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(NOTE: You must talk to the DELTA Cultist first before interacting with this NPC.)

DELTA Captain is a NPC that gives you 2 items for the PLANET // SHAPER quest. According to his name, he seems to serve as the main captain of the DELTA Civilization.


If player hasn't talked to DELTA Cultist:

  • DELTA Captain: Move along..
  • Player: ...

If player has talked to DELTA Cultist:

  • DELTA Captain: Hello, how may I help you?
  • Player: I'm one of the new recruits.
  • DELTA Captain: I assume the other members told you of what we're doing here, correct?
  • Player: No..
  • DELTA Captain: They haven't? I guess I'll have to give you the rundown - for now, we're looking towards finding the 'Shaper' and 'Delta'. They'll preserve us in the upcoming 'Second Fracture'.
  • Player: ...
  • DELTA Captain: Oh yeah.. I'm supposed to give you this too. (transmitter given) Look towards finding each and every piece of the 'Key'.
  • Player: ...
  • DELTA Captain: Don't think you're special. This is standard procedure for every new recruit. Take this too, it's an introductory gift. (Tome 1 of Planet // Shaper given.)
  • Player: Got it.

(Interaction ends)


  • Unlike the DELTA Cultist, he does not despawn and is on the same spot forever.
  • If you talk to him, you will be stuck in the dialogue box until you leave or reset.