"I am the only stand that has sharingan!"

A Special Stand Made For The Youtuber; "Bakujo."



This stand was created for a person named BakuJo; a content maker who uploads videos on Roblox, they made him a stand for making a video about this game. This stand is basically too overpowered.

E - Deadly Barrage

BakuJo.Exe throws deadly fists at the enemy.

R - HA HA!

BakuJo.Exe shoots 2 hits too hard at the enemy.

T - Take This!

BakuJo.Exe pulls out his gun and then shoots the enemy.

Y - Deadly Kick

BakuJo.Exe kicks the enemy deadly.

F - Sharingan!

The user sets the environment too slow, which seems like a stoppage of time.

H - Explosive Clone Jutsu!

BakuJo.Exe pulls out his flag to later make an explosive clone of the enemy.

J - This is Mine Now!

BakuJo.Exe removes the enemy's abilities just by touching it.

B - !!

BakuJo.Exe goes invisible.

V - Teleport

You teleport to a place you pointed to with your mouse, although this has range.

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