Drip Goku is a spec obtained by using Universe Orb on Mastered Ultra Instinct



Q - Awaken (Broken)

Buffs your moves

E - Ground Smash (40 Damage) (80 on Crit)

You jump and smash the floor.

R - Instant Punch

Your teleport to where you are facing and whoever was in front of you takes damage.

T - Spirit Bomb (50 Damage) (100 on Crit) (Tested on STWR)

You form a Spirit Bomb. This move is very big and can bypass Sans Stamina.

F - Kamehameha combo (66 Damage) (Tested on STWR)

Put your cursor on someone, then hit F. After that, you teleport behind them doing a Kamehameha.

G - Pose

V - Instant Transmission

You teleport.

Z - Fly

You begin to fly for a while. This can be useful for escaping.

C - Dodge (you dodge).


  • This has a outside glow just like MUI but with rainbow colors
  • Because of the new Goku Spec This is getting deleted along with MUI and Dragon ball
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