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Regular dummy

This is a passive npc with about 450 health that is used as a punching bag. they are knocked back further than players and are easily ragdolled. Since they have more extreme mechanics than players it would be best not to use them to test combos. The most common use for them is damage quests.

Killable dummy

This is a dummy with 1 health so any sort of attack instantly kills it.

Sans Dummy

This is a dummy which can dodge attack like sans, in the end it's stamina will run out and it can get one shotted

Blocking Dummy

This is a dummy that is blocking, once block broken it becomes a regular dummy.

Reflecting Dummy

This is a dummy that, when attacked reflects all of your damage you try to do it towards yourself. Knockback moves will knockback you instead of the dummy.

Attacking Dummy

This is a dummy that constantly M1s which deal 50 damage each. These dummies are most used for damage blocking or damage taking taking related quests.