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DIO is the main antagonist, featured in 3 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure parts, which is: Stardust Crusaders, Phantom Blood, and Stone Ocean (NOTE: DIO Is an Major Antagonist of Stone Ocean, Pucchi is the main antagonist of Stone Ocean.), along with his Stand, The World. DIO is the first boss in A Universal Time to be added. He is a Vampire, and when he steals a Joestars Blood, it fits well with him, and it makes him a more stronger and immortal.

Spoiler Alert: During the Final Episodes of the Egypt Arc in Stardust Crusaders, DIO was about to be defeated by Jotaro, but DIO made an escape plan of where he took Joseph Joestars Blood.

Best Money Farming Method

DIO isn't just a boss to fight, he's also a boss that is superior for Good Money Farming Methods, since he drops a lot of cash once he gets eliminated or defeated. Not only does he drop Money, DIO also drops Holy Diary and DIO's Diary, which is what you can sell for cash.

Time-stopping with DTW or a percent damage stand like DAWN and selling the diaries after

Stand Used

DIO uses the stand "Vampiric The World", except it has The World's original colors and is way more stronger.

Boss Drops

Holy Diary - 5%

Camera - 25 to 30%

DIO's Diary - 40%

Vampire Mask - 50 to 60%

Money (1 to 10) - 100%

Bone and Dragon Ball used to be a drop from DIO but was removed

Spawn Info

Spawn Conditions

DIO has to ways of spawning.

  1. You can spawn DIO by buying him in the "Products" tab for 100 Robux.
  2. You can wait for DIO to spawn by waiting for 40 minutes.

Spawn Locations

In the 3rd Map where Dio Brando was released, DIO used to spawn near the Joestar Mansion.

Near The Cell Games Area (4th Map)

Next To Colosseum (5th Map)


  • DIO can be easily defeated by Dio's The World or Coffin BOI with enough skill. He can also be defeated by Awakened Gaster with crush, but it was removed.
  • DIO has a total of around 4000 Health Points.
  • Dio can deal 500 to 600 damage per time stop.
  • DTW can easily beat DIO by using Barrage or slashes
  • You can hook DIO down using Gaster's patience mode and make him low you until you can awaken. Dio can fly away, so bring him down.
  • Sometimes a bug would occur and DIO would spawn in the water.
  • DIO makes a WRRRYYYYY sound when spawned in.


WRYYY Sound Effect When Spawned

"ZA WARUDO!" Sound Effect When DIO Timestops

Stand Cry