form is the being that Kars became by secretly putting the Red Stone Of Aja onto a Vampire Mask, putting it on his face, and becoming the Ultimate Life Form. He was featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 2: Battle Tendency as the main antagonist.

Ultimate Life Form was a very strong spec that's featured in A Universal Time.

How to obtain

Use a Stone mask on Kars.

Note: Most people name this specialty Kars ULF (as it shows In menu stats) instead of Ultimate Life Form Kars. It is currently B-Tier.

Type of ability Name Desc
Passive A Regeneration The player's body is superior to all living life and has acquired the ability to repair itself.
Passive B Peak condition Due to the player's perfect genetics, the player has enhanced leaping, running and dashing.
ULF Kars was nerfed heavily. Barrage/Punch is 2x weaker and all other moves have been nerfed by ~5 damage but we may have to say goodbye to most mobile Kars user.
Ability Desc Dmg
Q Boost Ultimate Life Form boosts itself, gaining 2x damage for a medium duration of time. If Y is pressed during this boost, it gains a further boost with its bone blades
Hold E Brilliant Ultimate Bone Blade The player does a very fast rush dealing AMAZING damage whilst healing themselfs. 6/12



R Ultimate Life Form Punch The player does an extremely fast punch that deals incredible damage with loads of knock back. 106/212



T Blood Suck The player grabs an opponent with both hands and drain their blood,healing the user. 51/102



H Slam? Maybe an unfinished move, as there is no animation, or start up for this move. 131/262



F Spinning Attack The player spins into their opponents,cutting them and throwing them away. This deals good damage. 151/302



C Flight ULF uses its wings to fly
Z Jump Jump a large distance
V Dash Dashes forward


  • F + T, grants high damage and it heals.
  • F + H
  • F + H + R + T (Basically mash the keyboard).

Pros and Cons


  • EXTREMELY high speed.
  • Although after the nerf, it can deal some good damage.
  • T can heal a lot of health.
  • H is an invisible move.
  • Can jump high.


  • Can have a disadvantage against Time Stop stands.
  • Lacks ranged moves (Speed makes up for that).

Universe Orb:


This item spawns every hour with a 1/3 chance of spawning. When spawning, it does not play any music.


Universe Orb resembles as an orb which has a galaxy textured shield from the outside and in the inside, there’s a Galaxy textured orb inside of it and a black forcefield surrounding the inside.


  • Star Platinum: OVA :Over Heaven + Universe Orb = Galaxy Annihilator


  • The name of this orb, 'Universe Orb', is based on DC's Universe Orb.
  • Star Platinum OVA Over Heaven and Galaxy Annihilator have been deleted since NU.


How to Obtain

Obtained by using Vampire Mask on Standless.


A Vampire (吸血鬼 Kyūketsuki) is an undead creature featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Many vampires serve as antagonists in the first three parts.

Vampires were created by the Pillar Men with acupuncture techniques that they developed through the use of the Stone Mask. The purpose of the vampires were to become food for the Pillar Men and to explore human potential. This would then lead the Pillar Men to discover the Red Stone of Aja, which can be combined with the Stone Mask to make them perfect, granting them immunity to sunlight and allowing them to rewrite their DNA.

Vampires can be created in two ways. One way is to wear the Stone Mask while exposing it to blood. The other way is for a vampire to give a corpse some of their own blood. According to the dynamics of the arts of the Ripple and Will Anthonio Zeppeli, all living beings on Earth bear energy from the sun, but vampires are considered beings whose natural "flow" of energy has been reversed and perverted. As such, the Ripple was created to fight off vampires, and its process allows users to return this "flow" back to normal and revive the souls of vampires for a last moment before their death.


Keybind Name Description
E Vampiric Barrage The player throws consecutives punches at the enemy.
R Superhuman Punch The player strikes the target with an superior punch.
T Space Ripper Stingy Eyes The player shoots two eyebeams at the target dealing 20 damage.
F Vaporization Freezing Technique The player launches themselves forward, using their arms to pierce the target, freezing the opponent in place, holding them up in the air and then shattering the frozen enemy. (note when you die you are in a death loop for a while do not die as vampire it breaks you die when you spawn in very fast and rapidly with instant respawn for at least a minute)
V Dash Basically just C but longer.


