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"The Dragon Balls were intended to be a thing of extraordinary magic and power, something to be revered, not for the ease of their method, but for the dream of never having to use them." —Dragon Ball


Dragon Ball appears to be an orange ball with visible six stars but should be seven stars depending on your avatar.

How to Obtain

  • Obtained through treasure chests with 1% chance.
  • Spawns every 30 Minutes (can spawn a minute or two earlier) around the city with a 80% chance, despawns after a few minutes. (In a VIP server it has been reduced to a 20% chance)

Since it is glitched, when it spawns around the city it will spawn under the map. That means when it spawns you will have to walk around the sidewalk and click e when you see it under the sidewalk to obtain one


  • Now used as a quest item for Broly, Goku and Reaper
  • The chances of getting a DB from a chest has been decreased, making Broly, Goku, and Reaper (or other options) harder to get.


  • It was used by Goku, the main protagonist of the series Dragon Ball.
  • Is currently one of the rarest items in the game from chests, along with the Cursed Orb.
  • Prior to the New Universe, DIO had a low chance to drop this.
  • Formerly used on Hamon to get MUI
  • Since you need 7 of these to get Goku/Reaper/Broly, and most people want them, they are heavily overpriced.
  • Before the New Universe update, it used to spawn and the spawn music is called "Dragon Ball Z Kai FULL Opening English"