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"I can't give you a stocking of coal without getting closer." —Jotaro Kujo, bonded with the Spirit of Christmas.


Christmas Star Platinum Requiem's Theme is a Remix of Jotaro's Theme but with holiday sounds.

Christmas Star Platinum Requiem Theme: Jotaro's Theme: Holiday Edition

Stand Origin: Star Platinum Requiem

Stand Type: Holiday, Requiem

This stand IS SEMI-UNOBTAINABLE. And has the same exact value of HSTWR, The rival of CSPR.


Christmas Star Platinum Requiem, looks just like Star Platinum Requiem but it has a different color palette, Instead of Black and white it's Green and Red, like candy canes.

How To Obtain

It Is obtained by using A Present On Star Platinum Requiem.

Full Craft:

Trading and Value

It has the same value as HSTWR. Unobtainable or not, same value because it will be unobtainable.

Moveset and Passives

Passive Description
Cursed Punches CSPR's first hit deals 8% more damage to opponents and the second hit will heal him for 8% of the damage of the move used. This applies to every move.
Moveset's (Most Move's are Based Damage and some are Percent % Damage.)
Key Image Move Description Damage Duration Cooldown Opinion of Strength & Damage (OOS&D)
Holiday Punches CSPR Get's infront of you and send's a quick flurry of punches to your opponent. Percent damage per punch or 5 base damage per punch None 3 Second's From Great to Unimaginable Strength,
Holiday & Jolly Candy Cane Delicious Uppercut CSPR Charges up a heavy punch to launch the opponent into the air and crush them with arrows. Percent DMG None 10 Second's Incredible To Godly Strength
Arrow Throw
First phase: CSPR throw's an Arrow and pierces the opponent

2nd phase: teleports you back to the target that you threw an arrow at.

(Quite High Range, Quite Spammable, but Impossible to use on mobile.)

First Attack deals Percent DMG, second attack deals 15 Base DMG. None 2 Second's Great Damage
Christmas Prison CSPR Summon's highly poisonous arrows a cage around you; anyone hit by the arrows/bars will be stunned up to 5 Seconds. 60 Base DMG on first attack, Percent DMG on Second. None 8 Second's Superior Damage
STAR PLATINUM: ZA WARUDO! CSPR stops time for approximately 7 second's. None (Depend's on what abilities are done in TS) 7 Second's 30 Second's Great To Godly DMG (Depend's on what abilities are done in TS)
H Ornament Breaker! CSPR charge's up a Huge Hook Punch and when the person that get's hit by it, it does incredible knockback. Deal's 60 Base DMG on the first punch and Percent DMG on the second. None 20 Second's Great Damage
V Christmas Warp CSPR teleport's forward. 30 Base DMG on the first teleport, percent on the second. None 10 Second's Percent (%) Damage
Z Christmas Star Flight CSPR approximately flies for about 17 Second's. 35 Base DMG on the first flight, Percent on the second. 17 Second's 25 Second's Medium Strength
G Bizarre Christmas Pose Pose with CSPR and play this song: https://youtu.be/4N3zvsvPpiE, Jotaro's Theme (Christmas Remix) None Infinite None None
N Quote CSPR Quote's are "Star Platinum is as strong as ever!" and "My stand will be the judge!" None None (Depend's on how long a quote is.) None None

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely powerful passive.
  • You can stun your opponent constantly, even getting to the point of being extended up to 15+ seconds stun if done right.
  • Combo potential is very high
  • Has a better life steal then its non-holiday counterpart


  • Requires skill to kill.
  • Hitbox is very small.
  • Relatively high cooldowns.
  • Does not have much agility.
  • Does not have passive regeneration.


Easy Combo's:

  • E+R
  • E+Y
  • F+E+R

Medium Combo's:

  • F+E+R+Y
  • F+H+E+R

Hard Combo's:

  • T+F+T+E+R

Ultimate Combo's:

  • F+V+E+R+H+Y
  • T+F+T+H+Y+E+R
  • T+F+T+E+R+H+Y
  • E + T + R + Y + H + T + E + V
  • T + T + R + Y + H + V + E
  • Y + R + E + F + T + E + Y + R + Z (or run until most cooldowns are gone) + T + Repeat
  • T + T + R + Y + H + V + E + R + Y
  • T + T + R + F + Y + H + E + V + T
  • E + R + H + T + T + Y
  • You can just spam all of the move's counted in the Combo's List, but it takes practice and it's hard to do.



  • It plays a Christmas version of Jotaro’s theme