Noticeable 6 stars but should be 7 stars depending on your avatar.

Spawn rates

1 hour: 1/15, it is an A Tier item.

It also used to spawn through the Zombie Quest, but the event ended.


  • Can be used on Hamon to get MUI
  • MUI is good in combat and PvP


  • Plays when Dragon Ball spawns.
  • It was used by Goku, the main protagonist of the series Dragon Ball.
  • Used to be the rarest item in the game
  • Due to the New Goku Spec This item will be deleted along with MUI and Drip Goku
  • Its getting removed when the new goku update drops.
  • Its not worth to trade for it, Its getting Deleted not Unobtainable
  • DIO used to drop this back then.
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