A Bizarre Shop is a place located in the Egypt part of the map

The Items that sell there are as follows


Arrow - 1k

The Arrow can be used to gain a stand ability, the current stand are as follows.

Star Platinum


Hierophant Green

The World (Stand is currently broken/disabled, although you can't see it you can still use it's abilities)

Star Platinum: The World (Temporarily Disabled and Unobtainable for rework purposes)

Crazy Diamond

Golden Experience

Sticky Fingers

King Crimson


this can also be sold for $300

NIL (used to be Rokakaka that would sell for 500)

The now removed Rokakaka Fruit used to be used as a way to remove your current Stand/Spec but it was eventually removed and replaced with a Pucci NPC that works similar to the Rokakaka just an npc

This used to be able to be sold for $300

Requiem Arrow - 500k

The Requiem arrow is used on Golden Experience to obtain Golden Experience Requiem with a 1/10 chance (The Requiem arrow also used to be used on The World to get TWR/The World Requiem and King Crimson to get KCR/King Crimson Requiem, it also used to be used on something called Cranberry Experience to get Cranberry Golden Experience but was removed)

Can also be sold at the Black Market for $105,000

Gift of The Gods - 1m

Gift of The Gods is an item that when used on Standless to obtain Purple Guy with a 9/10 chance and The Snatcher with a 1/10 chance

Can also be sold at the Black Market for $150,000

DIO's Diary - 1m

DIO's Diary can be used on many things, here is a list of them:

The World + DIO's Diary = The World Over Heaven

Star Platinum + DIO's Diary = Star Platinum Over Heaven (Temporarily Unobtainable as of now)

The World OVA + DIO's Diary = The World OVA Heaven (Temporarily Unobtainable as of now)

Star Platinum OVA + DIO's Diary = Star Platinum OVA Heaven

Golden Experience Requiem + DIO's Diary = Gold Experience Requiem Over Heaven/Shiny Gold Experience Requiem (DELETED)

WhiteSanke + DIO's Diary = C-Moon

C-Moon + DIO's Diary = Made In Heaven

Can also be sold at the Black Market for $200,000

Holy Diary - 1.5m

The Holy Diary is similar to DIO's Diary, here are it's uses:

The World + Holy Diary = The World OVA

The World OVA + Holy Diary = FSTW/Futuristic Shadow The World

Star Platinum + Holy Diary = Star Platinum OVA

Tusk Act 4 + Holy Diary = Shiny Tusk Act 4 (DELETED)

Samurai + Holy Diary = Project Samurai

Anubis + Holy Diary = Shiny Anubis (This stand was turned into Phantom Blade and is UNOBTAINABLE)

Shadow The World Requiem/STWR + Holy Diary = Hallow Shadow The World Requiem (HSTWR) (Obtainable for 2 days every halloween)

Galaxy Annihilater + Holy Diary = Holy Angelic Platinum/HPP (UNOBTAINABLE)

Creeper Queen + Holy Diary = Steve Platinum (UNOBTAINABLE)

Can also be sold at the Black Market for $300,000

Vampire Mask - 100k

when used on Human (if you have a stand/spec equipped it replaces it) it gives Vampire

Using on Vampire again will give you Kars

Using on The World will give you Vampiric The World

Portal - 3.5m

When the new map released it was HUGE so they released an item called Portal that lets you teleport to any specific part of the map with a cooldown


Spin (Spec) - 150k

for more info go to Spin (Spec)

Hamon - 50k

for more info go to Hamon

Gun - 5m

for more info go to Gun

Super Shadow - 2.5m

for more info go to Super Shadow

All Might - 3.5m

for more info go to All Might

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