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HollowKnight.jpeg Boozbol is unobtainable. Sorry! You can only get it by trading now, or if it is tradelocked you can never get it again. Either that or it is an admin item/Stand.

Booz Bol is a Meme and Joke Stand that was added into A Universal Time in either September or October. BoozBol is also an unobtainable, tradelocked, and probably disabled stand. Booz Bol might come back sometime in the feature if a Further Notice of Booz Bol will happen.

This stand was replaced by Casey, so if you have this stand, you can turn it into Casey if you use the reset button

Note: I mean like not resetting your stand I mean use the reset button in your roblox menu in-game.


You were able to get this stand by using BoozBol head on standless, but the item was replaced by bol, and if you unbank BoozBol it probably switch to Casey.

Booz Bol can be obtained by using Booz BOI On Human.

You get Booz Bol by using the item called "Booz Bol Head".


The user of this stand will have a large Boozbol (giant head) on their left, this head is where the "BONK" attack lands, when it hits the opponent it emits a bell sound, the bell sound of course coming from taco bell ads).

Moveset and Passives

Passive Passive Name Description
Passive A (1) Faster Walkspeed Your walkspeed is faster than most stands and specs. (For some, it might be glitched.
Passive B (2) Timestop Immunization You're able to move in timestop, meaning you can escape and run away from whoever's trying to eliminate you.
Keybind Move Description Damage Cooldown


Mouse Click

"Bonk!" Booz Bol goes in front of you and whoever was in front of you, Booz Bol hits the players, dealing incredible knockback. This move plays the Taco Bell sound when you hit someone. None None


  • Booz Bol's Stats are: Destructive Power - :] (D--), Durability - :] (D-), Speed - :] (X)
  • Booz Bol is "just for fun".
  • Booz Bol is a very rare stand to see now, people still have it, but it is an common stand. (The Item is B Tier due to the update)
  • This stand is spammable since the only move it has doesn't have any cooldowns,
  • This stand is now removed.


  • You can move through TS (Time Stop)
  • You move faster than most stands.
  • You only need standless to get it.


  • Only has 1 attack
  • Even though the bonk move is spammable, it doesn't do damage.
  • The taco bell sound may attract people to kill you, so be careful when using it.