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DELTA Cultist is an NPC that is used for the PLANET // SHAPER quest. It is a member of the DELTA Civilization. The NPC is the first part of the PLANET SHAPER Quest, as the DELTA Captain will not talk to you if you haven't talked to the DELTA Cultist yet.


The DELTA Cultist spawns at the bike racks every 30 Minutes. He has a guaranteed spawn chance.


  • DELTA Cultist: The day of the ‘Second Fracture’ is upon us! We must band together to find the one who can stop it all!
  • (PLAYER OPTIONS): (Accept) Sounds interesting. I'm in. (Decline) You people sound crazy.
  • DELTA Cultist: (ACCEPTED) Is that so? Meet one of our Captains around the spray painting mural.. It's too dangerous for them to be out here with us..
  • (PLAYER OPTIONS): (Accept) Will do.
    • (Decline) Uhh.. On second thought, this sounds insane.


After interacting with the Delta Cultist, you will receive a quest:

  • Find 15 PLANET // SHAPER Fragments (0/15)
  • Obtain an Astral Key (0/1)
  • Meet the DELTA Captain at the spray paint mural (0/1)
  • Speak with ‘The Delta’


  • The NPC will despawn after a certain amount of time.