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== "What's Gluten?" ==

Info (unobtainable unless is creator or owner)

Bread was a non-canon item that is used to evolve two stands, it spawns every 1 hour with a 1/4 (25%) chance of spawning. You can also get this item from Stacks but it's a common item.


Bread is a miniature version of a baguette.


Made in Heaven + Bread = Made In Walmart. (Being removed in NU)

Using a Bread on Made in Heaven will grant you a shopping cart known as Made In Walmart.

Galaxy Annihilator + Bread = Chef Platinum.


Used to be Mini Castle, But got replaced with bread and along with the stand aswell.

The Item Mini Castle was Used for Knight Pot Platinum. but got removed and replaced with Chef Platinum and The Bread item.