"It's party time!" - Cake Platinum.

Cake Platinum is a B tier unobtainable . (:

It was originally obtained with a celebration diary on standless.

It has an epic pose.

This Was Obtainable On The 10K Visits Update Which Is Now Gone.

Standless/Human + Celebration Diary = Cake Platinum

Left Click - Punch Cake Platinum punches dealing 12 damage. (18 damage if it's a critical hit)
E+ Hold - Ascended Party Barrage dealing 12 damage per hit and lasting ~9 seconds. (18 damage if it's a critical hit)
R - Ascended Heavy Punch deals 60 damage. (90 damage if it's a critical hit)
T - Reality Overwrite Deals 90 damage. (135 damage if it's a critical hit)
Y - Heal Others (BROKEN) heals other players ~ 3 health per punch
B + Y - Self Heal heals the user ~ 3 health per punch
G - Pose A table appears with cake, balloons, and gifts on it. Your character takes a seat with Cake Platinum on the other side of the table floating. Dope music plays. 😎 Pose music
F - Ascended Time Stop Cake Platinum stops time for ~5 Seconds.
H - Ground Slam Deals 80 damage and hurts others around you. (120 damage if it's a critical hit)
Z - Stand Jump Cake Platinum hangs onto your back as you jump in the in the air the direction your character is facing. ( large cool-down )
C - Dodge You glide and travel a very short distance in front of your character.


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