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Dawn is a spec referenced from Genshin Impact, a popular RPG game made by Mihoyo.


To obtain Dawn, you must climb the big mountain (where meteors spawn), and talk to StucksDucks, who may be found near the houses, with Tales Of The Universe in your hand, who will give you a quest.

The Quest

The Quest's Requirements are random but 3 of these will be choosed to be your quest:

  • Kill DIO 3 times
  • Block 1000 damage
  • Take 500 damage
  • Inflict 25000 damage
  • Get 15000 uCoins

After completing his quest, you will need to speak with him once again to be deemed worthy. As a final step, the sword opposite DIO at the top of the mountain must be pulled out.


Passives Passive Name Description
Passive A Divine Flames Using abilities on enemies will inflict them with flames, dealing 1% of the target's max HP as additional damage over 3 seconds.
Passive B Resistant Dawn is immune to knockback and stun.


Keybind Move Description Damage Cooldown
Q Counter Strike The user swings their sword 3 times, with each swing dealing 8.5 damage. 8.5 Damage 10 seconds
LMB LMB Combo A simple 5-hit combo that consists of several stages:
  • 1-3: Simple single-hit slashes with minimal delay between them.
  • 4: A downwards slash that creates a small damaging explosion on the ground.
  • 5: A single-hit slash that additionally shoots a blue fireball forward.
8 Damage N/A
E Flame Strikes Swings the sword forward, but enhances the slash with extra burn damage. This may be used 3 times that combo into each other before the cooldown takes effect.

If enchanted, an additional visual eruption will occur after the third use.

13 Damage 13 seconds
R Malphite Ult Rapidly dashes towards whoever is the current Closes Player. This has a short startup during which an exclamation mark will appear near the opponent, allowing them to have time to block. This has a wide range. 30 Damage 13 seconds
G Grand Descension The user rises up and crashes down where the mouse cursor is after a few seconds for a moderately large AoE explosion. 80 Damage 30 seconds
T Phoenix Winds up for 2 seconds before sending a phoenix forward, accompanied with a damaging burst of fire. 60 Damage 19 seconds
F Enchant Ignites the user in a cloak of blue fire for a decent amount of time while simultaneously burning and damaging everyone nearby. While the user is ignited, all other moves performed are considered "enchanted" and will do greater damage. 50 Damage 30 seconds
V Unseen Strike Slashes forward once for light damage. If an entity is hit, a second, more powerful attack will occur one second after. During this brief waiting period, the user cannot use any other abilites. 30, 30 Damage

Enchanted: 35, 35 Damage

15 seconds


  • The mouse cursor aim system for Grand Descension and Malphite Ult can be unreliable sometimes, crashing you in an unintended place and sometimes not registering an entity for each respectively.
  • This sword is a reference from Genshin Impact, a popular open-world RPG Gacha game.
    • This spec is a recolor of a claymore sword in Genshin Impact, called "Wolf's Gravestone".
    • Genshin's community has mostly used Wolf's Gravestone on a character called Diluc, hence the confusion of calling him the stand master.
    • Genshin Impact is reportedly Nub's favorite video game.
  • Divine Flames are percentage based in terms of damage. (1% of enemy's HP.)