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How to Obtain

To obtain Dawn you must fight a boss that spawns every 30 minutes. This boss has a 1/10 chance to drop an item called "Tales Of The Universe". Using this item on PROJECT Samurai will evolve it to Dawn. (The boss spawns near the Colosseum)

You can use Tusk Act 4 to kill Stuck because of its mixed ranged-melee attacks and fast horse movement, or use DTW since it deals percentage damage of Stuck's health; however, he won’t die easily so it might take a few tries. Zenith is also a good stand to kill Stuck: you have to lure Stuck to an elevated position such as the Colosseum (you should be above Stuck so he can't get to you) and just spam LMB and R on Stuck, you'll be surprised how fast you can melt his health compared to other stands and specs.


Dawn is obtained by using Tales of The Universe on PROJECT Samurai.

Full Craft

Anubis + Samurai Path = Samurai

Samurai + Holy Diary = PROJECT Samurai

PROJECT Samurai + Tales Of The Universe = Dawn

Moveset and Passives


Passives Passive Name Description
Passive A Divine Flames Using Abilities on enemies will inflict them with flames, dealing 1% of the target's max HP as additional damage over 3 seconds.
Passive B Resistant Dawn is immune to knockback and stun.


Key Move Description Damage Cooldown
Q Equip You equip the sword. 0 3 seconds or so
LMB Click The sword swings in a Circular Rotation. 30, 45 on crit and when enchanted 50, 65 on crit. Spammable
E Flame Strikes Use your sword to slash three times doing fire damage. It only strikes once per hit and the cooldown starts after the third strike, so you can use this attack 3 times in total before the cooldown starts.

During Enhancement mode, after the third strike an effect similar to "Eruption" appears.

First Strike: 50

(100 if Crit, 70 if Enhanced, 120 Enhanced Crit)

Second Strike: 60

(120 if Crit, 80 if Enhanced, 140 Enhanced Crit)

Third Strike: 70 (140 if Crit, 90 if Enhanced, 160 Enhanced Crit).

If Enchant was used, Spikes will appear and deal 50 damage, 65 on crit. The explosion deals 120 damage on regular and 170 on crit.

5 seconds
R Eruption You strike the ground with your sword, causing a tremor to occur which raises blue spikes from the ground in front of you. When the tremor ends, a small explosion occurs. Getting hit by a spike deals 30 damage, 45 on crit and applies fire damage. The explosion deals 100 damage, 150 on crit and applies fire damage. During enhancement mode getting hit by a spike deals 50 damage, 65 on crit and the explosion deals 120 damage, 170 on crit. 7 seconds
T Parry You hold your weapon in a defensive position, parrying anyone who hits you. Hold T to enter parry mode, you will stay in this mode until the key is let go or 5 seconds have passed, after releasing you do a spin dealing AoE damage to targets around you. If you are attacked in this stance you will do extra damage and stun anyone in that AoE. 8 seconds
F Enchant You hold the sword in front of you and a seal appears around you, enchanting your sword with fire, dealing damage to enemies around you, putting them on fire and increasing the damage of all your attacks. It also plays music. 50, 65 on crit, fire damage 1% from enemy life 30 seconds


F, then spam E+R+T and click. This wil kill anyone in about 3 seconds.


The origin of the pose is Charge! Fearless Warriors.

The enchant theme is Childe Trailer Music EXTENDED - A Letter to Snezhnaya (tnbee mix)



  • This sword came from Genshin Impact, a popular open-world gacha game.
  • This spec is a recolor of a claymore in Genshin Impact, called "Wolf's Gravestone".
  • Genshin's community has mostly used Wolf's Gravestone on a character called Diluc, hence the confusion of calling him the stand master.
  • Divine Flames are percentage based in terms of damage. (1% of enemy's HP.)
  • Fun Fact: Genshin Impact is also Nub's favorite game.

Trading and Value

Value in terms of rarity is B tier. (Getting huge overpays so remember)

Value in terms of PvP is apparently S/S+ tier.