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"The beauty that a thousand men have bowed down to. In my own way, I'm a One Man Army." —Boa Hancock


Boa Hancock is the fourth boss in AUT, the first being DIO. Boa Hancock is from the long running anime/manga, One Piece; she is the user of Mero-Mero no Mi. She and the fruit first appeared in Volume 53 Chapter 516 of the One Piece manga.

  • Boa Hancock has a guaranteed spawn chance every 35 minutes (currently bugged and only spawns the first 35 minutes)

She has a guaranteed chance to drop the Mero Fruit item when killed, though the User who has dealt the most damage to Boa will be able to pick it up. If someone who has aggroed Boa dies to her attacks, her health bar will be reset back to full.

Spawn Location


  • Boa Hancock uses almost every attack from the Mero-Mero no Mi spec.
  • Boa Hancock is named "Boa H" in order to avoid the inappropriacy of the word, "Cock".