"Honk Honk."


Clown.EXE is a staff stand, meaning it’s unobtainable to the regular player.


E - Clown Barrage: Clown Plat throws a fast barrage dealing 50 - 100 damage per hit.

R - Strong Punch: Clown Plat performs a heavy punch dealing 90 damage on average.

T - Overwrite: Clown Plat throws a super heavy punch dealing (N/A) damage.

Y+B (Hold) Clown Plat heals its user healing 2000 health points per hit.

F - Clown Plat stops time for infinite amount of seconds until time is resumed by user.

More moves is still N/A (Not Available).


Destructive Power: Honk 🤡 (∞)

Speed: Honk 🤡 (∞)

Durability: Honk 🤡 (∞)(2000 health)


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