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"You're just gonna kill me. So, uh. I've decided. . . It's not going to BE your turn, ever. I'm just gonna keep having MY turn until you give up." —Sans The Skeleton


Bone is an item, used for Standless. It is used to make Sans.

The Bone resembles a normal looking bone, but with a blue outline around it. It seems to resemble an attack that Sans uses in Undertale.

Spawn Rates

You can also find it in Sand Piles with a 2% chance

You can also buy it in shop for 150,000 UCoins.


Standless + Bone = Sans. If you have a stand and wish to get rid of it to obtain Sans, you can either use the Stand Storage NPC or Enrico Pucci.

Dialogue (When using the Bone on Standless)

Megalovania starts playing...

  • Sans: Look who finally woke up...
  • Sans: Thought you could escape me?
  • Sans: After
  • Sans: All
  • Sans: This
  • Sans: Time.

Megalovania continues to play for a bit...



  • This used to play Megalovania from Undertale when spawned.
  • This item used to have no blue outline but it was remodeled to have a blue outline.
  • The Bone is from Undertale.
  • When the player uses this, they do some monologuing and Megalovania will start playing in the background. Once the player has Sans as their spec, Megalovania will be the background music until the player dies, switches Sans/resets Sans, or leaves the server.