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Note: This page is meant for those who don't know how to use emote wheel or don't use one.


The Emote Wheel is a reference to the popular FPS And 3rd person shooter, Fortnite. If you want to look at the emote's information, go down. To activate Emote Wheel In-game, press "." on your keyboard. (Note: If you are on mobile, press [add more info here].)


Emote Name Reference/Originality
FNF Friday Night Funkin'
Smug Dance A Hat In Time
Default Dance Fortnite
Infestation Calamity Terraria Mod
Caramelldansen ???
Torture Dance JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

Torture Dance

The Torture Dance Emote is a popular meme made from the anime, "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure". It exists in A Universal Time to make it more meme-ish and more JoJo Referencing.

For it's actual originality, click this link: https://youtu.be/AQx_KMoCgJU

Smug Dancing

The Smug Dance Emote is another popular (probably dead) meme from the game, "A Hat In Time". It's another emote In A Universal Time to make AUT more meme-ish.

Originality: https://youtu.be/8kM8qaNuE_U


The FNF Dance Emote is a reference to the growing game Friday Night Funkin'. Just a bit of rhythm games reference in AUT to make it more Meme-ish

Soundtrack's: Dad Battle, M.I.L.F, South, and Blammed.


The Infestation dance is a reference to the Calamity Terraria mod. The user will clap along with the beat. The song ends a lot more earlier then the actual song,


CarmellDancing used with players.

This emote is one of the most popular used through out a daily basis in A Universal Time.

The emote is just the user swinging their arms left and right, while playing some music in the background.