NOTE: This stand is temporarily disabled. It has 100 HP, though, you can't do anything but check Anubis Stats and Walk.

"You have unsheathed me... you will be my Stand user... you will be my body. I will make you a master of the sword. No one is stronger than you... use me and kill!" —Anubis

One of the weakest stands to exist in the entire game. If somebody is saying "Anubis is the strongest stand", they're joking, as a reference to Anubis' quote "Anubis is the strongest stand, Die!". This stand is currently unusable.

Can be obtained by using an Stand Arrow.


Key Move Name Description
E Egyptian Stab Stabs upwards, impaling your opponent.
R Quick Slash Slashes your sword rushing a bit to the opponent.
F Arc Slash The user will spin at a 180 degree angle, slashing the opponent.
C Dash Does a little dash that you can run away from stronger enemies.



Anubis + Samurai Path = Samurai

Samurai + Holy Diary = PROJECT Samurai

Anubis + Holy Diary = Phantom Blade (Phantom Blade as in current is STILL UNOBTAINABLE as it being the highest unobtainable)

Tales of The Universe + PROJECT Samurai = Dawn

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