The Admin Arrow is a type of Stand Arrow that only certain users (Staff, Admins, and Youtubers) have access to. Can be used on Human to obtain an exclusive admin stand.


Admin Arrows Can only be obtained if you are a YouTuber, admin, or a friend to the devs. Trading Admin Stands will result in a ban unless you have permission from the game's owner.

List of Admin Stands


  • Trading these stands without permission from the game owner will result in a ban.
  • These stands are trade locked.
  • The only way to get them are from admin arrows from a staff member. You can also get them by being a youtuber with 100K+ subscribers that plays A.U.T.
  • There are currently 20 stands that u can be obtained from the arrow. 5 of the stands havent recived a page, due they havent been seen in game. (I think)
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