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Cursed Orb

The Cursed Orb is the rarest obtainable item in the game as of January 2021, it has only two uses other than trade.

The item used to have a spawn rate of 1/85000 every 7 seconds but was later changed to 1/750 every 10 minutes for all you people cursed orb average spawn time is once every 125 hours


'Spawn' time: 10 minutes Spawn rate 1/750

  • Cursed Orb does not despawn at all (neither do the most items).
  • Another item, so called Universe Orb shares similarities in appearance as of the Cursed Orb, so if you find one do not get too excited, as the Universe Orb looks like a Cursed Orb but if you look closely into the Universe Orb it has a black aura on the outside and galaxy effect inside, and does not have a purple aura and black outline like the Cursed Orb
  • Plays Dio's Amendment theme on spawn.


Currently, this item gives S+ tier stands upon using them on certain stands like:

Star Platinum OVA OH + Cursed Orb = Star Platinum Requiem

Shadow Dio + Cursed Orb = Shadow The World Requiem

Note: If Dio's Amendment theme starts to play, and you don't find a Cursed Orb, then Satan/Santa spawned.

Note: Also, if you don't know what Santa is, see the Stack Shop page.

Or a STWR user posed or used one of its moves specifically the [J] move (Go to the STWR page for more information on this stand by clicking here)

How to Obtain:

There are three ways to get the Cursed Orb

  1. Use the randomized stack rewards (very low chance as of the latest stack change)
  1. Use the Stack Shop, which is accessible when you click/tap the Santa NPC.
  1. Get Off natural spawns

The best way to get it is natural spawn, or if you have enough stacks, you can go and buy it from the Stack Shop. Either way, it is recommended to use a friend's deserted private server or your own and do afk farming, which is basically just checking the game every 10 minutes or using an auto clicker.

The orb itself is often considered to be worth more than the stands it makes, so if you DO get the orb, don't make the stand if you are trying to increase your accounts value.

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