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"The power of a god? I don't care. You're still Kakarot, and there's no way in hell you're going to fight alongside me!" —Broly


Broly is a spec which appears in the popular anime series, Dragon Ball. Broly is one of the two super Saiyans/Dragon ball specs, the other one being Goku. It is considered to be one of the best specs in the entire game, due to it's very high destructive power, powerful awakening move and versatile moveset.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

Talk to Goku at the temple in the mountain where Gojo, StuckDucks, Killua, The Boss Altar, Dawn and Goku himself is and find 7 Dragon Balls. After you’re done, Goku will give you a quest named “Road To Strongest”. After you’re done completing the quest, Goku will ask “Oh you’re back, did you complete my request?”, select the “Yes” option, and Shenron will appear asking what you wish for. There are a total of 6 Options; Destruction, Power, Primal Power, World Ender, Wealth, and Ascension. Primal Power will give Broly. For info about what the options give, check the Shenron page.


  • Obtain 30,000 uCoins (0/30,000)
  • Deal 5,000 Damage (0/5,000)
  • Kill 1 Dio (0/1)
  • Block 5,000 Damage
  • Take 5,000 Damage


Keybind Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
Broly M1's Retake9.gif
LMB Combo Broly punches the enemy a few times, landing an aggressive punch at the end of the LMB Combo. 7.5 Damage (Normal)

8 Damage (Aggressive Punch)

Damage increases overtime (LSSJ, starts at 8.06, ends at 12.43 Damage)

Broly Eraser Blow Retake.gif
Eraser Blow Broly forcefully spins the enemy around and delivers a heavy blow with a ki-infused fist. This is a grab, meaning only the first can hit for the second to connect. 20.5 Damage (First Hit)

21 Damage (Final Hit)

Broly Gigantic Crash Retake.gif
Gigantic Crash Broly grabs the enemy by their neck and slides them across the ground. (Hyperarmor & Blockbreak) 5.9 Rapid Damage
Broly Eraser Volley Retake.gif
Eraser Volley Broly Rapidly fires a series of ki-blasts which is guided by aim assist. (Cancellable) 5.25 Damage each ki-blast hit (Normal)

5.68 Damage (LSSJ)

Broly Planet Crusher Retake.gif
Planet Crusher Broly charges up an immense energy ball and hurls it towards the ground in front of him, delivering massive AOE damage. Guaranteed guard break move. Unlike Goku's Spirit Bomb, this can't be aimed and deals less damage but it has faster startup. 55.3 Damage (Normal)



Broly Omegastorm Retake.gif
Omega Storm Broly Engulfs himself in a forcefield of energy, granting complete immunity to all attacks and can be used in stun, allowing you to even escape combos instantly. Upon releasing the forcefield, you will ignite an explosion inflicting AOE damage. A very good move in PVP 32.5 Damage (Normal)
Broly Gigantic Breath Gif.gif
Gigantic Breath Broly casts beam of energy from your mouth. (You can also move while doing it unlike goku) (Blockbreaks and Cancellable) 3.35 Damage (Normal)

Damage increases overtime (LSSJ)

Broly Pulverizer Retake.gif
Pulverizer Broly grabs the enemy by their head and slam their body on the ground repeatedly, followed by a toss. 7.75 Damage each slam (Normal)

Damage increases overtime (LSSJ)

Broly awakening.gif
LSSJ/Legendary Super Saiyan Transformation After a lengthy startup, this move engulfs the user in green ki energy, and you’ll gain a 1.65x Damage buff, and possess 1.65x more defense after 60 seconds, as well as increasing your move speed. The multiplier rises over time when you're in this form. Legendary Super Saiyan lasts for 110 seconds and heals you around 1 health every second. Unlike other awakenings, it can't be used in hitstun. You will gain I-Frames during transformation, meaning you can’t be damaged or hit during this period. N/A
Pose You point forwards, whilst leaning back. Green Menacing symbols (ゴゴゴゴ) will appear. Plays the Broly Introduction from Dragon Ball Super while posing. N/A



  • Broly has the most guard breaking moves in the game.
  • Broly appears in 4 Movies named after his name “Broly” (Movies are: Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly the Second Coming, Bio-Broly, Dragon Ball Super: Broly).
  • Broly was added because he won a poll in the AUT Discord. The poll was “Broly (DBS) or Anshen (The suit ability kur was talking about a while back)”. Broly won with 21,039 Votes, and Anshen lost with 13,948 Votes. Although Anshen losing the poll, the spec will still be added in a few upcoming updates.
  • The theme for LSSJ’s Transformation is Dragon Ball Super Broly OST - Gogeta VS. Broly (Theme Song).
  • Broly's Damage Increase on LSSJ isn't permanent, it increases by 1.65x Defense and 1.65x Damage after 60 seconds and ends after a few seconds (it lasts for a total of 120 seconds, which is 2 Minutes.)
  • Broly has the same rarity as Goku and Reaper, but Reaper still has more value. Broly is not worth an unobtainable, so he's not used for trading for an unobtainable.
  • There will be a hair toggle for Broly. But this still hasn't been added.
  • Unlike Goku, Broly only has one transformation.
  • The voice-lines for Broly come from Dragon Ball FighterZ, a 2018 2.5D Dragon Ball game developed by Arc System Works and Bandai Namco Entertainment.
  • Some say that the quest is easier if you rejoin.
  • According to the AUT Community, Broly is the best to beat the Boa boss.

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