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HollowKnight.jpeg DJ Noob is unobtainable. Sorry! You can only get it by trading now, or if it is tradelocked you can never get it again. Either that or it is an admin item/Stand.

"Dance till you're dead!" —DJ


DJ Noob/Ruler of Everything is a S tier unobtainable stand, right behind Cypher. It is very high valued in the Rarity Tier List. It is very rare to see in-game. Ruler of Everything looks different from The World Over Heaven, but has the same moveset and the same health.


DJ Noob resembles a purple-suited humanoid figure with a Plague Doctor's mask with two symbols where the eye holes are meant to be. It wears a black jacket as well.

In the Old Universe, DJ Noob assumed the form of the popular internet/Roblox meme "Noob". However, it donned a Roblox Brand Cap, a blue scarf, and fist wrappings of the same color tone as the scarf. A little Noob also clinged to the back of its head. DJ Noob is just a The World: Over Heaven Reskin. It used to be a Star Platinum: Over Heaven re-skin but this stand has been deleted from the game and is doubted to ever return.

How to Obtain (Attainability)

DJ Noob (former name) /Ruler of everything was obtained by using Boombox on Noob Platinum. Currently unobtainable, you can get it by trading.


Keybind Move Description Damage Cooldown
Q Summon The user summons Ruler of Everything, whilst saying, “Over Heaven!." This is accompanied by a white sparkle effect, a white explosion, and a white halo that floats away and disappears after a second. None 3 Seconds
LMB/M1 LMB Combo Ruler of Everything performs a left kick, a right kick, a left punch, and finishes the combo with a stomp for a total of 55 damage. The initial 3 hits deal 10 damage each, while the last deals 25. 55 if combo fully connects 4.5 Seconds (After 4th hit in combo)
E Barrage Ruler of Everything begins a barrage of punches, damaging those who are caught in it. 1.4 per hit, 44.8 if all punches hit 10 Seconds
R Heavy Punch Ruler of Everything throws a strong punch that deals 35 Damage, while saying, “Mudada!” . This move also guard breaks. 35 12 Seconds
T Accelerated Knives The user simultaneously throws 3 knives in a spread pattern using Ruler of Everything. If any of the knives come in contact with an enemy, lightning will strike them for 15 damage. 10 per knife + 15 from lightning, max of 45 10 Seconds
F Heaven Ascension Timestop Ruler of Everything and its user perform an animated pose for a moment and stop time for 9 seconds, giving the advantage to escape, eliminate, or damage someone while staying reasonably safe. None 60 Seconds
Y Thunder God's Descension Ruler of Everything performs a pose for only a second and shortly after, multiple bolts of lightning will strike the ground around you, doing 28.25 damage each. Small red circles will briefly flash to show where the bolts will strike. 28.25 per bolt 15 Seconds
G Ground Strike The user strikes the ground in front of them with a purple bolt, causing it to shatter and damage enemies in its radius, knocking them back. 15 10 Seconds
J Reality Overwrite Ruler of Everything forms a black hole in its hand and strikes. If an enemy is struck, they will see an illusion of themselves attacking the user, causing them to be slowed down and unable to perform attacks for 5 seconds. 15 25 Seconds
H Severe Internal Injury Ruler of Everything will strike the enemy with a fist charged with heavenly lightning, initially causing 15 damage and another 15 shortly after. 30 20 Seconds
B Naturalization Heal The user laughs then cover his/her face and overwrites the damage caused, healing themselves for 50 hp. +50 Health to user 30 Seconds
V Teleport The user will teleport wherever the cursor is in a short area. None 6 Seconds
N Quotes When pressing N, you’ll say any of Heaven Ascension DIO’s quotes:
  • “We’ll see who’s truth reigns supreme!”
  • ”I’ll end your life myself.”
  • “My hands are that which create truth!”
None When the other quote ends


Old Universe


  • DJ Noob will be re-named to "Ruler Of Everything", which is announced by Kur in Update Progress, along with 2 Other Stands. (Some renames were cancelled, so they just have their basic names.)
  • The name "Ruler Of Everything" is a reference to a song of the same name by Tally Hall, which also became a meme in early 2021.
  • Old Name was "DJ Noob/Noob Rave".
  • This stand was originated from a game called "Extraordinary Adventures".
  • DJ Noob had a canceled troll face model originally planned to be released on NU but scrapped due to copyright issues.

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