"You have unsheathed me... you will be my Stand user... you will be my body. I will make you a master of the sword. No one is stronger than you... use me and kill!

NOTE: This stand is temporarily disabled. It has 100 HP, though, you can't do anything but check Anubis Stats and Walk.


One of the most fewer stands that's not worth banking/storing or just using mainly in general for it having low-value and weakish' stats.

Can be obtained by using an Arrow.


Key Move Name Description
E Sword Penetrate Makes an uppercut sword slash and penetrate someone.
R Move Up Slash Slashes your sword rushing a bit to the opponent.
F Lower Cut The user will do a lower cut.
C Dash Does a little dash that you can run away from stronger enemies.


Anubis + Samurai Path = Samurai

Samurai + Holy Diary = PROJECT Samurai

Anubis + Holy Diary = Phantom Blade (Phantom Blade as in current is STILL UNOBTAINABLE as it being the highest unobtainable)

Tales of The Universe + PROJECT Samurai = Dawn

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