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"Go Out There And Take This Useless World For All You Can Get." —DIO


DIO is an NPC in the New Universe (NU). You need to interact with him to get the quests for Sol and Nocturnus. He appears at an alley behind the shop. He is also near the DELTA Captain.

Quests + Dialogue

These are the 2 Quests DIO will give you: Sol Quest (Star Platinum -> Sol) and Nocturnus Quest (The World -> Nocturnus)

Sol Quest Dialogue

  • DIO: Shall we begin your training to get stronger?
  • Player Options: Yes / No
  • (Selecting "Yes" option) DIO: Complete my objectives to get stronger [Sol Quest]
  • Player: ok..
  • (Selecting "No" option) DIO: Get out of my sight.
  • Player: ...

Sol Quest

Have Tales of The Universe equipped in your hand after killing DIO, Jesus will appear and ask "Do you wish to know the cosmos?", pick yes and you will respawn with Sol obtained.

Nocturnus Quest:

  • Win 20 1v1s
  • Take 2000 Damage
  • Inflict 5000 Damage
  • Timestop with The World 10 times
  • Timeskip with King Crimson 30 times
  • Kill DIO

Talk to DIO and he will give Evil Fragments which are used on The World to get Nocturnus.


  • DIO also appears as an boss with 100% Health.
  • Sol's quest was formerly given by Jesus.
  • You have to finish the win 20 1v1's task first, or else he will not give the the Evil Frags