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“I reject my humanity JOJO!"

- Dio Brando


Dio Brando (ディオ・ブランドー Dio Burandō) is an old boss added 3 months (June - September) after A Universal Time came out. He was the second boss added to the game, the first being DIO. Dio Brando was added on September 25, 2020.

Dio Brando has a total of 6,000 base health but gets 1,000+ HP for each player in the server.


Dio Brando spawns every 20 minutes, but this can be delayed by a few seconds by a time stop.


  • Using DTW (DIO's The World) is extremely useful, since it does 90-3000 damage.
  • Coffin Boi can work as well as it also does % damage.
  • Stay away from Dio Brando, as him activating Barrage can result in death.
  • Sans could help as well as the Grab attack can pin him down while others can snipe him.
  • Chariot Requiem can solo Dio Brando by constantly switching between it's Drill and Arrow Barrage.
  • Make sure that he is constantly attacked. Leaving a few seconds to him alone can get him to regenerate most of his health back.
  • Futuristic Shadow The World can solo Dio Brando by spamming TS knives, J and knives again, outside of ts you have to constantly use knives and get away but using the Stand ON R works well for keeping Dio Brando away from you.
  • Kars ULF can solo Dio Brando by using it's barrage and spin constantly while also spamming the damage boost. (can use Bloodsuck to heal quickly but has to instantly fly away (C) to not get damaged back by Dio Brando)
  • Gaster's Awakening Crush move got removed but you an still use anxiety blaster which deals ♾️ damage
  • Meme Hierophant / Cranberry Hierophant Can Kill Dio by spamming V + F Once it's cooldown is done.
  • Shadow Weaboo, Shadow The World, and Shadow Legs and Futuristic Shadow The World , can easily win by spamming LMB
  • Gold Experience Requiem can also solo him with using barrage 3 times
  • Using Crystallized is very suggested. Because of the Crystal Freeze move. Doing it nearby him, and then breaking it will deal a good chunk of damage.
  • You can also beat him with sticky fingers using barrage 4 times and constantly using B+Y to get away.
  • Christmas Star Platinum Requiem occasionally does %damage and can take this boss out with ease.
  • Tusk Act 4 can also kill Dio Brando fairly easily if you use your barrage and dodge his barrage
  • DAWN can easily kill him similar to how DTW does it, as enchanting then using the abilities shreds through its health.


Dio Brando spawns at the House near the Colosseum and Akira Shop


Dio Brando does a fast barrage, dealing 35 damage.


Dio Brando throws a punch. This move deals 25 damage, has extended range, and affects all players in a small area around Dio Brando. (Might be a glitch.)

(Passive) Regenerate

After at least 5 seconds of not being attacked, Dio Brando starts regenerating.