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"I believe I have your attention, benders of Republic City. So once again the Wolfbats are your Pro-Bending Champions."

- Amon


Amon is a character featured in The Legend Of Korra, an animated television series that serves as the sequel of Avatar: The Last Airbender. He is a major antagonist of Legend Of Korra, and serves as the main antagonist of Book One: Air (Season 1 Of The Legend Of Korra).

This is a new Spec/Universal Ability that will be shown and launched in The New Universe, a big update that will be in A Universal Time.


No moves for Amon has been leaked yet, this spec only got a Model Reveal and Icon Reveal.



  • This is the villain for Season one of TLOK
  • He knows how to BloodBend Without a full moon. Bloodbending is a very rare ability among Waterbenders.
  • He will be a spec along with GOJO and GOKU in the NEW UNIVERSE.