Crystallized's model features a diagonal light purple stripe pattern on a darker purple body. Small chunks of crystal protrudes out of their head. Their face features a glowing orange circle with a cross. Similar to the face, their hands feature a neon orange cross as well. He can only be obtained by using a Crystal Gem on Made In Heaven.


Passive - Crystal Clear

Crystallized is immune to all STW variants' time stops.

Click / LMB - Light Punch


The user uses their own fists to punch their enemy. Does 27 damage per punch.

E + Hold - Crystal Barrage

Crystalized does a short burst of swift and heavy strikes. Does 12 damage per hit and a maximum of 144 damage in total.

R - Crystal Heavy Punch

Crystallized performs a single heavy blow at the enemy. Does 82 damage.

F - Crystal Cowling

Crystallized forms a shield around you made of crystal. When in the crystal form you regenerate faster. Press F again to exit the crystal, sending shrapnel in all directions. Does 337 damage to anyone hit by the shards.

C - Dash

Dashes forward very quickly, the dash can go through walls. The move has a cooldown of 3 seconds ( actual cd instead of 2 seconds ).

Z - Jump

Like a stand jump, but jumps straight upwards. Pair F with this if you need to escape a fight to regen.

G - Pose

The user sits on the ground while the stand faces the opposite direction covering its face. The song that plays when posing is; Crystallized by Camellia


Switching to Crystallized after getting a status effect from hitting a meteor with MUI's F or E move or Zenith's LMB move will grant you a 1/150 chance to get the 4th Camellia stand, Planet Shaper.


  • There is a bug for mobile users in which using the Z move while in the Crystal Shield (F move) will immediately jump after breaking the shield, Jumps can be stacked to go to Space.
  • There is also a glitch where if in TS, you can still dash. Once the TS ends, you will immediately be brought to where you dashed to, making it look like teleportation.
  • If you get the status effect and trade somebody who has crystalized, they will get planet shaper.

Pros And Cons


  • [F] move is incredibly strong when it hits a player
  • Excellent short range option.
  • [Z + C] can make a very good mobility combo.


  • Very limited moveset / lacks moves
  • Takes about 3 hours to the least to the obtain (people usual use VIP servers to get this)
  • Its evolution Planet Shaper takes very long to get taking nearly 5 - 6 hours to get on average

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