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Cosmical Dio has more damage than any other Shadow The World variant (Shadow The World, Futuristic Shadow The World, Shadow Weeaboo, and Shadow Legs) It also does not have a Stand form.


This stand is Clear White With Black Armor hiding itself. It has a Black The World helmet with a neon white skin tone head, black wings, the same headband as Star Platinum but neon,


It can be obtained by using a Cosmic Orb on Vampiric The World. (100%)

Pose Music

Pose Music: Siren's Call - Epic Score (Gabriel Shadid & Tobias Marberger).


Passives and Moveset

Name Description
Arcade Bar You have an arcade bar at the bottom-left of your screen. Attacking enemies increases your bar. Every time the bar gets full, you gain a level, for a maximum of 10 levels.

Gaining levels increases your damage and knockback, and allows you to use more moves.

Passive Knockback All of Cosmical Dio's melee attacks have passive knockback that gets stronger as you gain levels.
Walkspeed Buff You have a slight walking speed buff.
Vampiric Healing As the user is technically Vampiric, they slowly heal themself over time. They can also attack enemies to gain health.

Key Name Description Damage (most of these values are unknown)
LMB Jab (ON GROUND) User jabs ahead of themself quickly. Is quite spammable. and has good range.

(IN CROUCH) User does a low jab that's slower than the normal jab. Has good range.

(IN AIR) User does a downwards facing jab.

E Spin Kick / Uppercut (ON GROUND) User does a spinning kick that launches enemies away. Is quite spammable.

(IN CROUCN) User does a crouching uppercut that launches enemies upwards. Offers more control than the grounded version.

(IN AIR) User spins around, knocking the enemy into the ground. Hits twice and can fling enemies in some circumstances.

R Sudden Strike / Ground Slam (ON GROUND) User does a large claw downwards with their arm which slightly knocks enemies back. Offers more control than the other options. and combines nicely with the Jab. Can also be used to remove the knockback from moves like Grounded Spin Kick, allowing for extended combos.

(IN CROUCN) User does a claw into the ground, which decently knocks back enemies. Hits twice and has a short cooldown.

(IN AIR) User does a claw downwards that forces the enemy into the ground, usually knocking them into the air. Has a medium-length cooldown and combines nicely with the Grounded Spin Kick.

T Knife Volley / Space Ripper Stingy Eyes (ON GROUND AND IN AIR) User pulls out 10 knives. Pressing T twice will throw out two volleys of 5 knives.

(IN CROUCH) User rubs their eyes. If they have at least 1/3 of a level, they will lean forward and instantly fire a pair of lasers out of their eyes.

5 per knife (for 25 per volley)

+ 1 damage per knife for each level, for a max of 15 damage per knife (for 75 per volley)


F The World's Unknown Ability User will bring their arms towards themself. If they have at least 3 levels, they will extend their arms out and time will stop for up to 10 seconds (1 second per level). Knives thrown will not move until the timestop is over.

(Note that this stand uses a different timestop script from the others, so a lot of other stands can move in this timestop.)

G Stand Punch (ON GROUND AND IN AIR) Your stand will come out and do a quick uppercut infront of you. Launches the enemy away and has even better range than the jab, and is a useful move against other Shadow Dio stands, as it allows you to attack without being in danger to their attacks.

(IN CROUCH) Your stand punches three times, hitting three times and launching the enemy back on the final hit. Is even better due to its longer attack duration, but leaves you vulnerable during the attack.

Both moves have medium-length cooldowns.

Z Shift User teleports a short distance forward, and has a short cooldown. N/A
P Pose User epicly poses with their stand. N/A
C Crouch Toggle User crouches, which changes their moveset and makes them slower. Press C to uncrouch. N/A
V ??? This does nothing on its own,

But,if you press any attacks keys such as E, R, T, it will move you forward kind of like a dodge its a good move to surprise your opponent

NOTE: you have to either press v and key at same time OR press v and quickly press a key.

B Counter / Bloodsuck (ON GROUND AND IN AIR) User goes into a pose, with a book and a goblet of wine. If you are attacked, you will teleport behind the opponent. This is a very spammable move with no cooldown, but requires at least 1/3 of a level.

(IN CROUCH) The user does an extended version of the uppercut attack. If you hit an opponent, you grab them and suck their blood, slowly draining them and healing yourself. Eventually you'll throw them away.




R + T (press t before you do the combo.) + G + E

E + G + T + T

E + R (very spammable)

harder combos:

E (while crouching) + T + T

B (while crouching)+ E (during bloodsuck press E before the player is hit and while crouching)

R (while crouching) + T + T + T

T is very spammable so use T when in far range

T + R + E + T + G + T (standing up)

C + G + C + G (time right so you land second knockback after your first G) + T + T + E + R (as you get close after the G moves)


This can no longer raise the meter from NPC’s, however HP still rises.

Bugs and Glitches.

  • There’s a actual and before glitch with Cosmic Dio counter move (B) If you enter in counter state there’s a lot of stands that cannot hurt you permanently meanwhile you are in book counter (note that this move has no cooldown and is spammable as hell). which is supposed to not happen, because the counter is supposed to be hit, and then teleport behind them.
  • DTW: If you counter vs DTW, all DTW moves, including barrage and all moves will not hurt you. (not patched)
  • DTWHV and TWHV: All TWHV moves cannot hurt Cosmical Dio meanwhile in counter state. The same would be to DTWHV but they patched some moves not hitting Cosmic Dio, such as barrage. (NOTICE, if you dance meanwhile counter state, maybe you can still be immortal in counter state versus DTWHV) all DTWHV moves (not including barrage) cannot hit Cosmic Dio. you can also use bloodsuck and space ripper stingy eyes while using counter.