  • This Spec is very likely to get a rework.
  • If you hit someone with vampires LMB, it will automatically kick you from the game, due to a bug.
  • All moves except LMB do no damage. (another bug)


Standless + Vampire Mask = Vampire

Vampire + Vampire Mask = Kars

Kars + Aja mask = Ultimate Life Form Kars

Valentine's Flag:


Valentine used this as a dimension teleporter and the basis for most of his moves, this Flag is an American Flag with 12 stars.


It was used in the past on standless to get D4C / Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (with a 1/7 chance of actually getting it), Kur is going to make a rework for it. You could also use Valentine's Flag on The World to get The World High Voltage.

Spawn Rate

1 hour with a 1/7 chance. (UNOBTAINABLE.)

Stone Mask:


Vampire Mask (Also known as Stone Mask) is an item used to get Vampire/Kars, or to upgrade The World.

Unobtainable: From Old AUT

Spawn rate

Spawns every 30 minutes 1/2 chance.

How to Obtain

  • Have it spawn
  • Buy it from the shop for 100k
  • Drops from Dio Brando


  • Use on Standless to get Vampire
  • Use on Vampire to get Kars
  • Use on The World to get Vampiric The World

Vampiric The World:


This stand was removed in the NU update. Vampiric The World was a partially-canon stand featured in the Anime and part, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 3: Stardust Crusaders. It was the Vampiric Evolution of The World. DIO is the main antagonist of JJBA Stardust Crusaders and the user of this stand. DIO gained his Vampiric Abilities and Vampiric The World by taking all of Joseph Joestars blood, turning Joseph's Body into a empty shell. The World(ザ・ワールド(世界) Za Wārudo) is the Stand of DIO, featured in Stardust Crusaders. Vampiric The World could turn into Shadow The World (Shadow DIO) by finding and using a Camera on The World. Japanese Name: 'ヴァンパイアザワールド Romanized Name: Vu~anpaiazawārudo


This stand is removed from the game. Vampiric The World was a humanoid stand and Vampiric Evolution of The World. it was obtained by using a Vampire Mask on The World. In the anime it was obtained by DIO using Joseph Joestar's blood.


VTW's Appearance was: Yellow Skin (Like The World: AU/HV), Red Eyes, Yellow Abs, Yellow Lower Crown Of Egypt, 2 Gaunlets, 2 Oxygen Tanks on his backs along with a strap, Shoulder Pads, a belt, Knee Pads and a lot more accessories. It was still similar to The World in a lot of ways. Mostly different colored gear on the stand.


Passive (IN ORDER) Passive Name Description
Passive 1 (A) Vampiric Regeneration Since this stand is Vampiric, you have the ability to gain back 2 health, at immense speed.


Keybind Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB/M1 LMB Combo Vampiric The World throws a few punches at the enemy.
E "Muda, Muda, Muda, MUDA!" Vampiric The World instantly goes in front of you, and throws a Consecutive Barrage at immense speed. 10!


3 Seconds
R "MUDA!" Vampiric The World aggressively throws a strong punch towards the enemy. 50!


7.5 Seconds
T "How many knives can you deflect, Jotaro?!" The user brings out a knife, and throws it towards the person nearby, dealing 15 Damage. 15! 1 Second
F "ZA WARUDO! TOKI WO TOMARE!" Vampiric The World and it's user do a pose, and stop time for a few seconds, giving you and your stand the advantage to attack anyone. None 30 Seconds
Y "It suits me! It really suits me!" The user performs a punch, and whoever gets hit will get some of their health and blood taken away. 27 10 Seconds
V Space Ripper Stingy Eyes The user shoots out lasers that deal a moderate amount of damage. 20 + 20!
5 Seconds




If this were a game of chess between us, this would easily class as checkmate.


