"Allowing neighboring worlds to exist simultaneously in the same location. That is my Stand ability, Filthy Acts At A Reasonable Price.”


Filthy Acts at a Reasonable Price (ダーティー・ディーズ・ダン・ダート・チープ) / D4C (ディー・フォー・シー), is the Stand of Funny Valentine, the main antagonist featured in Steel Ball Run. It's an Close-Ranged and Range-Irrelevant Stand, that first appears in Chapter 61 and 62 of SBR's Manga.

It's not an advanced form of any other stand, but it later has a strong ability named "Love Train".

This stand does not have any Tiers.


Currently unknown, it is being reworked.


  • It has been removed from the game, due to everything being reworked.
  • The user is Funny Valentine, the main antagonist of Steel Ball Run.
  • Original Stats: Destructive Power (A), Speed (A), Range (C, 2m), Persistence (A), Precision (A), Developmental Potential (A).
  • Namesake is "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, (AC/DC)" an song and album.
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