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"Where's the lamb SAUCE!" - Gordon Ramsay

This stand is bugged right now, might get reworked. This is a reskinned Shinigami, but without the Soul Collector Passive.

This stand use to be called Knight Pot Platinum.

Chef platinum is obtained by using Bread on Galaxy Annihilator/ Knight Pot Platinum is obtained by using Castle on Galaxy Annihilator.


Move Move in Action Move Description DMG Output
E - Bread Blow EB92CA48-3989-4058-8DE5-F0D283B40CD9.gif Chef Platinum throws a heavy blow at the enemy with his bagutte. 95 DMG
R - Chef Slap NO IMAGE AVALIBLE Chef Platinum disgracefully slaps its enemy.
115 DMG
T - Self Heal 890187D5-A6CB-4E8C-BAA8-7EF81C315B68.gif Chef Platinum jumps in front of its user and heals it with a blow. (Currently broken) 60 HEAL
Y - Chef Kick 07E20DA3-0477-4001-B524-FADEE9308018.gif Chef Platinum kicks the enemy and sends them flying. 125 DMG
F - Ground Slam FE2693DE-131D-496B-8F32-203020698274.gif Chef Platinum charges it's right arm into the ground, and slams the ground with a heaven-like blast. 105 DMG
H - Blow Finisher D9F44A11-B11E-42D8-B3E5-69D478DC6E05.gif Chef Platinum throws a very hard blow. (Currently broken) 145


V - Shift D1F7BD2E-3511-4B84-8004-0248F8BA97A3.gif As an untouchable chef, you can instantly move a short distance forward. None