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Coffin BOI doesn't exist in the new universe.


Coffin Boi is an evolved version of The World Over Heaven. It deals percentage damage making it very good for farming bosses.

(NOTE: since TWOH breaks and resets your stand if you use DIO's diary on it, it is currently temporarily unobtainable.)

How To Obtain (Unobtainable in the New Universe)

  1. Obtain The World from an Arrow.
  2. Use DIO's Diary on The World (TW) which gives you The World Over Heaven.
  3. Use Dank Diary on The World Over Heaven which gives you Coffin BOI.


Key Move Description Damage
LMB Punch Coffin BOI punches forward.
E Barrage Coffin BOI throws consecutive fists at the enemy or releases consecutive kicks at the enemy while shouting- "FBI, OPEN UP *BAM*!" Percent Damage/ 1% of total health (rounded down)
R Strong Punch Coffin BOI throws a strong blow at the enemy while saying - "FALCON PUNCH!" Percent Damage/ 20% of total health
T Overwrite Coffin BOI lets out an extremely powerful punch dealing huge damage while saying "KAMEHAME..HAAAAA!" Percent Damage/ 50% of total health
Y Knife Throw Throws a knife forwards, dealing damage (the worst move of this stand) 40
F Time Stop Coffin BOI stops time for about 7 seconds while playing "Song For Denise". (Putin walking) None
G Pose Coffin BOI poses while playing "Astronomia." (Coffin Dance) None
H Ground Slam Coffin BOI charges it's right arm into the ground, and slams the ground with a heaven-like blast while saying- "KAMEHAME..HAAAAA!" Percent dmage/ 40% of total health
Z Jump Coffin BOI and its user jump a long distance. None
X Block Coffin BOI stands in front of the character with his arms blocking attacks. None
C Dodge Coffin BOI and its user dodge forward while saying yeet. None
V Shift Coffin BOI teleports forwards while saying yeet. None


  • When using F, you will play a very loud version of the Song for Denise song. {DELETED}
  • This is inspired from the coffin dance meme.