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HollowKnight.jpeg Cypher is unobtainable. Sorry! You can only get it by trading now, or if it is tradelocked you can never get it again. Either that or it is an admin item/Stand.

"I will stop anyone who tries to come through, I must keep my secrets with me." —Jotaro


Cypher is a low A tier unobtainable stand as of 8/6/2021. It was formerly known as Steve Platinum, but in New Universe, almost all unobtainables have been remodeled, reworked and renamed. Cypher is a unobtainable reskin of Sol, reasoning why Cypher has the exact same moves as it. The demand for Cypher is lower than a lot of other unobtainable stands.


Keybind Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB/M1 LMB Kick Combo Different from Sol's LMB Combo (It's fists). Cypher performs an few kicks (4 Kicks), with the final kick being a LMB finisher, stronger damage, and a knock-back. 9.25




1 Second (Not Full LMB) 4.5 Seconds (Full LMB)
E Teleport Barrage Once E is pressed when you move your cursor onto the victim/player, you and Sol will teleport behind the player with Cypher barraging the victim/player, which deals 4 Damage every punch, and 10 Damage on the final strike.

Note: This WILL teleport you behind the opponent, but it does not have a guarantee to hit as during the teleportation, the enemy is not stunned. This move can also be used on the nearest player without moving your cursor onto someone else.

2 each hit 38 in total 8 Seconds
R Intangible Punch Cypher automatically charges up a punch which has a medium blue forcefield energy sphere that appears on Sol’s Right Arm and after about 3 seconds, Sol will unleash a punch that’ll knockback the enemy. This does 50-60 Damage. 56.45


15 Second’s
T Nuclear Fusion Cypher throws out an Blue Energy Blackhole sphere in a straight direction, dealing rapid damage to players in the path of the Blue sphere, and once it reaches it’s limited range, it’ll explode and disappear. If you hold and press T, the range increases. It will pull along anyone who is hit. 36 Damage 25 Second’s
F Sol Star Cypher starts up an attack by charging a large amount of energy, and once it is done, Sol starts attacking players in the range of the user, making a complete Star Shape and disappearing right after. This move is an Full AOE Move and can be used anywhere even without players in the radius. The user can hold down the button which increases the damage and range of the move.

(I-Frames, Instant Blockbreak)

65.1-78.75 Damage 20 Second’s
V Teleport Upon pressing V, you’ll teleport to the place where your cursor is located. Only works if your cursor is in teleportation range. N/A 3 seconds
N Quotes Once N is pressed, you’ll say either one of these quotes:
  • "Put some effort into it!"
  • "Not too bad."
  • "Looks like I found myself another idiot."
  • "You're such a joke I cant even think of anything to say to you."
None 1 Second

How To Obtain


It could be obtained by using a Holy Diary on Creeper Queen.


  • It used to be one of the rarest unobtainable stands (like creeper queen), but it was massively duped and so lowered to high A unobtainable tier.
  • It used to be one of the stands that was from Minecraft.
  • It's old name used to be "Steve Platinum"