I'll show you the true power of Stand!


Vampiric The World + Camera = Shadow DIO.

Vampiric The World + Cosmic Orb = Cosmical Dio*.

*These can be obtained by different methods or can't be obtained anymore, as this stand is removed.


  • Vampiric The World is called VTW for short.
  • Vampiric The World has 435 HP.
  • It has 2 types of barrages. Kick Barrage and Regular Fist Barrage.
  • VTW was first shown when DIO took all of Joseph's Blood.
  • Instead of Hazel in it's eyes, VTW's Eye Color is all red.
  • For unknown reason's or a bug, Vampiric The World has no mouth.
  • Most of VTW's Quote's came from Eye's Of Heaven and The Anime.

Wonder Of U:


Wonder of U is Tooru's stand from part 8 of JoJo's Bizzare Adventure (JoJolion). This stand was named after the song of the same name: The Wonder of You by Elvis Presley. Wonder Of U is an canon B Tier stand, and takes the appearance of Satoru Akefu without its mask.

The Manga Debut Of The Stand Is: JOJOLION Chapter 84.

Wonder Of U IN Japanese: ワンダー・オブ・U (ユー)

romanized Name: Wando Obu Yū


In its 'human' form, it takes the form of Satoru Akefu, the Head Doctor of the TG University Hospital. Its true form is robotic in appearance. Its head resembles a desk microphone and it has two sun-shaped 'eyes'. It seems to have no legs in its true form, and in their place is a long, pole-shaped lower body with a flat base. The base has two large wheels attached to it like a Segway. It also has a wooden cane which is not fixed to it's right hand and it can be used for defense or offense but has fragile durability and seems to not be apart of the stand itself.

The way it looks differs depending on the one who sees it. To regular people, it appears to be Satoru Akefu, but to those who have acknowledged the power of "Calamity", such as Josuke or Yasuho, it appears in the form of a stand. This does not affect the power of "Calamity".

How to Obtain (Attainability)

In New Universe, there’s no way on how to get Wonder Of U yet. (It was replaced by D4C, but it’ll come back some time.)

Moveset And Passive's

Passive's Table
Passive Passive Name Description
Passive A Calamity Enemies that attempt to 'directly' attack or pursue Wonder of U will be marked with an icon over their head indicating that the 'calamity' will attack them, upon collision with anything the enemy will take (16.5) additional damage along with whatever they hit such as a player's body If the collision was made to an object on the ground the victim will only take (5) damage with a tripping effect adding up for (3) seconds.
Passive B <nowiki>'Something' will knock into us!" Upon being marked by Passive A, various objects such as a lit cigarette or a knife will start 'attacking' you by flying towards you at random though they do not have a homing capability and can be dodged, these objects do (5.5) damage upon collision regardless of your defenses though this passive only trigger if you're (25) studs close to Wonder Of U If Wonder Of U were to attack the enemy before they did then this Passive will be disabled on them.

Moveset Table
Key Move Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
"It's an automatic tracking attack stand! You deploy Wonder of U in its Hybrid Form, letting it loose to aimlessly walk throughout the map while avoiding enemies and open spaces, allowing you to effectively extend the range of your passive and allowing you to cooperate with your stand by laying various traps and illusionary attacks, by tapping 'V' you may switch the control between the stand and yourself respectively. If you attack Wonder of U in this stage, a few voicelines will appear in the chat. None None
Cursor + F
"Just now... There was definitely something behind me." Wonder of U appears behind the opponent's shoulder and lightly taps them on said shoulder, locking them in place for the duration of the move and causing them to be affected by Passive A. None N/A
Key Move Move Name Description Mode Cooldown Damage Duration
E + Hold
"Did you just... attack me?" Wonder of U uses its cane as a weapon and delivers a flurry attack of slams forward dealing (7) damage each hit at a moderately fast pace and allowing you to protect yourself against projectiles at a certain degree. Hybrid Mode: On N/A 7 (REGULAR)


3 or 4.5 Second's
"So you want me to 'approach' you?" Wonder of U lifts its foot up before delivering a sloppy kick forward dealing (27) damage and knocking the enemy a good distance away, while performing this attack you are temporarily protected by a Super Armor effect.

