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"An eternal void of darkness and malice..." —Narrator


The Cursed Orb is currently the rarest obtainable item in the game. It has 2 uses other than trade. It can be used to get the cursed stands such as STWR/SPR and to summon bosses such as Umbra and Hollow. Hollow can no longer be summoned as it was a limited Halloween boss.


The Cursed Orb resembles a black orb with black chains in an infinite loop around it, amidst a mysterious purple galaxy-like aura, resembling darkness.


The Cursed Orb is obtained by finding and opening a Treasure Chest. There's a 1% chance of getting a Cursed Orb from one. Alternatively, you can do Goku's quest to obtain it by choosing "Destruction" (Not Recommended).


Cursed Orbs have a 1% chance to be found in any treasure chest or spawn on the ground.


Currently, this item gives "Cursed Stands" upon using the Orb on certain stands, along with other uses:

Obtain Method

There are multiple ways to get the Cursed Orb:

  • Get lucky with a chest (1% chance for a Cursed Orb).
  • Trade for it.
  • Choose "Destruction" when talking to Shenron. (Not Recommended)

The Orb itself is often considered to be worth more than the stands it makes, so if you do get the orb, refrain from using it on either of the stands that it evolves. If you do, it is recommended you fuse the Orb with Shadow Dio for STWR.