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Best Money Farming Method: Time-stopping with DTW or a percent damage stand like DAWN and selling the diaries after

Boss Drop

Holy Diary - 5%

Camera - 25 to 30%

DIO's Diary - 40%

Vampire Mask - 50 to 60%

Money (1 to 10) - 100%

Bone and Dragon Ball used to be a drop from DIO but was removed

Spawn Conditions

DIO spawns by buying him in the "Products" tab for 100 Robux or by waiting for 40 minutes

Spawns near the Colloseum .


  • DIO can be easily defeated by Dio's The World or Coffin BOI with enough skill. He can also be defeated by Awakened Gaster with crush, but it was removed (i'm pretty sure). You can also use Sprite DB's to explode DIO. This insta-kills him, then you can go back to get the items. It also works on other bosses.
  • DIO has a total of around 7000 Health Points.
  • He can deal 500 to 600 damage per time stop.
  • DTW can easily beat DIO by using Barrage or slashes
  • You can hook DIO down using Gaster's patience mode and make him low you until you can awaken (DIO just fly away so get him down lol)
  • There was a bug but now it's fixed, I found DIO in the water behind the Colosseum .
  • DIO makes a WWWRRRYYYYY sound when spawned in.
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