[T: Dododo De Dadada]-

A rock insect that resembles a crane, does high damage, stuns and even blinds the opponent. Almost unescapable unless someone else gets caught within it's range

[Y Rain]-

Wonder of U will turn into the Head Doctor state for a while and shake violently. Afterwards, acid rain drops will rain heavily within a 25 stud radius of the stand. Inflicts a lot of damage over time however it only affects those who were tagged by Passive A. This is a very powerful move once your opponent has the Calamity effect

[F Car]-

An car will spawn and run into the person you pointed with your cursor. It also sends the person flying.


Switch between Head Doctor and WoU form

[V Swap]- Swap between user control or stand control, simple as that.


Sneak Peeks


  • The Stand User is Tooru, an antagonist of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Part 8: JoJoLion, an Canon JoJo Part in the JJBA Universe.
  • The quotes for this stand have no audio, because the Voice Actor for Tooru and Wonder Of U has not yet been found, they are also not in JJBA: Eyes Of Heaven.
  • When you have your mask off, instead of your name being "Wonder Of U" In chat, it'll become "Head Doctor".
  • The Pose Music For WOU is this.
  • In Head Doctor form, you can't switch back from stand control to user control (From Hybrid Mode On to Hybrid Mode Off). Thus if you want to recontrol the user, you need to change to the Wonder of U form.
  • People say that this stand is OP, however it's not really that OP. Sure, it can't be hit normally however it doesn't have a lot of high damage moves when there is no calamity passive on the person.
  • Has no stand cry.
  • There is a chance where when a random player attack Wonder of U, the WoU will sometimes say: "Did you just.... Attack me?"
  • Just like Duality Pot Platinum (DPP), Wonder Of U has 2 different poses.
  • It's not confirmed yet that Wonder Of U will receive an GUI Rework.
  • Wonder Of U is the second pilot stand featured in AUT, the first being Whitesnake, the stand of the main antagonist featured in Stone Ocean, Enrico Pucci.
  • The mask off form is similar to King Crimson’s disguise, besides the King Crimson disguise shows your name in chat.

Xeno: Tournament Edition


King Crimson Alternate Universe (TE) was the buffed version of King Crimson: Alternate Universe, with voice lines from Amakusa Shirou. a character from Fate: Grand Order. 

-A while ago the only way to get was from discord giveaways now changed to using universe orb on king crimson-



You deal 50% more damage and deal True Damage to people who are under 50% HP.


Keybind Name Description
E Timed Chop Chop the enemy, doing massive base damage and at least 20 DMG per bleed.
R Triple Chop Chop the enemy three times, doing over 70 DMG.
T Epitaph Stop moving for a few moments, if you get hit then you will counter-attack the enemy doing over 150 DMG.
Y Stomach Thrust Grab an enemy with force, dealing 30 damage, then immediately throw them away, doing over 100 DMG.
H Death blow A kick that does 300 damage. Overpowered.
F Time Erase You go invisible for a short amount of time with but when you attack someone TE will be over.

Zenith Arrow:


The item looks like a divine black arrow with triangle guts on the head of the arrow, a blue line shows in the middle of the arrow.

This item will spawn every 1 hour : 1/12 chance - (used to but since zenith is getting a rework it's actually non-obtainable from natural spawn and only obtained from stacks for now)


Nuclear Star + Zenith Arrow = Zenith

Using a Zenith Arrow on Nuclear Star will enhance its true potential and create Zenith


  • Obtained Via Stacks
  • This is used to create ZENITH

Zombie (Event):


The Zombie Quest begins automatically every 10 minutes. When the quest begins, 1-3 Zombies spawn inside the Colosseum at the beach. If you reach 300 Zombie kills, an unknown item will be given. 300/2 Zombies = 150 Quest initiations = 1,500 minutes of work assuming 2 zombies spawn every time. Zombies are speculated to have 1,300-1,500 HP, and the event is discontinued.

