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Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

"What will happen now is a sacrifice… you! Player … The trial will end with the spilling of blood…" —Funny Valentine


Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, often shortened to D4C , is the Stand of Funny Valentine, the main antagonist featured in Steel Ball Run.

It's a Close-Ranged and Range-Irrelevant Stand, that first appears in Chapter 61 and 62 of SBR's Manga.

It's not an advanced form of any other stand, but it later has a strong ability named "Love Train". In game, Love Train has only been added to the URF gamemode and can only use Love Train, a shield that covers the user entirely and acts like the Reflecting Dummy.

In terms of rarity, this stand is A tier on the discord tier list, but is on the lowest point of A tier.


D4C is obtained by using an Heart of the Saint on Standless.

Moveset and Passive

Stand Off Moveset
Keybind Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Combo The user punches twice, and then shoots his revolver 3 times. 5 Damage

25 Total Damage

1 Second
Rib Crusher The user uses both of their arms (D4C’s Arms become visible) to crush the victim’s rib cage while saying “KURAE!”, and once they’ve succeeded, this’ll deal 35 Damage to them. 35 Damage 12 Seconds
Slam D4C will send the opponent into the ground making him stay on ground for a few seconds 30 Damage 12 Seconds
Uppercut D4C will uppercut the opponent into the air 28.25 Damage 9 Seconds

Stand On Moveset
Keybind Move Name Description Cooldown
Stand Summon The user summons D4C , whilst saying “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!”, alongside a light blue/white sparkle effect, a light blue/white explosion looking behind D4C when summoned, and a American Flag that floats away and disappears after a second of D4C being summoned. None None
LMB Combo D4C attacks the enemy 3 times, ending with a kick that deals knockback. This M1 combo is stronger than its stand-off variant. 8 Damage Per Hit

39 Total

1 Second
Chop Barrage D4C continuously throws a lot of chop-like punches at the victim while screaming, chopping them with bloody effects. This deals 1.5 Damage every punch. 1.5 Damage

38.5 Total

~7 Seconds
Heavy Punch D4C does a overhand punch while yelling, hitting them back with an explosion-like effect. This attack does 30 damage. 30


~8 Seconds
Clone Bomb If the player hovers their mouse over a target and presses G, the user takes out an American Flag and whips it flat against the ground as a clone appears and runs towards the target. Once it starts to close in on it's target, the clone will start to have a fiery effect all over it's body as it explodes, while the user says during the explosion "Savor it slowly." This does 35 damage to all in it's range. 60


25 Seconds
Dimension Hop D4C whips out an American flag, of which the user dives into and D4C flips the flag around, causing the player to get sandwiched between the flag. Afterwards the user is put into a similar dimension of the original world with a teal screen. The user is completely invisible to the outside world and cannot do anything during this state, however, they regen 25 hp. All damage taken while in the alternate dimension is halved as well. After about 5 seconds, the user automatically leaves the alternate world. The user can also bring anyone with them if they're within the American flag and can attack them inside the alternate dimension. Note: this bugs your camera. None ~20 Seconds
Revolver The user pulls out a revolver and shoots a single bullet giving a small amount of end lag. Can also be used stand off. 30 Damage 8 Seconds
Guess Whos Back? / D4C Counter The user initiates an pose, and if the user is attacked by the victim, you clip onto them pulling them down with your clone coming out of nowhere (rising from the ground), and start attacking the victim alongside your clone whilst saying the quote above your head “Guess who’s back!”, a second afterwards, your clone throws an uppercut, uppercutting the victim into the air. While your clone is attacking, the clone would say, "All for one and one for all." This is currently bugged, so the player may say both lines sometimes. 15 Damage

25 Damage

25 Seconds
Dirty Deedsd.jpeg
Quotes Once N is pressed, the user will say any of these quotes:
  • "Don't get carried away. I'm ready to execute you at a moment's notice.
  • "My heart and actions are utterly unclouded, they are those of "justice".
  • "Everything I do is for sake of my country."
None After current quote ends



  • The user is Funny Valentine, the main antagonist of Steel Ball Run.
  • Original Stats: Destructive Power (A), Speed (A), Range (C, 2m), Persistence (A), Precision (A), Developmental Potential (A).
  • Namesake is "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, (AC/DC)" a song and album.
  • Its stand ability is to travel between dimensions and create different copies of yourself in different realities.
  • The user of this stand, Funny Valentine, was the President of America at the time the manga was set.


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