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"HEHEHEHE!" - Duality Pot Platinum


Duality Pot Platinum (DPP), also named as Virtual Pot Platinum (VPP) is a stand obtained by using a Duality Orb on Galaxy Annihilator.

Its destructive power is SS, Movement is SS, and Durability is A (600 HP).

Its ability to heal others rapidly has become very popular amongst Gaster Awakened users, as the user can survive for longer, as its health is drained constantly as a result of controlling the power of Gaster Awakened.

It has the advantage of doing all of its attacks at once. Eg: If you press R+T+H, they will happen altogether. If you are doing a barrage, it will stop. This allows DPP to do a lot of damage in less amount of time.

(This stand is a mid B tier as of 2/01/2021)

Key Ability Name Description Damage Duration Cooldown
E Duality Barrage Throw around 5-7 punches per second 10 Damage Each Punch 5 seconds 3 seconds
R Duality Breaker DPP curls its arm back and releases a immensely powerful punch. 68 dmg per hit 1 second 8 seconds
T Dimensional Overwrite DPP channels its duality powers and smashes the opponent with the force of the dimensions. 120 dmg per hit 1.5 seconds 10 seconds
F Star Platinum: The World Stop time, if you hit someone during the time stop then the damage will occur right after time begins again N/A Lasts 5 seconds 30 seconds
H Ground Slam DPP smashes the ground around it, causing a small eruption around it, ragdolling all in range.

105 dmg per hit Windup is 1.5 seconds 8 seconds
Z Jump Leap into the air N/A You stay in the air for 1.5 seconds 8 seconds
C Dodge Dash forward around 5 studs N/A Lasts 1 second 1.5 seconds
V Duality Blast (currently broken/disabled) Create and throw a big black sphere that moves fast. 100 dmg per hit Lasts 3 seconds 21 seconds
J Sealm Shift Blink forward around 5 studs N/A Lasts less than a second 1 second
Y Blessing of the Realities Throw around 8 punches per second, who ever is hit by

the punches will heal

Heal for 6 per hit 5 seconds 15 seconds
B + Y

( on mobile is B )

Heal Blast Barrage of Punches that heals yourself for around 600 Heal 6 HP per hit Lasts 5


10 seconds