Quest commands

!getkills: shows how many kills you have. !exchange: if you reach 100 kills you can convert it into a Fragment Of The Universe, and when you get 3 Fragments and type !exchange you will receive a random rare item (Bone, DB, Heart, Cursed Orb).

Dio Brando (Boss):


Dio Brando (ディオ・ブランドー Dio Burandō) is an old boss added 3 months (June - September) after A Universal Time came out. He was the second boss added to the game, the first being DIO. Dio Brando was added on September 25, 2020.

Dio Brando has a total of 6,000 base health but gets 1,000+ HP for each player in the server.


Dio Brando spawns every 20 minutes, but this can be delayed by a few seconds by a time stop.


  • Using DTW (DIO's The World) is extremely useful, since it does 90-3000 damage.
  • Coffin Boi can work as well as it also does % damage.
  • Stay away from Dio Brando, as him activating Barrage can result in death.
  • Sans could help as well as the Grab attack can pin him down while others can snipe him.
  • Chariot Requiem can solo Dio Brando by constantly switching between it's Drill and Arrow Barrage.
  • Make sure that he is constantly attacked. Leaving a few seconds to him alone can get him to regenerate most of his health back.
  • Futuristic Shadow The World can solo Dio Brando by spamming TS knives, J and knives again, outside of ts you have to constantly use knives and get away but using the Stand ON R works well for keeping Dio Brando away from you.
  • Kars ULF can solo Dio Brando by using it's barrage and spin constantly while also spamming the damage boost. (can use Bloodsuck to heal quickly but has to instantly fly away (C) to not get damaged back by Dio Brando)
  • Gaster's Awakening Crush move got removed but you an still use anxiety blaster which deals ♾️ damage
  • Meme Hierophant / Cranberry Hierophant Can Kill Dio by spamming V + F Once it's cooldown is done.
  • Shadow Weaboo, Shadow The World, and Shadow Legs and Futuristic Shadow The World , can easily win by spamming LMB
  • Gold Experience Requiem can also solo him with using barrage 3 times
  • Using Crystallized is very suggested. Because of the Crystal Freeze move. Doing it nearby him, and then breaking it will deal a good chunk of damage.
  • You can also beat him with sticky fingers using barrage 4 times and constantly using B+Y to get away.
  • Christmas Star Platinum Requiem occasionally does %damage and can take this boss out with ease.
  • Tusk Act 4 can also kill Dio Brando fairly easily if you use your barrage and dodge his barrage
  • DAWN can easily kill him similar to how DTW does it, as enchanting then using the abilities shreds through its health.


Dio Brando spawns at the House near the Colosseum and Akira Shop


Dio Brando does a fast barrage, dealing 35 damage.


Dio Brando throws a punch. This move deals 25 damage, has extended range, and affects all players in a small area around Dio Brando. (Might be a glitch.)

(Passive) Regenerate

After at least 5 seconds of not being attacked, Dio Brando starts regenerating.


  • Vampire Mask - 20-50 %
  • BankNote - 100% (1-10 BankNote)
  • Aja Mask - 20-40 %
  • Camera - 15-20%
  • Water - 60-70%




Zenith (天頂 Tenchō) is a Alu Stand obtained from using ZENITH Arrow on Nuclear Star, It is not a close-ranged stand, it's an Ranged Stand. It is not a humanoid stand.

One day, a person had found an arrow, but it was not a normal arrow but it was blue and when he grabbed it the person became a "Blue Zenith" and anyone who uses the arrow will have Zenith at will. ( Dark blue color)

Tier: A Tier

Circa 9/03/2020, Zenith has received a damage and functionality buff, making it unprecedented (really good) in PVP.


How To Obtain

Zenith is a stand that can be obtained by using a Zenith Arrow on Nuclear Star.

