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"The power to dominate souls... is that what this is?" —Guido Mista


Chariot Requiem (チャリオッツ・レクイエム Chariottsu Rekuiemu) or simply Requiem (レクイエム Rekuiemu) is a Requiem Stand featured in Vento Aureo, Originally the stand of Jean Pierre Polnarreff from part 3 : Stardust Crusaders.

How to Obtain

Chariot Requiem is obtained by using True Requiem Arrow on Standless.


Key Move Description Damage Cooldown
E Requiem Consecutive Stabs You use the arrow as a dagger and consecutively stab anyone in front of you for 5 seconds. 15 9 seconds
R Soul Breaker Punch You perform a strong punch in front of you. Anyone hit by this punch will be knocked back. 55 12 seconds
T Requiem's Cry You yell and deal damage to anyone standing around you. 95 AoE 14 seconds
Y Requiem Trident You throw 3 arrows in a fan pattern. If an arrow hits someone, it summons another arrow which automatically attacks the enemy it hit. Unknown, but is very big 10 seconds
F Soul Attack You stand in a T pose and enemies nearby fall on the ground (not ragdoll). N/A 25 seconds
C Dodge You dodge an incredibly small distance on the ground, but a generic distance in the air. N/A 5 seconds
X Block Your ordinary block, nothing to see here folks N/A 7 seconds
Z Requiem Sprint You start running. If you bump into someone while running, you deal a few ticks of damage, each equaling to 10. 10 5 seconds

Passive A: You take only half of the damage you are supposed to, but true damage bypasses this passive.


  • Good damage output with arrows.
  • Relatively easy to get.
  • Good damage in general.
  • low cooldowns and good stun


  • True damage bypasses your passive.
  • Slow unless you use drill in the air.
  • Little value trading wise.
  • Demand is pretty low.