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The Death Note was an item in A Universal Time, used to get Shinigami and Reaper. It is no longer obtainable, so don't try and grind for this item.

It used to have a spawnrate of 1/425 every 10 minutes. When spawned, it would play Death Note OP 1.


Death Note looks like a Dio's Diary, but appears to be black and white. It has white text on the top part of the diary, which spells out "Death Note".

Removed Uses


  • Death Note would used to play Death Note OP 1 when spawned.
  • The Death Note has been deleted in the NU, so has Shinigami. Star Platinum OVA and Death Note no longer exist, rendering Shinigami impossible to get through normal means.
  • Death Note is a reference to the anime/manga "Death Note".
  • In the anime Death note, these books are used by shinigami which is another reference.
  • Death Note is no longer needed to get Reaper, since Reaper now has a new obtainable way.