A Universal Time Roblox Wiki

"Pedal to the medal!" —Arbitrary Biker


The Bike is a common item in A Universal Time that can be used to gain more walkspeed. It is useful as the new map is very big. It has the same tier as the Stand Arrow, C Tier.


The Bike can only be obtained by:

  • Buying it from the shop for 5,000 U-Coins (UC).
  • Take it from a rack near the spawn for 3500 UC (where it is)



  • You can make a ringing tone by clicking E


Bike Rack is a mini-shop located on the right side of Station A. It is a exchange used to buy a Bike for 3,500 uCoins (cheaper than the shop price, which is 5,000 uCoins.) There is a unlimited amount of bikes in the bike rack.


  • Bike Rack: "Would you like to take a bike from the rack?"
    • PLAYER OPTIONS: (Accept) Yes. (Decline) No.
Accepting will give you the bike, declining will close the dialogue, with nothing else happening.