Full Craft

Whitesnake + DIO's Diary = C-Moon.
C-Moon + DIO's Diary = Made in Heaven
Made in Heaven + Star Gem = Nuclear Star

Moveset + Passives

Zenith Passives
Passive In Order Passive Name Description
Passive A (1) Unstoppable Arrows Zenith's arrows can be shot at any time and no matter what happens on the way.

Time Stop/Dead/Getting Blood Sucked, Etc.

Passive B (2) Health Regeneration The user heals any lost health at a decent speed.
Passive C (3) (Removed) Color Changes Whenever you die, the color of Zenith will change. (Removed)

Key Move Name Description Damage
LMB Dual Requiem Blast Zenith blasts forwards two arrows that home in on the nearest person, but not always. 6 per arrow (nerfed)
R Zenith Arrow Rain Zenith summons a shower of requiem arrows that home in on the nearest person, but not always. 6 per arrow (nerfed)
F Ultimate Requiem Crash Zenith makes a giant arrow appear above him, and drops it, dealing damage to anyone around the Ultimate Requiem. It deals ¬200 damage, this move used to one shot anything. Around 100 (nerfed)
Z Flight Of The Zenith Zenith flaps its wings and flies wherever the user's camera is pointed to. Very spammable needs to not be in first person and needs if you use shift lock it doesn't work that well (you can activate again when you hit the ground there is a hidden bar that disappears while flying only refills when you hit the ground and you can spam click and z to attack from the air) None
G Zenith Ride The user rides Zenith, however the only move you can use while this is active is Zenith Flight. None

Zenith Arrow Model

Extra Zenith Images=

Zenith Colors=


  • DELTA is a upcoming stand that will be a evolution of PLANET // SHAPER.
  • Zenith use to have a trail, but then it got removed.
  • Sometimes, you can move in stopped time when you respawn during time stop.
  • When the user dies or resets, the stand changes color randomly. (NOW REMOVED)
  • Flying up from tall points on the map allows you to get to space with Zenith.
  • Zenith can use basic arrow attack to drain lots of Sans stamina.
  • Using the Ultimate Requiem attack completely drains all of Sans's stamina.
  • If you use G during the flight, you will have a new flight animation.
  • People say Zenith is slightly unobtainable because the item used to get Zenith, 'Zenith Arrow', doesn't spawn on ground and is only obtained by using stacks.
  • Kur stated in the New Universe Zenith is getting replaced by a suit stand, but Zenith is never coming back.

Mastered Ultra Instinct:


MUI (Mastered Ultra Instinct) was a spec in A Universal Time. It was deleted after the NEW UNIVERSE update. Now you can transform into this by getting the Goku spec and pressing the “9” Key when you’re low health (135 HP, or lower).


It was formerly obtainable by using Dragon Ball on Hamon.


M.U.I + Universe Orb = DripGoku

Move Description Key Bind Cooldown
Passive A - Ultra Instinct A 1/3 counter, pushing your enemies far away and dealing damage as well. You are able to move in time stop somehow *Not Confirmed* N/A N/A
Passive B - True Ultra Instinct If Ultra Instinct activates while Awaken is active the counter will be replaced by Instant Punch. It has the same chance to occur, it being 1/3. N/A N/A
Awaken Goku gains a boost in speed and deals true damage. He also gets an aura around him, gives him infinite flight (as long as Awaken is still on), flies faster, and heals 300 hp. This move also activates Passive B. Q 120 seconds
Slam You jump in the air and make a huge explosion where your mouse cursor is pointing at. Deals 40 damage. E + Cursor 8 seconds

(5.25 with awakening)

Instant Punch Goku teleports few studs ahead, dealing heavy damage (about 100) to anyone in his path. R 12 seconds (8 with awakening)
Genki Dama

(Spirit Bomb)

Goku prepares a Spirit Bomb and throws it. Has a long windup during which you are vulnerable to all attacks. This move does 100 damage. T 60 seconds
Kamehameha combo Goku lands a kick and knockbacks his opponent and he quickly charges a kamehameha attack afterwards towards the enemy. The kick does 37 damage and the beam does an additional 100 damage. Sometimes the beam or the kick doesn't hit the target. F + Cursor 10 seconds

