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HollowKnight.jpeg Creeper Queen is unobtainable. Sorry! You can only get it by trading now, or if it is tradelocked you can never get it again. Either that or it is an admin item/Stand.
Creeper Queen

"I'm a Creeper, Minecraft's Grim Reaper, Blowing stuff up like Al-Qaeda!" —A Creeper.


CQ is the unobtainable shiny version of Killer Queen. It originates from ABD and the song “Revenge”, a parody song made by CaptainSparklez, a famous MineCraft YouTuber. This stand is the rarest trade-able unobtainable, with Executioner Queen standing behind it in S+ Tier. Creeper Queen’s demand is Extremely High, and it’s rarity numbercount is 30.


  • (New Appearance) Creeper Queen resembles as a regular creeper, but this time, there’s many changes from it’s old appearance. It wears a lot of meshes, 6 pack abs, Killer Queen’s accessories (glove, belt, upper legs, boots), white glowing eyes, four spikes on the back, and 2 Killer Queen ears.
  • (Old Appearance) Creeper Queen resembles as a regular blocky Creeper, with green Killer Queen ears and green Creeper texture on it, and black in the insides, while everything else was Creeper textures.


CQ was originally obtained by using Holy Diary on Killer Queen.


Stand Off Moveset
Keybind Move Description Damage Cooldown
E Uppercut The user dashes forward and strikes the enemy with their fist breaking the opponent's nose and making them bleed for 5 seconds. 25 Hit +

1 Bleed Damage

30 In total

5 Sec.
R Punch Bomb The user slightly punches the opponent placing a bomb on him and summoning Killer Queen right after to detonate it. 4.5 Hit +

40 Explosion


8 Sec.
F "You need to be like me!"/Face slam The user grabs the opponent and smashes theesir face on the ground several times.

[This move has a delay in about a second between pressing the button and actual grab]

52.5 Damage 12 Sec

Keybind Name Description Damage Cooldown
(E) 「"YAROUUU!"」 Killer Queen does a short 1.5 second barrage. This barrage deflects small on-coming projectiles like bearing balls. Killer Queen also barrages almost instantly, making the barrage good for surprise attacks. Deals 1.2 damage per hit, pulls in the opponent slightly. Hold down the E key to do the full barrage. Based off the Shigechi encounter. 1.2 Damage

33.6 In total

6 Sec.
(R) 「"Daiichi no bakudan!"/Primary Bomb」 [Without a bomb planted]

Killer Queen brings down its hand in a chop-like motion and turns whatever it touched into a bomb. This places the "bomb" status onto it, marked with a faint red glow and Killer Queen icon above their head.

[When the bomb is planted]

by pressing R again, a small explosion comes from the receiver/object, dealing 40 damage to them and the same amount in explosion radius to everyone else (including the KQ user). Deals good knockback, acts as a combo finisher. Bomb radius is 10 studs wide and 10 studs tall.

[Explosions cannot be blocked and go through block.]

[Move's such as T and Y can be manually detonated]

40 Damage from explosion 8 Sec
(T + Cursor) 「"Anything can be a bomb."」 Killer Queen flicks a small yen coin to wherever your cursor is pointed.

[On contact with Player/NPC]

Upon contact with a player or NPC, you detonate the bomb immediately,

(For some reason detonating a bomb like this will not deal any damage nor knockback in rage of the explosion but only the target itself. possibly a glitch)

[Manual activation]

Coin creates a similar explosion to a Primary Bomb, dealing the same damage with the same explosive radius

40 Damage 8 Sec.
(Y) Stray Cat Bubble Bomb Killer Queen unleashes stray cat that makes a bubble bomb, bubble moves only in a straight line from a direction user face, however it can be redirected if button was pressed again, This will make bubble turn counter clockwise by 90 degree.

if it hits NPC or an object it will automatically explode making the same radius of explosion as Primary Bomb but dealing slightly higher damage

45 Damage 13 Sec.
(F) 「 Bites The Dust」 Pressing F allows user to plant a bomb on someone,Killer Queen will appear on a screen of a target after a few seconds, and people that are nearby the third bomb carrier will get caught in Bites The Dust. It shows Killer Queen detonating the bomb, User will stand in Yoshikage Kira pose when he activated Bites The Dust at the "right" time, and puts them into a cutscene. This ability will heal the user during cutscene. If opponent deal any damage to the user during BTD, Killer Queen will be recall back and Bites The Dust will be canceled. Therefore it is recommended you run away from opponents while using this move. Missing BTD will shorten it's cooldown until it's next use. Does not deal Damage

+150 HP heal

120 Sec.
(G) 「Escape Plan」 Killer Queen raises it's arm, then brings it down and slices off the opponent's hand cleanly. This stuns them in place momentarily due to the pain. Deals an initial 20 damage, but it deals an extra 5 bleed damage. Based on the Koichi battle aftermath when Kira had to sever his own hand to release SHA. 20 Damage + 5 Bleed Damage 15 Sec.
(H) 「Sheer Heart Attack」 You crouch down, and 5 studs away from you, Sheer Heart Attack appears. SHA will move towards the highest heat source besides you, meaning players that are moving or at a lower HP. Sheer Heart Attack has a maximum of 110 HP and takes little-to-no knockback. It has a 65% damage reduction to all projectiles, but takes 25% more from throw moves. If there are no heat sources within 15 studs, SHA will "teleport" towards a random player from there. SHA will explode every 7 seconds, dealing 35 damage and strong knockback. SHA despawns automatically after 23 seconds. You can still move and attack while SHA is active. 35 Damage + Strong Knockback 75 Sec.
(P) 「Pose」 User poses

Music: "Revenge" - A Minecraft Parody of Usher's DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love (Music Video)

Origin: CaptainSparklez

2 Sec.


  • It was to be the rarest obtainable for a while, but it has been moved down the tierlist due to duplication. However, it is back up to being the rarest unobtainable.
  • Kur said that Creeper Queen will be staying to remember ABD as it stopped development of its rewrite and original game, and ABD was the first JoJo game to create Creeper Queen.
  • The appearance of Creeper Queen originate from Minecraft and a meme created by CaptainSparklez.
  • Creeper Queen is an S+ Unobtainable Stand.

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