"Within my body and my spirit, gravity exists....!" —Enrico Pucci


C-Moon (C-MOONシー・ムーン Shī Mūn) is a Stand developed by Enrico Pucci, the main antagonist that is featured in Stone Ocean, the 6th Part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. C-moon’s stand power is the ability to manipulate gravity at Pucci’s will.

C-Moon is the first evolution of Enrico Pucci's stand in Part 6, Whitesnake. It has features from both the Green Baby and Whitesnake. To obtain this, use DIO's Diary on Whitesnake Confirmed to be reworked soon.


Key Properties Description Damage
E Barrage C-Moon does a barrage dealing damage and slowing down the enemy each hit. 13 per hit
R Inverted


C-Moon does a heavy punch to the heart dealing good damage and knockback. 53
T Gravity Speed Time C-Moon decreases the weight of both it and its stand user, increasing both their

speed and jump power. This can be used to attack or run away.

F Gravity


C-Moon slams the ground making a blast around the user where if anyone is near to the user while this move is used they will get knocked up into the air, this move does a good amount of damage and is good to start combos. 98/197!
H Gravity


C-Moon slams the ground making an area of effect around the user. If you are in this area of effect, you will get launched up into the air. This is basically the F move. 98/197!
B Number


The user will start counting prime numbers to calm themselves down. If the user is attacked during this, they will teleport behind the attacker. none
C Backwards


C-Moon dashes backwards, sort of like a backwards stand jump. This can be used to dodge attacks. none
V Gravdash The user dashes forward a small distance. Very similar to stw's z dash. none


  • C-Moon is a humanoid stand that has the main ability to control Gravity; secondary abilities C-Moon possesses is Agility, Speed, and Strength to fight toe-to-toe with powerful close-ranged stands.
  • C-Moon's namesake is from Paul McCartneys' and Wings song, 'C-Moon'.
  • When C-Moon get's a rework, its attainability will probably be using The Green Baby on Whitesnake.
  • C-Moon's rework is planned for the NU


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