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Hello new player! I hope you liked your first experience of playing A Universal Time! If you haven't, click here to play.


This guide is meant to be for beginners but it could have some use for people who have played the game for a while and are confused at one point.

So first, we'll be going over in game mechanics. The keys that are most important here are Z, X, C, and M. Z is the Sprinting button, X is the blocking button, C is the Dashing button, and M is the Menu. The Menu is a very important function since it has a few options that will be very helpful. There are only 2 that are important, however. The first is the most important one of them all, The Item Bank. An Item bank is used to store items. If you were to leave the game, all of the items in your inventory disappear. This is why the Item Bank exists. If you store your items in the bank, they won't disappear upon leaving.

Lastly, we have The Settings. This is where you will find all of the important things like enabling/disabling low GFX Mode. All of these button have a important role to play. If you go back to the menu, you can see some coins and a number at the bottom right of the screen. They are pretty hard to miss since they're so large. They're called UCoins. UCoins are an in-game currency the player can Obtain. There are 2 uses for UCoins. One is to buy arrows and bones from the shop NPC. The Shop NPC is inside a building next to the field. The other is for quests. The Gojo Satoru Quest requires 100k UCoins to unlock. There are 2 ways to get UCoins. The best way is to collect chests that gives 2k UCoins every chest with a guaranteed chance. The second way is to play 1v1s, but those aren't important.

Now, we have Bosses. The only Boss in-game that you can defeat currently is DIO. DIO Spawns in the Forest in-front of a fallen log. He spawns after 35 minutes have passed in the server. You can check the time by going into the menu and looking at the Bottom Left Corner. DIO is a self-learning AI, meaning that every time he's killed or he kills the player, he learns from the battle and makes counters against the player next time they fight him.

The way to get abilities in this game (also known as Stands/Specs) is by interacting with Meteors. Meteors give you an arrow when you open/interact with it. They have a 100% chance of giving you an Arrow. You can also buy Stand Arrows from the Shop NPC, as said in a previous paragraph. Once you have got an arrow left click it in your hand. Once you left click with the Arrow in-hand, an small animation will play and you will gain a "Stand". A Stand is a Person's Life Force manifested into a humanoid that stands beside the user. In the Anime and Manga, Only Stand Users can see other stand users. The Stands you can get from arrows are Gold Experience, King Crimson, WhiteSnake, Shadow DIO, Star Platinum, Crystallized, Nuclear Star, and Killer Queen. All stands have a 30% chance to get from an arrow.

If you dislike the stand that you have equipped, you can talk to an NPC named Pucci and he will take your stand away.

A type of arrow called a Requiem Arrow exists in the game. The Requiem Arrow currently only works with one stand, Gold Experience. If Gold Experience is pierced with the Requiem Arrow, you obtain Gold Experience Requiem, an evolved version of Gold Experience. Multiple Stands have Evolutions you can obtain by completing quests from NPCs or by using an item.

The link below is a Google Document that has all names and links for all Stands/Specs.