"HEHEHEHE!" - Duality Pot Platinum


Duality Pot Platinum (DPP) is also named as Virtual Pot Platinum (VPP).

Duality Pot Platinum is a stand obtained by using a Duality Orb on Galaxy Annihilator.

His destructive power is SS, Movement is SS, and Durability is A (600 HP).

Its heal is very popular among Gaster Awakened so the Gaster Awakened heals back to full health without dying from rapid damage due to a massive energy giveaway and also is very useful Because it can heal the user to full health in just one barrage. Very low barrage.

It has the advantage of doing all of its attacks at once. Eg: If you press R+T+H, they will happen altogether. If you are doing a barrage, it will stop. This allows DPP to do a lot of damage in less amount of time.

(This stand is a mid B tier as of 2/01/2021)

Key Ability Name Description Damage Duration Cooldown
E Barrage Throw around 5-7 punches per second 10 Damage Each Punch 5 seconds 3 seconds
R Strong Punch Throw a strong punch 68 dmg per hit 1 second 8 seconds
T Overwrite Throw a punch with ALL OF YOUR MIGHT 120 dmg per hit 1.5 seconds 10 seconds
F Star Platinum: The World Stop time, if you hit someone during the time stop then the damage will occur right after time begins again N/A Lasts 5 seconds 30 seconds
H Slam DPP will hit the ground, causing AOE damage in a 10 studs radius

105 dmg per hit Windup is 1.5 seconds 8 seconds
Z Jump Leap into the air N/A You stay in the air for 1.5 seconds 8 seconds
C Dodge Dash forward around 5 studs N/A Lasts 1 second 1.5 seconds
V Blast (currently broken/disabled) Create and throw a big black sphere that moves fast. 100 dmg per hit Lasts 3 seconds 21 seconds
J Shift Blink forward around 5 studs N/A Lasts less than a second 1 second
Y Healing Others Throw around 8 punches per second, who ever is hit by

the punches will heal

Heal for 6 per hit 5 seconds 15 seconds
B + Y

( on mobile is B )

Heal Blast Barrage of Punches that heals yourself for around 600 Heal 6 HP per hit Lasts 5


10 seconds

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