"Where's the lamb SAUCE!"

When you summon it it will say "Where's the lamb sauce!" Making this stand nonlogically epik

This is obtainable.

this stand is bugged right now,dont make it

Chef platinum is obtained by using bread on Galaxy Annihilator

E - Bread Blow

Chef Platinum throws a heavy blow at the enemy. Dealing 95! dmg to the client.

R - Chef Slap

Chef Platinum disgracefully slaps its enemy. Dealing 115! dmg to the person.

T - Self Heal

Chef Platinum is put in front of the user to then heal it with a blow, that heals 65 of hp. (Currently broken).

Y - Chef Kick

Chef Platinum kicks the enemy hard and then sends it flying. Dealing 125! dmg to the target.

F - Ground Slam

Chef Platinum charges it's right arm into the ground, and slams the ground with a heaven-like blast. Dealing 105! of dmg and sending them to the sky.

H - Blow Finisher

Chef Platinum throws a blow too hard, that makes the opponent receive 145! dmg. (Also Currently broken).

V - Shift

As an untouchable chef you can instantly move a short distance infront of you

I do not recommend making this stand, now its bugged and when you use a skill, you get an error and you have to reset for using skills again, instead make the Duality Pot Platinum

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