The Admin Box is a black see-through box that kills you if you touch the top.

Inside the box is all stands/specs and effects they are/were working on, be it Tusk Act 4 models, GER's healing affect, PLANET // SHAPER's eye piece, Slow Dancer, other unknown items and stands, ect.

The only way to find this is to use PLANET // SHAPER and abuse its gravity infinite jump (Computer only) and go over to the box, now the only way to look inside it in the closest possible way is to stand on floating models sitting in the air outside the box, and those are usually pretty far away.

Though the items appear to not be effected by any gravity changing effects (as in using P//S H right on top of the box) the items in the box appear to lack gravity, so I believe that place is a 0 gravity zone immune to outside effects.

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