(6 with awakening)

Instant Transmission! Goku "teleports" at extremely high speed to anywhere within 40-50 studs. V 6 seconds
Pose This is a pose where you float and plays Dragon Ball Super - Ultimate Battle. G None
Fly Goku flies for 15 seconds. (Immune to Time Stop. Infinite/Much Longer in awakening) Z 45 seconds



  • This spec at one point was the most powerful in game.
  • MUI was capable of instantly killing Sans users, though this was soon nerfed.



DELTA is a canceled stand, unlike normal stands, DELTA is a support stand, only the user of the "stand" being able to attack people, yet it wields extraordinary abilities, the stand is based off of the Camellia Song: For The Delta, belonging to the Camellia stand side of A Universal Time.

DELTA's original release date was planned for New Years, then got delayed to February 20 2021, then once again it was delayed due to the New Universe Update. Slightly before the New Universe released, Alu retired, this means the stand is very unlikely to be released at all.

DELTA's main use of support is altering time, yet can seemingly warp the map and scream loud enough to blow people away. Other abilities it may have are unknown, yet there is a picture in the gallery showing a move that is unnamed yet. The game is currently being updated as of 3/26/2021 And may probably come out 2 months from this date but there is no public release date (there is a release date though.


Delta has been canceled due to the character belonging to alu, a special developer (co owner of AUT) who quit A Universal Time.


DELTA is a 3-Part Triangular stand, its head and hands being equilateral triangles with circular and triangular moving parts inside of them, fusing a sort of Triforce/Orbital design. Its fingers resembling odd diamonds. It's color scheme is Neon Green/Dark Gray and it can reassemble its parts at will, its pose being able to turn itself into a nice looking gamer chair. It can produce flashing lights at will and a sound bar.

Abilities & Passives

Passives For DELTA
Passive Passive Name Description
Passive A (1) Sanity DELTA Has a Sanity System. The Max Sanity is 100, Using Moves will decrease the Sanity, depends on how powerful the move may be. Held Keys are cancelled at 35% of Sanity.

Losing Sanity: Everytime a player dies. (RESETTING DOESN'T COUNT.) and Using Moves.

Gaining Sanity: Regenerates overtime.

Passive B (2) N/A N/A
Passive C (3) N/A N/A
DELTA's Abilities
Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
N/A Universal Shockwave N/A N/A N/A
N/A Quick Travel N/A N/A N/A
N/A Time Rewind ( is like KC) N/A N/A N/A
G Pose N/A N/A N/A
N/A World Shatter N/A N/A N/A



  • DELTA has a Sanity System: Every time you use a move, or a player dies (not resets) you lose Sanity.
  • This is Delta's Pose Music: FOR THE DELTA.
  • DELTA's Triangles on each of it's hands will rotate while you are posing.
  • The stand is not capable of hurting people, only the user is.
  • Its main use was to make the opponent confused whilst fighting.
  • AdamMilsy's announcement in Future Updates channel of AUT Discord: "Since Alu is no longer working at AUT, it’s unlikely Delta will be coming. It was her OC, and myself nor the other devs want to ruin her vision for it." Meaning that DELTA has been cancelled

Nuclear Star:


Nuclear Star is a non-canon close-ranged stand based on a Dubstep song of the same, "NUCLEAR-STAR" made by Camellia. The stand is non-canon meaning it does not come or associate with the JoJo Universe. The stand is fast and has more control over its power, unlike its counterpart Crystallized. Both of their skill sets are identical but their special moves are different. In the tier lists, Nuclear Star is D tier in rarity and B Tier In PVP. (Old Rarity is A tier)

The stand is mostly blue, with small dark-blue lines around it's entire body in a circuit like pattern. It has a face that is a cross with an open circle around it, and it's hands are legs are replaced with circles that have a constant nuclear fission occurring in them, as if they were boosters.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

Nuclear Star is obtained by using arrows that you can obtain from Meteors.

