Dio's The World is a non-canon variant of The World. It's the stand of DIO, The Main Antagonist of Stardust Crusaders, but this variant wasn't shown any where in SC, leading the Dio's The World being Non-Canonical.

DTW is an extremely powerful stand. Despite its mediocre health, its damage makes up for it, which gives it an edge against stands that rely on their high health. Even though DIO (The user of this stand) doesn't have timestop movement, this stand can attack while in timestop.

Dio's The World is a close-ranged and medium-ranged stand.


To obtain DTW the player needs need STW and a Cosmic Orb, use the Cosmic Orb on STW.


Dio's The World has a clock surrounded by bands at torso, red claws on both hands and a clock on head, he has glowing red eyes and seems to have neon red claws.


Key Move Description Damage
E (Hold) "MUDA, MUDA, MUDA!" Dio's The World does a very fast barrage whilst yelling "MUDA!" continuously, dealing percentage damage. If the player holds this move for around 4 seconds, the player will be able to kill ANYONE 3% per punch
R "I've won, Die!" Dio's The World strikes the enemy relatively fast, dealing percentage damage. 30%
T "WRYYYYY!" Dio's The World slashes the opponent 3 times sending them away 15% per hit
Y "Weakling! Weakling!" Dio's The World strikes an ally, instantly healing them. Heals 30% of total health
B+Y "I reject my humanity, JoJo!" Dio's The World strikes the user, instantly healing them. Heals 30% of total health
F "ZA WARUDO!" Dio's The World and its user wind up for approximately 2 seconds before unleashing The World's hidden ability and stopping time for 5 seconds, and it takes 30 seconds in-between time stops. N/A
G "How many breads have you eaten in your life?" Makes the user do an incredible pose. Pose music is here. N/A
H "...then by all means, get closer." Dio's The World does a spin while slashing the opponent striking targets behind or in front of the user 20%
Z "You fool! The World's ability is to reign over this world." Dio's The World does an average stand jump. N/A
C “Can you see me?” The user teleports to wherever their mouse is, as long at the place in mind is in range, and can be used without having DTW out. N/A
V "You are now dead!" The user throws out a white knife, dealing 50 damage. The moves comes out very fast and has little cool down, so the player can easily use this for chip damage. 50



  • The player can self heal.
  • Can easily eliminate beefy stands/specs since it deals percentage damage.
  • Good for farming bosses since this stand does more damage the more health the opponent has.
  • Relatively easy to get for such power.
  • Can be a counter to Reaper.
  • Heal is percentage as well.
  • Can attack while its stuck in someone else('s) timestop.
  • Knife can come out very fast, and deals good damage.


  • Low Mobility.
  • Heavy reliant on Time Stop.
  • Is beneath DJ, HPP, DTWHV, and KCR and P//S in overall barrage damage.
  • Dies to knockback stands very quickly.
  • Stands with Low Health have an advantage, as DTW can only deal percentage damage (Except for the knife)


  • T + R + H
  • F + E (hold)
  • F + R + T + H
  • F + (R/T/H) + E
  • F + H + T + R + E
  • R + T + H + E
  • C (To teleport to the Enemy) + H
  • R + V


  • If used on something that has infinite HP, it will deal inf damage, as a percent of infinity is infinity.
  • V is the only move that doesn’t deal percentage damage.
  • Dio's The World is A Tier in Rarity Tier List, and in PVP Stands Tier List, DTW is S-.


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