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Drip Goku is an Meme Version of Mastered Ultra Instinct. It’s a reskin of Mastered Ultra Instinct, meaning it has the same strength and same abilities as Mastered Ultra Instinct.


Drip Goku is a spec obtained by using Universe Orb on Mastered Ultra Instinct. Drip


Drip Goku resembles as Regular Goku, except he wears a Black Supreme Shirt and a Black Jacket which says “By Any Means Necessary”. Your avatar wears Goku’s Hair and the Jacket.


Passive Description
Passive A - Ultra Instinct A 1/3 Counter, pushing your enemies far away and dealing damage well. However, you’re able to move in timestop. (Unconfirmed)
Passive B - True Ultra Instinct If Ultra Instinct activates while awaken is active, the counter will be replaced by Instant Punch. It has the same chance to occur, it being 1/3.


Keybind Move Description Damage Cooldown
Q Drip Awakening Awakening gives you a boost in speed and deals true damage. You also gain an black aura, giving yourself infinite light (as long as Awakening is still active), Flying Speed Boost, and heal 300 HP.

Awakening activates Passive B.

None 120 Second’s (2 Minutes)

Q - Awaken (Broken)

Buffs your moves

E - Ground Smash (40 Damage) (80 on Crit)

You jump and smash the floor.

R - Instant Punch

Your teleport to where you are facing and whoever was in front of you takes damage.

T - Spirit Bomb (50 Damage) (100 on Crit) (Tested on STWR)

You form a Spirit Bomb. This move is very big and can bypass Sans Stamina.

F - Kamehameha combo (66 Damage) (Tested on STWR)

Put your cursor on someone, then hit F. After that, you teleport behind them doing a Kamehameha.

G - Pose

V - Instant Transmission

You teleport.

Z - Fly

You begin to fly for a while. This can be useful for escaping.

C - Dodge (you dodge).


  • This has a outside glow just like MUI but with rainbow colors
  • Because of the new Goku Spec This is getting deleted along with MUI and Dragon ball