Old Universe Obtainment Method

Standless + Arrow = White Snake (Not guaranteed)
White Snake + DIO's Diary = C-Moon
C-Moon + DIO's Diary = Made in Heaven
Made in Heaven + Star Gem = Nuclear Star


Keybind Move Name Description Damage
NStar M1s.gif
Stellar Punch The user punches the enemy. 8
NStar Barrage.gif
Stellar Barrage Nuclear Star goes ahead of it’s user and throws out multiple punches at the opponent. 28
NStar Heavy Punch.gif
Nuclear Fission Punch Nuclear Star throws a strong punch knocking back the enemy. 25
NStar Rise.gif
Stellar Eruptions Nuclear Star slams the ground, causing a stellar eruption to push forward and damage enemies in the way. 5 - 15
NStar Dash 2.gif
NStar Dash.gif
Stellar Dash Nuclear Star dashes at a amazing high speed with the user, causing a stellar explosion that damages enemies nearby. 10 - 50
NStar Jump.gif
Atomic Leap Nuclear Star creates a massive explosion underneath itself, launching the user into the air and damaging nearby enemies. 50 Damage



  • Nuclear Star + Zenith Arrow = Zenith (Deleted)


  • The pose music is based on the song of the same name, "NUCLEAR-STAR" made by Camellia.
  • This stand is non-canon and is close-ranged.
  • The main ability of this stand is to rewind time 4 seconds back/ago.
  • Nuclear Star has no passives.
  • Nuclear Star is called NS for short.
  • Nuclear Star almost has the same moveset as Crystallized.



Crystallized is a stand based off of "Camellia" and used by Alu, the former co-owner/Universe Ruler who has stepped down from their role and retired. This is the reason why it’s next evolution for PLANET // SHAPER, has been cancelled. It is a C Tier stand. The stand may look simple, and weak, but it’s actually a great damage dealing stand for quests that have a part where you need to deal damage. It doesn’t have that much moves, but it can escape attacks very easily.


Crystallized’s model features a diagonal light purple stripe pattern on a darker purple body. Small chunks of crystal protrudes out of it's head. Their face features a glowing orange circle with a X. Similar to the face their hands feature a neon orange X as well.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

New Obtainment Method

Crystallized is obtained by using a Stand Arrow on Standless.

Old Universe Obtainment Method

Crystallized is obtained by finding, and using a Crystal Gem on Made in Heaven.


Keybind Name Description Damage Cooldown
M1/LMB/Click Light Punch The user uses his/her/their first, wreathed in crystal, to do a quick left and right hook. Does 10 Damage per punch. 10 Damage 0.1 seconds
E + Hold Crystallized Barrage Crystallized does a short burst of swift and heavy strikes. Does 12 Damage per hit and a maximum of 144 Damage in total. Note that each hit has high knockback. 12 Damage

144 Damage in total

around 4-6 seconds
R Crystallized Heavy Punch Crystallized performs a single heavy blow at the enemy. Does 35 Damage. 35 Damage around 4-6 seconds
F Crystallize The user creates a large row of crystals that deals damage to anybody who runs into it while it's active.
V Crystal Dash The user slides around on the floor along with Crystallized, summoning Purple Crystals. This does 2 damage and lasts for 2 Second's. 2 15 Second's
B Stand Jump The user jumps up creating crystals in from their location, dealing area damage.


Pros And Cons


  • [F] move is strong when it hits a player.
  • Excellent short range option.
  • [B + V] can make a very good mobility combo.
  • This thing is currently VERY strong, the moves completely ignore stun, and you can out-damage most barrages by using m1s in stun.


  • Very limited moveset / lacks moves.
  • Its evolution Planet//Shaper takes a somewhat long time to get
  • LMB punches do not stun the enemy.


  • This has got a little rework in the NU update.
  • Crystallized is known to be one of the best (or probably the best) damage farming abilities for quests.