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"BWAAAW!!." —Crystalized


Crystallized's model features a diagonal light purple stripe pattern on a darker purple body. Small chunks of crystal protrudes out of it's head. Their face features a glowing orange circle with a X. Similar to the face their hands feature a neon orange X as well. It is obtained by using a Stand Arrow.


Keybind Name Description Damage Cooldown
M1/LMB/Click Light Punch The user uses his/her/their first, wreathed in crystal, to do a quick left and right hook. Does 10 Damage per punch. 10 Damage 0.1 seconds
E + Hold Crystallized Barrage Crystallized does a short burst of swift and heavy strikes. Does 12 Damage per hit and a maximum of 144 Damage in total. Note that each hit has high knockback. 12 Damage

144 Damage in total

around 4-6 seconds
R Crystallized Heavy Punch Crystallized performs a single heavy blow at the enemy. Does 35 Damage. 35 Damage around 4-6 seconds
F Crystallize The user creates a large row of crystals that deals damage to anybody who runs into it while it's active.
V Crystal Dash The user slides around on the floor along with Crystallized, summoning Purple Crystals. This does 2 damage and lasts for 2 Second's. 2 15 Second's
B Stand Jump The user jumps up creating crystals in from their location, dealing area damage.

Most poses have been disabled for now.


Interacting with arrow meteorites has a 1% chance (chance increasing with every meteor that fails) to turn Crystalized into Planet//Shaper. ( This is automatic)


  • This has got a little rework in the NU update.

Pros And Cons


  • [F] move is strong when it hits a player.
  • Excellent short range option.
  • [B + V] can make a very good mobility combo.
  • This thing is currently VERY strong, the moves completely ignore stun, and you can out-damage most barrages by using m1s in stun.


  • Very limited moveset / lacks moves.
  • Its evolution Planet//Shaper takes a somewhat long time to get
  • LMB punches do not stun the enemy.