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Sprite DB in hand

This item used to be obtainable, but now it is not, due to the people complaining about data loss. It kills bosses (including Dawn/Stuck) and Peaceful Dummy with one hit. This is also known as taco bell juice.

Akira Juice

RTZ effect after players drink the Akira juice.

Vending Machine

Vending Machine

If you drink it, you will be put into a forced cutscene based on the effects Diavolo saw during Golden Experience Requiem's Return To Zero, which in this state, will crash you after a couple seconds in the effect, even if you have a top quality computer or phone, and then bring you back into a new or the same server.

Golden Experience Requiem has a move with the same effect, but it does not make the scrolling effect or crash the opponent.

If you are in a private server and use this, you will be brought to a public server.

People used to troll with this and gift it to people holding a rare item, which would crash them and make them lose it.

Removed due to complaints and item loss.

How to obtain

This item has a chance of being dropped by Dio or Dio Brando when defeating him. It is also possible to get water after receiving a reward from stacks.

It has little value.


Does Literally Nothing.


  • People joke around with this item and say its rarer than a admin arrow.