Candy Cutlass

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#238c23The Wielder of the Candy Cutlass


Candy Cutlass is a limited time edition spec that can only be obtained in the christmas event.

Obtainment Method

Gathering up 800 Candies and submitting the candies to the Santa NPC will give you Candy Cutlass.


Striped with red and white, the candy cutlass is a candy cane in the shape of a cutlass most commonly seen with pirates, it has a frozen tip with a red bow tie with leaves on the handle.


Keybind Name Move Description Damage
LMB/M1s LMB Combo
CC M1s.gif
The User does a short chain of slashes. 8 Damage per slash
E Sword Slashes
CC E.gif
The User executes 4 consecutive slashes. 20 Damage
R Naughty List
CC R.gif
The User charges up a slash and upon landing it on the opponent the user will grab them by the neck, stab them through the stomach and kick them in the face. 30 Damage
T Ice Stampede
CC T.gif
The User brandishes their sword and pierces the ground creating an AOE shockwave which also summons a hail storm above dealing damage. This move can be canceled if the User is hit during startup. 30 Damage
Y Second Degree Burn
CC Y.gif
The User spills a cup of hot chocolate on the opponent, stunning them for a bit. 15 Damage
F Insulin Spike
CC F.gif
The User impales the opponent, freezes them, and slams them into peppermint spikes dealing great damage. 40 Damage
G Sugar Rush
CC G.gif
The User chomps on a sweet, healing them for 30 HP and goes into a frenzy mode, glowing and leaving a trail of red, green and white with increased speed. This move can be canceled if the User is hit during startup. N/A
V Sugar Spikes
CC V.gif
The User muches on some candy canes and spits 3 spikes of peppermint out with a flaming effect. If the opponent is hit, they will be temporarily blinded by a pink sludgelike thing. 45 Damage


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