A Universal Time Roblox Wiki

"When time is stopped... there is only me, DIO."


DIO is the main antagonist, featured in 3 parts of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, which is: Phantom Blood, Stardust Crusaders, and Stone Ocean (In flashbacks), along with his Stand, The World. DIO is the first boss in A Universal Time. DIO has 1.5k health.

  • DIO has a guaranteed spawn every 35 minutes near the beach at the tunnel (You can also spawn DIO from the "Spawn DIO" option that will cost you 500 Robux)

DIO's Healthbar

DIO has a percentile health bar and all damage dealt to him is converted to a percentage. 67.5 damage is roughly 4.5%.

Attack Pattern

Gif Attack Descption How To Dodge
LMBs/M1s DIO executes a swift chain of punches with The World Block/ Keep distance from DIO
Stand Barrage The World throws multiple rapid consecutive punches towards the enemy whilst DIO yells out "MUDA!" for the entirety of the barrage. Block/ Keep distance from DIO/ Time your dash for the 0.5s ifram from the dash
Donut The World plunges it's arm through the opponent, leaving a gaping hole. Any attempts to block this will result in block being broken. Dash into or away when he might use it for the iframes to take place and help you escape
Knives The World throws 2 sets of knives infront of them, severing anything that is infront, Block/ Dash through or beside for the iframes to escape
Time Stop DIO with the power of his stand, The World, stops time for a few moments, leaving the opponent vulnerable. Attack DIO during his animation to cancel his timestop
Road Roller DIO dashes towards the opponent and stuns them, all the while stopping time to crush them with a road roller. Pay attention to the audio cue he plays before dashing towards and move away from his direction, he can only dash in one direction when he starts the move so move either sides away from him is the only way to doge this attack.
Blood Suck DIO lunges at the opponent, and slams them on the ground as he ingests their blood to heal himself. Dash away if DIO attempts to move his hand above and forward for the iframes to escape



  • In the New Universe, DIO has an actual self-learning AI program that will learn your moves and combos and how you think and try to put counter measures against them.
  • As of now, DIO basically has no-stun as he can somehow still use moves even if they should be cancelled against a real player.
  • On spawn, DIO will target a random person. Once the person DIO targeted is dead, he will target the person who did the most damage to him.
  • DIO says a random quote upon killing someone.
  • DIO's 'Road Roller' is glitchy. If you are near a tree, he will likely land the Road Roller on the branch of the tree. Sometimes, DIO even misses the Road Roller attack. Not only DIO's Road Roller is glitchy, he can instantly teleport to you even if you're not that far from him. (This "Instant Teleport" is not The World's Timeskip or Teleportation move.)
  • DIO has the same moves as The World and uses the stand.
  • In the Old Universe, whenever DIO spawned, it would broadcast in the chat with a red filter that DIO has spawned near a location.
  • DIO sometimes can get randomly flung by certain moves and can even be flinged off the map, instantly killing him.
  • DIO heals 3% of his Health, per bloodsuck.
  • DIO can't move from his spawn until triggered. If you try to knock him back from distant (e.g. using KQ's Stray Cat Bubble Bomb), he will be moved right to the spawn in midair.
  • Using TWHV's Barbed Wire move will not work as DIO will jump over it if you try leading him to it.