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"Within my body and my spirit, gravity exists! And it must also exist, at the end of it all...!" —Enrico Pucci


C-Moon (C-MOONシー・ムーン SHE-Mūn) is a Stand developed by Enrico Pucci, the main antagonist featured in Stone Ocean, the 6th Part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. C-moon’s stand power can turn Pucci into the center of gravity, allowing him to to manipulate gravity with his will.

C-Moon is the first evolution of Enrico Pucci's stand in Part 6, Whitesnake. It has features from, both the Green Baby, and Whitesnake.


C-Moon is a stand obtained by completing Enrico Pucci's A Way To Heaven Quest with Whitesnake, in order to complete the quest you'll have to kill 36 players using Whitesnake, kill DIO (Boss) using Whitesnake, and finally using DIO's Bone on Whitesnake (does not have to be in order)

Find and use a DIO's Diary on Whitesnake.


Stand Off Moveset

Keybind Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
C-Moon BD.gif
Beatdown C-Moon comes out to perform a short barrage with a knockback finisher. Similar to Barrage in concept but doesn't cancel for combos, shorter, and deals slightly more damage. 50 Damage ~5 sec
C-Moon R.gif
Only One Punch A punch with a slightly bigger hitbox. Levitates the target, and crushes them with gravity before throwing them away. After a while, a second hit happens with more damage and stun. (Crash damage 17.25 + Second hit 25 for a total of 42.25 damage) Note: This move is missing stun during the animation, so opponents can use moves during it and punish you for landing the move. 42.25 Damage ~15 sec
C-Moon T.gif
Quadruple Gun Fire The user whips out a pistol and fires, shooting 4 bullets towards the victim, each bullet dealing 8.5 Damage. 8.5 per shot

34 total

~5 sec
C-Moon Y.gif
Legs Crusher C-Moon comes out and punches the victim, Breaking their legs and dealing 28.25 Damage. A second hit happens dealing 20 damage and more stun. 48.25 ~ 9 sec

Stand On Moveset
Keybind Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
C-Moon M1s.gif
LMB Combo C-Moon throws a few punches towards the enemy, dealing 8 Damage per punch. (25 damage last punch, knockback) 49 (full combo) ~3 sec between each combo
C-Moon E.gif
Stand Barrage C-Moon punches the victim, saying "Owarida!/That's it!" out loud while throwing rapid fists towards the victim. Has a final punch hit, but is still cancelable. 1.3/hit

59.9 (full combo)

~5 sec
C-Moon T v2.gif
C-Moon T v2 close.gif
Debris Shot C-Moon slams the ground which creates a shockwave (30 dmg), then use the debris as projectiles. (6x5) Max 60 ~15 sec
C-Moon G.gif
Heart Inversion C-Moon Punches the victim's heart, deals 25 damage a 40 damage second hit afterwards. 25 Damage, 40 Damage ~10 sec
C-Moon H.gif
Counter C-Moon and the user strikes a pose, and when hit C-Moon lands a heavy uppercut, sending the victim backwards into the sky. dealing 40 damage. 40 Damage ~ 21 sec
C-Moon Quote 3.png
C-Moon Quote 2.png
C-Moon Quote 1.png
Quotes Upon pressing N, you will say one of the quotes below:
  • "Praise the powers that God has granted me"
  • "Stand up. This is far from over."
  • "In the name of God, I will smite you!"
None When the quote ends




  • LMB x3, E, G, LMB X3, Q, R
  • LMB x3, E, G, LMB X3, Q, Y, T
  • LMB x3, E, G, LMB X3, Q, E

NOTE: C-moon really excels when stand off R and Y are used to extend combos. However, hitting those requires a lot of skill and is not true, so those will not be covered here.


  • C-Moon is a humanoid stand that has the main ability to invert whatever Pucci pleases; secondary abilities C-Moon possesses is Agility, Speed, and Strength to fight toe-to-toe with powerful close-ranged stands.
  • C-Moon's namesake is from Paul McCartneys' and Wings song, 'C-Moon'.
  • C-moon's counter is bugged currently and is not punishable as a result.
  • C-moon's counter requires to be aimed, unlike other counters.
  • C-moon has timestop movement.
  • Counter can be used to evade timestop by using it in timestop.
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