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Diamond Head is an transformation that appears in Ben 10, a cartoon adventurous kid show. Diamond Head first appears in the first episode of Ben 10, “in And Then There Were 10”. Diamond Head’s main ability is mostly crystallization, so most moves are stuns.


Keybind Move Description Damage Cooldown
E Crystallization Diamond Head punches the victim, freezing them for a few seconds, giving you the advantage to damage the victim with your other moves. This is like a timestop, except it’s on a singular player. 30 Damage 8 sec.
R Crystallokinesis Diamond Head touches the ground with both of its arms, summoning small to big crystals, and if it touches the victim, it’ll stun the victim. You can change the direction of this move by turning around with your mouse. This does not go straight unless you’re looking forwards. 40 Damage 10 sec.
T Pawnch Diamond Head punches the victim in front of it with both fists, dealing 15 damage if the first punch hits, and another 15 damage if the second hits. 15-30


7 sec.


  • Diamond Head is the first Ben 10 Transformation, but then again, XLR8 and Heat Blast appeared in the first episode of Ben 10.
  • Crystallokinesis can cause severe lag when used near multiple players.