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Crosshead is an non-canon stand that is shown as an admin/moderator stand in A Universal Time. Crosshead is an stand made by Alu_Dev, one of the Universe Resetters/Co-Owners of AUT, to symbolize a more demonic stand is one of the few admin stands you'll rarely get to see in-game. In a 1v1 you might as well reset your character due to all of its moves one shotting you or kicking you from the server.


Crosshead resembles as a tall-black stand.


Luna - Owner Of This Stand

Hipzoa - Only Other Whitelisted User

Stand Stats

Durability - 8

Speed - 8

Destructive Power - 8


Ultimate Move : Endgame - The player press "8" Eight times Creating a Countdown starting from the Number 5:38. Once the countdown finishes the server crashes.

Claw Scratch - Click to swipe the claw scratching the opposing target.

Crucify Smash - Press "E" to smash the target with a Giant Stone Cross, It will instantly Oof the target.

Removal Smash - Press "R" to smash the target with a Giant Stone Cross, but this time it will kick the target from the game.

Ban Smash - Press "F" to crash the Stone Cross on the head of the target resulting in a Server Ban.

Grab - Press "T" to grab the target in your hands similar to Gaster's awakened version.

Soul Drag - Use "T" to grab the target and then un-summon your stand with "Q", after the stand is summoned back the target should have disappeared.

Claw Crush - "T" + "Y" = After grabbing the target and pressing "Y" it results in the target being crushed in your arms with an instant death sometimes.

Speed Boost - Press "C" to boost your characters speed, it does not require Crosshead to be summoned in order to work.


Sometimes the name appears as ☒☒☒☒☒☒☒☒☒☒.

This can only be obtained via Admin Arrow.

This is a stronger version of Awakened Gaster.


  • This stand is immune to any timestop.
  • The ultimate ability of this stand's start-up is 5 Minutes and 40 Second's.
  • What this stand's Ultimate Ability does when the abilities countdown is done, is that it crashes your game and the server is gone.